The Bluehost WordPress Plan is Just Shared Hosting!

Until sometime in early 2018, the Bluehost WordPress plan was special. It stood out from regular shared hosting by being far more capable and could handle a huge number of visitors without stuttering. It also had a price to match. For marketing reasons, they were forced to add “ordinary” WordPress plans that are virtually indistinguishable from their regular shared hosting.

So why call it “WordPress hosting” in the first place?

Best Bluehost Discount

The list of Bluehost coupons is constantly changing. Here’s the best Bluehost discount you can get at the moment:

On occasion, you’ll see a special $2.95/m deal on Bluehost. Click the link to see how you can make it appear! If they show you this deal, know that this is the cheapest web hosting you can get for 36-months without exception if you also want a free domain.

If you don’t want a free domain, then Hostgator is a cheaper option.

Bluehost WordPress vs Shared Hosting Plans

On the Bluehost website, there are three different types of hosting plans associated with WordPress:

  1. Regular WordPress Hosting
  2. WP Pro
  3. E-Commerce hosting

Here’s a screenshot:

Bluehost WordPress Plan list
Bluehost WordPress Plans

For a long time, only option (2) – WP Pro – was available as a full-fledged WordPress plan. The recent addition of ordinary WordPress hosting means that Bluehost can’t lay claim to specializing in a higher tier of WordPress services.

For comparison, here are the features and specifications of the WordPress and Shared hosting plans side by side. You can see that they’re virtually the same thing:

Comparing Bluehost WordPress and shared hosting
Bluehost Shared vs WordPress

So what does this mean for ordinary WordPress hosting? What differentiates int from shared plans?

Automatic Bluehost WordPress Installation

The first thing you get with WordPress hosting is automatic installation. Without this, you’d have to invoke the manual WordPress installation process – which however, is quite easy to use by itself. Even before Bluehost changed its cPanel to a more custom look, you could always use the Softaculous icon to install WordPress.

I’m not sure what the target audience is, but I don’t think this is a huge value addition. If a server doesn’t already have WordPress installed on it, it’s easy to change that. But still – this is one difference between Bluehost’s shared and WordPress plans.

Automatic WordPress Updates

This is a little more useful. Most security vulnerabilities and hacks are caused by people not updating their WordPress themes and plugins. As a result, making sure that your WordPress installation is up to date is one of the most effective things you can do to keep your site safe.

Bluehost doing this automatically for you is a real benefit. Many people don’t log into their WordPress sites for long periods of time once the development work is done, and this can lead to updates piling up one after the other. It’s good to know that this will happen on its own.

Basic WordPress Login Credential Updates

A common vector for hackers to attack WordPress sites, is to use the traditional “admin” as a username and then try and guess the password. Since half the work is already done for them, this makes their job that much easier.

Bluehost WordPress plans try and aver this by changing the default “admin” username, to something more secure. Is it enough? Not by a long shot! There are a huge number of attack vectors that hackers can use to compromise WordPress – and some of them involve getting access to those who already have log in credentials. But at least it’s something, right?

Should you Get Bluehost WordPress?

Honestly, it’s not that amazing. You’re pretty much getting regular shared hosting with a cherry on top. If you still want to keep the somewhat lower prices, the Hostgator WordPress plan is surprisingly good. It’s not as fully featured as “proper” managed WordPress hosting like from Liquid Web, but it’s not that expensive either!

In terms of value for money, I would choose the Hostgator WordPress plan over Bluehost’s standard one any day.

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