GoDaddy Review: Pricing Chart & Features

GoDaddy is pretty much the “daddy” of all web hosting companies. While other corporations like EIG are big corporations owning dozens of smaller companies, nothing compares to the sheer size and scale of GoDaddy’s operations. With 17.5 million customers, it outshines its competitors by far. This comprehensive GoDaddy review will take into consideration both the good, and the bad aspects of this.

GoDaddy aims to be a “one stop shop” for everything web related. While web hosting is their “core business”, they have a complete suite of domain management services, as well as a whole bunch of add-ons that they hope will keep you from going to anyone else. And it’s true – if you want, you can remain 100% within GoDaddy’s ecosystem and never leave.

You also probably associate GoDaddy with their aggressive marketing efforts. And it’s true that they spend more on S&M, than any other web hosting corporation. In this GoDaddy review, we’re going to look at the following:

  1. Prices, and Promo Code Strategy
  2. $1 Web Hosting Plans
  3. Add-ons – do you need them?
  4. Ownership

Let’s start with pricing charts and discounts:

GoDaddy Review – Prices and Promo Codes

GoDaddy offers deep discounts on all its hosting services. Perhaps deeper than any other company. While companies like Hostgator have dozens of coupons, the GoDaddy promo codes are built into the website itself. If you visit a page, you’ll likely already find a promo code being applied to your product. So the prices you see are usually already discounted. However, there are some special promo codes for hosting plans not directly available from the website – notably their $1 plans which I’ll talk about below.

Here’s is the GoDaddy pricing chart for all their hosting services before and after the discounts:

Basic Advanced Premium
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy Shared Hosting
Special $1/month Hosting
89% off
33% off
24% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy WordPress Hosting
Special $1/month WordPress Hosting
90% off
20% off
5% off
16% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy Business Hosting
27% off
30% off
36% off
40% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy VPS Hosting
37% off
33% off
33% off
33% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy Dedicated Servers
47% off
40% off
44% off
54% off

These prices are cheap – but they’re not the cheapest around. That honor goes to DreamHost in the long term – click here for a list of DreamHost discounts and prices.

Get the Biggest Discount!

Need to make a decision fast? Click below for the maximum discount today:

These plans include a free domain, but NOT free SSL (read more below on this).

$1 Web Hosting Plans

GoDaddy is famous for it’s $1/month web hosting. Here’s what you get for 12 bucks a year.

This is specially true of the GoDaddy $1 hosting plans. They’re available both for WordPress as well as regular web hosting. And unlike Hostgator’s WordPress plans which are basically just shared hosting, GoDaddy’s WordPress packages actually have some optimization built into them like SSDs and staging. The limitation on the $1 hosting is that you can’t extend the duration for more than 12-months. So if you were thinking of locking down a 5-year contract with GoDaddy at $1 a month, think again!

After the one year is up, you’ll have to renew at the full price as usual. But at least this is better than Hostgator’s “1c” hosting plan via a Hostgator coupon code, and which you can only use for one month!

GoDaddy Domain Services

GoDaddy cut its teeth on domain services, and it’s still the biggest name in the business. It currently has over 76 million domains under its management. They don’t get any bigger than that! Also, they have everything from domain investing, auctions, and the usual domain management services like name search, privacy, value appraisal etc.

GoDaddy constantly has sales on various domain name extensions like “.us” etc. You can view the list of GoDaddy promo codes in the link above to see what they currently have on offer.

Who Owns GoDaddy?

GoDaddy went public in June 2014. But it was founded way back in 1997 by Bob Parsons. That makes it one of the oldest web hosting companies in existence. Even behemoths like Bluehost didn’t come into existence till the early 2000s. Here are is the current management team:

CEO: Scott Wagner
Chief Marketing Officer: Barb Rechterman
CTO: Charles Beadnall
Chief Financial Officer: Ray Winborne

Phone Number: +1.669.224.7568
14455 North Hayden Road.
Suite 219.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260.
Phone: 1-480-505-8800

GoDaddy Customer Service Review

Surprising, GoDaddy gets an “A+” on the customer satisfaction index by the Better Business Bureau. I say “surprising”, because it’s difficult for a large company to get a good score here. As a comparison, Hostgator got a C+ when I reviewed it. They seem pretty responsive to complaints and take immediate action to resolve customer issues.

Like Hostgator, GoDaddy also has forums on which you can create a username and post your issues. It’s useful to have a community to discuss your problems with, and you can often find the answers you’re looking for as well as tips to resolve your problem without needing to wait for customer support.

Their list of contact numbers is stunning, and covers all parts of the globe in local languages. I can’t say the same for any other web hosting company – even ones with a global footprint like Bluehost and Hostgator.

GoDaddy Add-on Services

As mentioned earlier, GoDaddy’s mission is to keep you in their ecosystem. Let’s look at a few add-on services they provide.

WordPress “Support”

Quite apart from their WordPress hosting plans, GoDaddy offers “support” packages that promise to fix your WordPress related problems. This is a system based on tickets – each support request consumes one ticket. For $150, you can get 10 tickets covering a range of problems from databases, to plugin conflicts, wp-config.php changes, and updates.

Now as a WordPress professional myself, I can easily do all this on my own. However, I suppose there might be people who find this kind of package useful. Though if you know enough to figure whether or not there’s a database problem, you also know enough to fix the issue. I personally would never touch this kind of plan, mainly because I change my site all the time and can’t imaging calling up a stranger to fiddle with it. But if you don’t have the time or the know how, it might be worth your while.

Search Engine Visibility

Forget about “submitting your site to search engines”. That happens automatically – there’s no wand that GoDaddy or anyone else can wave to speed it up. What SEO packages could help you with are:

  • Keyword tracking
  • Keyword suggestions

Though my recommendation is again to do this stuff yourself. No one knows your business better than you, and it’s not worth the money to get someone else to do it for you. There are lots of free sites to track your keyword position manually, so don’t buy into this kind of thing.


Automatic backups for $2 a month? Definitely something to consider if you’re not taking care of your backups yourself. You need to have a fallback plan in case something goes wrong.

SSL Certificates

In my opinion, this is where GoDaddy fails big time. These days, all hosting companies should give you a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with your cPanel. While this certificate is not a private SSL and won’t give you a “green bar”, it’s good enough for most situations.

GoDaddy however, does not support Let’s Encrypt one click SSL installation. And why would they? They have separate products that they’re ready to sell you. Their wildcard SSL solution costs a bomb – $350 a year. Whereas with all SiteGround coupons, you can get a hosting plan that includes a certificate like that for free! It’s ridiculous how much some people are charging for SSL certificates to cash in on the fear that customers won’t trust them, or that Google will drop them from the SERPs.

GoDaddy Datacenters

GoDaddy has 9 data centers around the world – a truly staggering number, even when compared with the presence of EIG which has dozens of hosting companies in its kitty. And it has 37,000 servers. Their Phoenix datacenter is 272,000 square feet in size. Here are the locations of their data centers:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Illinois,
  • Virginia
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore

Out of all these, GoDaddy actually owns the one in Phoenix, Arizona. The others are colocated meaning that while the servers and systems belong to GoDaddy, they don’t control the operations of the datacenters themselves.

Bottom Line

I feel that the larger a company gets, the more difficult it becomes to keep customer service at an optimum level. However going by the customer reviews, I feel that GoDaddy has avoided this to some extent. Yes, there are genuine complaints of poor customer service but I think the data shows that these experiences are not the norm.

Apart from their add-on services, I feel their web hosting is pretty decent and their domain services are the best in the industry. Couple that with cheap prices all around, and GoDaddy really is a very solid choice for your web hosting needs.

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