GreenGeeks vs SiteGround: Better Technology Wins

SiteGround is more expensive than GreenGeeks. But it has features like staging, 30-day backups, and superior technology. GreenGeeks on the other hand, has LiteSpeed web servers, a “green” footprint, and a free domain.

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GreenGeeks vs SiteGround: Pricing

SiteGround has never tried to be a cheap web hosting provider. They’re probably the most expensive of the “regular” shared hosting services. GreenGeeks however, can be super cheap if you sign up for three years as shown below:

Duration: 3 years
Coupon Code (Click to Copy):

You can read more in my comprehensive GreenGeeks review.

SiteGround doesn’t have discounts, and doesn’t offer coupon codes beyond its available offers. Here’s the full list of SiteGround discounts, with all their plans.

Winner: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks and SiteGround Features Comparison

SiteGround has many more features compared to GreenGeeks. For example, you have 1-click staging for your sites, where you can create a test copy of your application before pushing out live changes. Same with Git repos.

In addition, SiteGround is always on the forefront of new technologies – like QUIC. There were using containerized technologies and SSD drives long before anyone else. Going forward, SiteGround will always have the latest features first – that’s their main selling point.

GreenGeeks is a lot more reserved in their technology adoption. They’re not bad by any means, but you can’t compare them to SiteGround.

Winner: SiteGround

Customer Service: GreenGeeks vs SiteGround

Again, SiteGround wins here. GreenGeeks customer service is average for the web hosting industry. But SiteGround’s customer service goes way beyond. Their technicians undergo rigorous and periodic training, and GoGeek customers get Tier IV support when needed.

Customer support makes up the bulk of costs of any web hosting company, and SiteGround is one that takes it very seriously. Here’s a blog post explaining the standards SiteGround sets for its customer reps.

So while I have nothing against GreenGeek’s customer service, it’s not much of a contest here.

Winner: SiteGround

Server Caching – GreenGeeks Wins

Both GreenGeeks and SiteGround offer server caching. However, because GreenGeeks uses the LiteSpeed web server, it’s able to offer server caching on all its hosting plans. SiteGround on the other hand, restricts server caching to its GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

Server caching is a technology where the web server caches your site’s pages and serves them faster to the next visitor. It’s superior to installing application level plugins. Here’s a full explanation of server caching, and how it helps speed up your site.

GreenGeeks offers something called “PowerCacher” with its Pro and Premium plans, implying they have something better to offer than LiteSpeed caching. But they never explain what that is exactly on their website, or how it works. So I’m not going to give them credit for that until I know what it is.

Nonetheless, the fact that GreenGeeks offers server caching on all its plans, and not just the advanced hosting ones, puts it ahead of SiteGround in this regard.

Winner: GreenGeeks

Free Domain – GreenGeeks Has it

Unlike SiteGround, GreenGeeks offers a free domain with every new hosting purchase of 12-months or more. This is becoming a standard feature in the web hosting industry. But SiteGround doesn’t yet offer this, and I doubt they ever will.

It comes down to priorities. Free domains are usually enticing for those seeking the maximum discounts. And that’s simply not SiteGround’s target audience.

Winner: GreenGeeks

Backups – SiteGround is Way ahead

Recently, Siteground revamped its backup procedures and made them way more attractive, whereas those of GreenGeeks’ is pretty basic. Even the basic SiteGround plan users on StartUp now have access to 30-days of backups and can restore them at any time via the control panel. GrowBig and GrowGeek users can also create “instant” backups and restore them whenever they want.

GreenGeeks doesn’t have anything so comprehensive. Instead, they just take a backup every 24 hrs, and allow you one free restoration per month, and $25 per additional restoration after that. With SiteGround, you don’t need another backup solution, as it’s built into the plan itself. With GreenGeeks, you probably need to pay for an backup additional service to keep your data secure.

Winner: SiteGround

Data Centers: SiteGround Has One in Asia

When it comes to data centers, SiteGround is one of the few web hosts to have a presence in Asia. Here are their locations:

  • Chicago, US
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • London, UK
  • Singapore

GreenGeeks on the other hand, has the following:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Montreal, CA
  • Amsterdam, NL

So SiteGround has one additional data center presence in Asia, whereas GreenGeeks does not. Instead, GreenGeeks has a data center in Canada, which reduces their coverage of the globe.

Winner: SiteGround

Green Energy – GreenGeeks Wins by Definition

SiteGround doesn’t make any attempts to make its data center green. To my knowledge, they neither buy carbon credits, nor do they optimize their data centers for lower power consumption. GreenGeeks on the other hand, purchases 300% of its energy consumption in Renewal Energy Credits (REC) – which aren’t the same as carbon credits though.

It’s not all roses for GreenGeeks. There have been some questions about the legitimacy of “green hosting”, and whether or not it actually makes a difference. But something is surely better than nothing, and GreenGeeks gets props for doing what it can for the planet.

Winner: GreenGeeks

Bottom Line

SiteGround is all about the hosting and price takes a backseat. GreenGeeks however, is for those searching for super cheap web hosting, and who also want to alleviate some of their guilt for using carbon emitting data centers. They both have different target customers, and you need to decide on which side of the spectrum you fall.

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