HostArmada Security Features: Super Tight!

Of all the web hosts reviewed on WP-Tweaks, HostArmada has the best security features out of the box. In addition, they’re free to all users. I’d made a passing mention of their amazing WAF in my HostArmada review. In this article however, I go into a little more depth about HostArmada’s security infrastructure, and how it works to protect your website.

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HostArmada’s Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A WAF sits between your website and the public Internet. Ordinary security solutions look for obvious threats, but a WAF performs deep packet inspection to inspect traffic for known security vulnerabilities, and proactively blocks dangerous traffic from ever reaching your site. This isn’t an easy service to provide. It requires deep, and constantly updated knowledge of the latest threats, as well as processing power to perform the necessary inspection quickly.

Which is why security solutions like Cloudflare offer a WAF only on their “Pro” plans and above, starting at $20/m as shown here:

Cloudflare WAF Costs $20/m
Cloudflare WAF Costs $20/m

So it’s pretty damn cool that HostArmada offers this amazing benefit for free – not just to its power users, but to everyone!

Won’t a HostArmada WAF Slow Down my Site?

A common question that people have is whether or not a WAF will slow down their site. The answer is “no”. Yes, the security infrastructure has to analyze your traffic, but the time required to do so is measured in “microseconds” – not milliseconds! For reference, there are 1000 microseconds in one millisecond 🙂 .

So no. A HostArmada WAF wont’ slow down your website in any appreciable way.

HostArmada Rate Limiting

The next premium security features provided for free by HostArmada, is rate limiting. It basically prevents a single server from flooding your host with requests, resulting in either a DDoS, or a slowdown for all the other legitimate users on your site. As before, this is a premium service provided by most security services like Cloudflare like in this screenshot:

Rate Limiting is Normally a Paid Feature of a Security Service
Rate Limiting is Normally a Paid Feature of a Security Service

As you can see, Cloudflare charges you for the number of requests blocked to your site based on the rate limiting feature. The fact that HostArmada integrates this service into even its most basic shared hosting package is pretty amazing. I don’t know how they do it!

HostArmada DDoS Protection

It’s not enough to simply block thousands of requests from a single IP address. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is characterized by not just one IP address, but thousands of them all over the globe, attacking your site at the same time. HostArmada’s DDoS protection prevents even these kinds of attacks.

By integrating a bunch of features like the ModSecurity module, rate limiting, and re-captcha verification, HostArmada is capable of blocking DDoS attacks against your website. In addition, they also limit the number of times an SSL certificate can be re-negotiated by any given IP address, thereby cutting off another attack vector.

Automated Malware Scanning

Another feature offered by HostArmada is malware scanning. This automated process, regularly inspects the files in your installation and searches for known malware signatures. If it finds one, the file is quarantined and flagged for further inspection.

In addition to automated scanning, HostArmada allows its users to request a manual scan in case they think that something’s wrong, and they want to check immediately. This takes a pretty big load off your mind, since you know there’s always someone watching over your site for exploits.

Bottom Line

The number of security features provided by HostArmada is pretty impressive, given that they apply to even their basic shared hosting plans. By itself, these features wouldn’t be free on any 3rd party security solution. There are other web hosts that have good protection for their websites, but HostArmada is by far the best of them all. For more providers like HostArmada, here’s a list of web hosts that provide free security.

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  1. Were you able to find information on the types of DDoS they block (like Cloudflare doesn’t include Layer 7 on their lower tiers like Sucuri does)? Wondering how well their WAF compares with Sucuri… Seems almost “too good to be true” kinda thing for the price. Has me very intrigued. Thanks for the heads up on this new company.


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