Hostgator $17 Birthday Sale: The Lowest Discount EVER

In October 2019, the Hostgator $17 sale celebrated 17 years in business. For a web host, that’s a long time! Of course since 2002, they’ve since been acquired by EIG and are no longer a small web host 🙂 . Despite that, I use it as the benchmark for low-cost web hosting. All things considered, there’s nothing cheaper than Hostgator.

Hostgator $17 Birthday Discounts > 90%

Hostgator has a number of special sale events every year. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday and more. Find the best Hostgator coupon for all their products, including details on these events.

But the Birthday Sale is unlike any other. While the maximum normal discount you get for the 12-month plan is around 78%, this special event brings the discount to a massive 90%! Here’s the coupon that will get you the discount during the sale period:

Sale Date: October 21st – October 24th 2020

Just click the above coupon and enter it into the discount code box when selecting your product. Here’s a screenshot of the product sale page:

Hostgator Birthday Sale Discounts
Hostgator $17 Birthday Sale Discount

As you can see, the Hostgator $17 price is for 12-months of hosting. That’s an incredible discount. When you consider the free domain name for the first year, the price is simply unbeatable. There’s nothing on the market that can compare.

Will a Birthday Sale Happen Every Year?

Probably. Hostgator seems to be experimenting with aggressive periodic discounts lately. Their birthday sale last year wasn’t anywhere close to as impressive as it is in 2019. And considering that there’s nothing special about the year “17” (as opposed to something like 20 or 10), there are good chances that the same sale will come around next year as well!

Here’s a screenshot of the affiliate e-mail they sent out to inform us of the upcoming sale:

Hostgator Affiliate Email for Birthday Sale
Hostgator Affiliate Email for the Birthday Sale

So if the discount code for this year’s sale is SNAPPY17, I can only assume the ones for the following years will share the same pattern (SNAPPY18, SNAPPY19 etc).

Special Focus on 12-Month Hosting

Hostgator seems to derive a lot of sales from its 12-month hosting plans. The reason is that these are a lot cheaper than the annual plans provided by other web hosting companies. For a long time, the price was pretty exceptional. Even after Hostgator raised the 12-month price, it was compensated by the free domain, so the value remains pretty much the same – or even better.

If you compare this with Bluehost, their 12-month hosting price is ridiculously high at $4.95/m for the annual plan. Hostgator is the only major web host that has super low prices for annual hosting. Others make you sign up for longer billing periods before giving you the same discounts.

Full-Fledged Instead of “Gimmicky” Hosting

There are many hosting plans that beat Hostgator in terms of price. But there’s always a catch. Either it’s something like GoDaddy that doesn’t provide free SSL, or the plan has such low disk quotas and bandwidth, that you can barely run a small site.

Hostgator’s plans are not “gimmicky” in that way. They’re full-fledged plans without gimmicks. The only limitation on the basic Hatchling plan that I can see is that you can only host one website on it. But for most people looking to get started, that’s just fine. All the other benefits are openly available like SSL, domain parking, generous disk and bandwidth quotas etc.

So while it might not be as full-featured and smooth as SiteGround, it’s the best base hosting experience at a low price. SiteGround is far from cheap, and you need to find the extra bells and whistles worth it.

Get the Hostgator $17 Sale Before it’s Too Late!

Hostgator’s $17 per year birthday sale is the biggest discount of the year. With a discount rate of over 90% in 2019, it far outstrips everything else they offer, including their Black Friday deals. We’re yet to see if they repeat the same offer in 2020 for their 18th anniversary.

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