Hostgator India Has a 5-Year Billing Cycle

Web hosting companies give you discounts for a short time. After that, they charge you the full renewal price. Hostgator India is no different. All the Hostgator coupons are temporary. While this is a standard industry practice, Hostgator India is a big exception in one regard – they allow you to keep your discount for a massive 5-year period. This makes it the most economical option for hosting.

5 Years of Hostgator India Savings is a LOT!

Here’s a screenshot of Hostgator India’s Linux hosting page showing the deal for 5 years:

Hostgator India 5-Year Savings
Hostgator India 5-Year Savings

You can see that the billing discount is available from 1 month to 60 months. What’s even more incredible, is that the discounts get higher the longer you host. This is unprecedented. Normally, web hosts reduce the discounts beyond a certain period, because otherwise it becomes too unprofitable. I’m honestly not sure how Hostgator India is managing to stay profitable, though I have some thoughts on that below.

Comparing to Other Hosting Providers

Let’s take a look at how some of the others handle this:


There was a time when Bluehost allowed us to host for 5-years. That’s no longer the case. You can see in this screenshot, that they now only let you keep your discount for 36-months:

Bluehost Discounts Last only for 36-Months
Bluehost Discounts Last only for 36-Months

The famous $2.95/m Bluehost deal would be a financial disaster for Bluehost if they allowed you to keep it for 5 years.


SiteGround is easily the worst when it comes to long term savings. Yes, their initial discounts are higher than anyone else’s – it can go up to 70% for the GrowBig plan. But it fails to save you money in two important ways.

First, the discount is only available for one year as shown here:

SiteGround Best Deal is Available Only for 12-Months
SiteGround Best Deal is Available Only for 12-Months

After that, you can choose to host for 36-months, but your discount steadily reduces the more you host. The reason for this is simple – SiteGround doesn’t consider itself to be a discount web host. In fact, quite the opposite.

But I find this problematic, because if they view themselves as a “non-discount” host, then they shouldn’t offer such high discounts for the first year and then raise the prices afterwards. I’ve written about how people experience SiteGround sticker shock on receiving a renewal bill of $240 after the first year has passed.

SiteGround is a particularly egregious offender when it comes to the bad habit of unrealistically high discounts followed by a steep hike in price. I’ve written about web hosting traps before, and this is the best example.

Why Does Hostgator India Do This?

So what makes Hostgator India commit financial suicide by giving ridiculously low discounts for a full 5 years? I have two theories.

One, they skimp on customer service. I’ve written before about how customer service is the most consequential expense of hosting. If Hostgator India can skimp on this important aspect of its service, then it can keep its operating costs low enough to be able to afford these kinds of discounts. I’ve had dealings with Hostgator India’s customer service, and it’s not impressive. I’ve often had a hard time getting in touch with people who matter. So this is one avenue.

My second theory is they hope that after hosting for 5 years, no one will want to move away. 5 years is a long time to host your website, and if you haven’t moved away by then, chances are that you’re not going to in the future.

Of these two, I believe that my first observation about Hostgator India’s customer service hits closer to the mark.

Bottom Line: It’s The Maximum Savings You Can Get

If you’re looking to save the most money over the long term, then Hostgator India’s 5-year plan is the deal to look out for. The discounts on Hostgator’s main page expire faster than the ones on Hostgator India’s site. So mathematically speaking, it’s the most efficient choice.

Whether or not it makes sense to do so is a different matter.

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