Hostgator India VPS Review and Deals

This review will focus on the following:

  1. Hostgator India prices and VPS hosting deals
  2. Features and good stuff to know
  3. Customer support

While this is for the Indian subsidiary of Hostgator, here’s the main Hostgator VPS review for their global operations.

Let’s get started!

Hostgator India VPS Prices and Deals

Hostgator releases a new VPS hosting coupon regularly. There’s a lot of overlap, so the ones you see in the table below, are carefully chosen to give you the most savings. If you want to search, here is the entire Hostgator India coupon code list.

Basic Advanced Premium Super Premium
Hostgator VPS India Prices ₹699.00/month
30% off
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE
30% off
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE
30% off
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE
30% off
With coupon Code: SUNSHINE

This table is only for Hostgator India VPS. But you can view the entire table of VPS deals across all providers to search for the best offers! Prices are updated regularly, so you always have the most recent data. Personally, I think Hostgator is the king of cheap VPS India deals. Bluehost India is the other major player, and you can see in my Hostgator India vs Bluehost India comparison, that the former comes out far ahead. But your mileage may vary 🙂

Features – What are you Getting into?

Here are some of the most common questions you might have about the Hostgator VPS India plan. These are not answered on the official page, so pay attention!

Managed Hosting by Default with cPanel

Unlike some other providers, Hostgator India VPS only offers managed services. There used to be an unmanaged option where you had to set everything up on your own, including private DNS servers. You also got access to the Virtuozzo Power Panel without cPanel.

The latest Hostgator India deals however, have changed all this. Now cPanel is installed on all the VPS servers by default. In addition, there are no more Windows VPS plans. It’s all Linux hosting. Windows hosting is still available for their dedicated servers offerings. As a result, Hostgator India has done away with “Levels” of management. There are no more unmanaged VPS services.

Here’s a screenshot for the Hostgator cPanel login:

Hostgator India cPanel

And here are the links:

https://SiteIPAddress/cpanel or

Downtime and Uptime Guarantee

The fact that Hostgator India offers 99% uptime guarantee for its VPS servers is nothing new. Most other providers will promise you the same thing. Also, they will give you prorated credit for any downtime. While it might not be much of a consolation while your site is down, it does mean that they have every incentive to maintain as a high an uptime as possible.

What Software is Installed?

Since this is managed VPS hosting, the following software comes installed on Hostgator India’s VPS servers:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Exim
  • FTP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Apache
  • Sendmail

So you’re up and running as soon as they provision your VPS. Of course, you can also install any Linux packages you want manually as well.

Transferring to and From a VPS

When upgrading to a VPS package from shared hosting, the server itself will change. Hostgator India will transfer your content between them for free. So while it will involve some configuration changes, and name server modifications, all your databases, files, and other content will be migrated automatically. The same process is necessary if you want to upgrade from a VPS plan to a dedicated server.

If all this seems like a pain, that’s because it is. It’s the reason why the Hostgator cloud hosting India plans are seeing so much growth. No one likes to reconfigure servers when the cloud can do it for you automatically!

Hostgator India Customer Care

I’ve already written about customer service in my detailed Hostgator India review. Having servers in India means you don’t have to deal with awkward time zones, and you might be more comfortable in dealing with someone in their local language as well.

One great perk compared to other providers like Bluehost India is the availability of support over live chat. Also, they’re extremely active on Facebook, and I’ve always had excellent response times when the customer support isn’t able to resolve my problem.

Overall, Hostgator India VPS will get the job done. It’s not for you if you need Windows hosting, or if you want to run a “bare metal” unmanaged machine. Those services are available only with their dedicated servers. But really – why wouldn’t you want a managed VPS instead? You get all the perks with none of the disadvantages!

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