Hostgator Sale in July 2020: Update!

Every few months, Hostgator has a limited sale for a few days where they boost their discounts to 70%. Normally, the max 3-year discount you can get is 62% @ $2.64/m. A 70% discount means you pay just $2.08/m for the duration of the entire billing cycle!

Hostgator Coupon Code for July Sale

While you can scan the regular Hostgator coupon code list for their year-round discounts, the sale in July 2020 will have a dedicated coupon of its own during the following dates:

From: Monday July 20th at 12:00 AM CST
To: Thursday, July 23rd at 11:59 PM CST

As you can see, it only lasts for a few days from Monday through Thursday. So if you want to make use of this special offer, make sure you grab it while you can! During this time, I’ll be updating the main Hostgator coupon list page with the new discount code.

Includes a Free Domain

All Hostgator annual plans and more now include a free domain as part of the purchase. They made this change in 2019 as part of their general price refresh. With this addition, Hostgator is now a better value option compared to other providers like Bluehost who always offered a free domain, but were slightly more expensive to compensate.

There’s Nothing Cheaper than Hostgator

I always use Hostgator as the benchmark for low-cost hosting. Their 1-year and 3-year plans have the lowest prices of anyone else on the market, without resorting to shady tactics like gimping your storage or restricting your databases – unlike web hosts like GoDaddy for example.

Hostgator also allows for unlimited storage on even its cheapest plans, which is unheard of at this price. They achieve this by using HDDs instead of SSDs, but they can get away with it because they use SSDs for their MySQL servers which is where it matters most.

Being stuck at home during quarantine during the COVID crisis is a great time to start a new website. That business idea that you’ve always wanted to explore? You can now make that a reality for around 2 bucks a month. So make use of the July Hostgator sale and get started!

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