Hostgator Savings Changes for 2021

Looking forward to the next year, there are a lot of upcoming changes to Hostgator pricing in 2021. These include newer discounts, anniversary and summer sales, and a simplified Black Friday schedule.

Hostgator Coupons for 2021

The latest changes are detailed in the Hostgator coupon code 2021 list. Specifically, the TWEAKSOFFERS coupon gives a 62% discount for 3 years hosting:

This is higher than the standard 60% discount offered by Hostgator on their main page. Also for 2021, the SAVINGSBUNDLE coupon allows you to get a huge discount on 12-months hosting:

The above changes allow you to get more flexible pricing from Hostgator in 2021. Here on, you get access to coupons not normally available through the main Hostgator website. In 2021, we’re only going to be deepening our partnership with Hostgator and receiving more inside offers that we share with our readers!

Upcoming Hostgator Pricing Changes in 2021

There have been some rumors circulating for a while about Hostgator’s main page discounts. Currently they sit at a flat 60% on the main page. But I received a communication from them a while back, that they were experimenting with a new pricing structure of 50% instead.

This would reduce the Hostgator discount in 2021 for new customers. However, I was also told that the custom coupons would continue to work at their old discounts. This means that the higher Hostgator discounts you see here on will continue to be valid throughout 2021, regardless of what policy changes occur at headquarters.

Simplified Black Friday Pricing for 2021

In the past, the Hostgator Black Friday sale had complicated pricing strategies. They had separate coupon codes for different times of the day, and three sets of coupons for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday.

In 2021 however, their Black Friday deals will follow a pattern similar to last year – namely one single coupon for the highest available discount at any given time. This takes the form of two types of savings – normal and flash. The “flash” Black Friday discounts for Hostgator in 2021 will be available only during specific times of the day, and will go up as high as 75%.

Why Is Trustworthy

From the beginning, we at have decided to never hide our Hostgator coupon codes. Other websites employ shady tactics like masking the actual codes and redirecting you without your permission. They do this because they want to place a cookie on your site for the referral.

However, trusts its visitors. We display all the coupon codes in plain text for you to see. Yes, this means that you can copy the code and type it in separately and we won’t get credit for the sale. But I believe it builds important trust. We don’t track you, or show you ads, and our privacy policy is open for everyone to see.

All this combines to enhance our visitor’s trust in our discounts. And I hope to continue serving you in 2021!

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