Hostinger Review 2018: From Budget to Premium

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Hostinger is a web hosting provider with a lot more depth than meets the eye. At first glance, their plans seem cheap – impossibly cheap. And indeed, that is one of their selling points. In fact, they position themselves as the cheapest hosting providers around, and even have a free starter plan!

Dig a little deeper however, and you find that there are plenty of meatier options as well, with six levels of VPS hosting, and three different managed VPS options that they call “Business Hosting”. In this Hostinger review, I’m going to cover three things – pricing, features, and customer support.

Hostinger Discounts – From Free to Powerhouse

Here’s the complete list of Hostinger deals and discounts with yearly renewals:

Hostinger Shared and Business Hosting:

Basic Plan
(Yearly Renewal)
Advanced Plan
(Yearly Renewal)
Premium Plan
(Yearly Renewal)
Hostinger Logo
Shared Hosting
40% off
57% off
50% off
Hostinger Logo
WordPress Hosting
40% off
57% off
50% off
Hostinger Logo
Business Hosting
31% off
31% off
31% off

And here’s a list of their VPS plans. They have so many that there’s a separate table!

VPS Plans:

(Yearly Renewal) Basic Plan Advanced Plan Premium Plan Super Premium Elite Extra Elite!
Hostinger Logo

VPS Hosting
44% off
20% off
9% off
9% off
9% off
9% off

Hostinger Coupon Codes for Special Occasions

For special events, Hostinger comes up with some pretty unbelievable discounts. For example, they sometimes run a “3-month” billing cycle plan for less than $1/month. But you have to be actively looking for those specials – most of the time, the prices are what you see in the tables above.

The Hostinger coupons are applied only to the initial billing period. After that, you pay the full price. There are no Hostinger renewal coupons! So if you want maximum savings, you should opt for longer periods to lock in your discounts.

Of course, these don’t compare to the sheer variety of Hostgator coupon codes, but their prices are still lower than anything Hostgator has to offer

Free Web Hosting with 000webhost

I should also mention that their sister company 000webhost provides free hosting. Of course, there are severe limitations to this, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s even remotely interested in a serious website. Amongst other restrictions, you free site “sleeps” once every 24 hrs when it’s unavailable. It’s impractical of course, but it’s a possible entry point for those looking to ease into web hosting proper.

The low price of Hostinger’s shared hosting startup plans puts it in the same league as budget hosting companies like GoDaddy and the “Penny plan” of Hostgator.

Excellent Hostinger Customer Reviews with Trustpilot

Customer reviews on Hostinger are pretty good on Trustpilot with a trust score of 9.5 as of this writing. Here are a few examples:

Hostinger Customer Review 1

As you can see, a lot of these reviews focus on Hostinger’s customer service:

Hostinger Customer Review 2

Others talk about how they migrated to Hostinger after trying out free services like Wix:

Hostinger Customer Review 3

Overall, it’s a pretty great customer review profile. And you know what they say – the customer is always right!

Who Owns Hostinger?

Hostinger is based in Kaunas, Lithuania. Since 2004, they’ve built up a huge number of subsidiaries and hosting brands around the world. The brand name “Hostinger” itself was created in 2011, and since then they’ve jumped to 29 million users worldwide.

The CEO of Hostinger is Arnas Stuopelis who took over in 2015 after he joined Hostinger in 2011. So they’ve been around for a while and are an established presence in the hosting world.

Hostinger Datacenter Locations

Being an international company, Hostinger has an impressive array of datacenter locations around the globe. Across three continents:

  1. USA
  2. Europe
  3. Asia

I like the idea of them having a datacenter in Singapore since it’s one of the best hosting locations in Asia.

This means that unlike a lot of well-known hosting providers, Hostinger is able to service your clients no matter where they are in the world.

Things to Know About Hostinger Shared and VPS Plans

Before you decide on Hostinger, here are some comments about its hosting plans.

Free SSL Only for Business Hosting

After Google started to flag vanilla HTTP sites as “insecure”, a lot of hosting companies started to offer SSL certificates for free. While companies like SiteGround, InMotion and DreamHost already had it, others like Bluehost jumped on the “Free SSL” bandwagon.

However, Hostinger only offers free SSL with its business hosting plan. For others, you can make a onetime purchase of an SSL certificate for $9.99. While this sounds good, I don’t think they should be charging for Let’s Encrypt certificates that others are providing for free. Depending on where you stand, the single payment of $9.99 might not be a big deal for you.

Free Domain Only with Premium and Business Plans

Hosts like DreamHost and Bluehost give you a free domain name when you sign up – and so does Hostinger. But only with its premium and business shared hosting. The basic “single” plan doesn’t come with a free domain, so that’s an additional purchase you might need to make. If you already have a domain that you need to transfer, this won’t matter to you. Otherwise, it’s an extra dollar a month for the first renewal period.

Hostinger VPS Plans Are Unmanaged and Comprehensive

While some web hosts like to retain tight control of their VPS hosting services, Hostinger lets you do pretty much whatever you want with them. You have full root access, along with a dedicated IP and SSD drives. (Although you might not need SSD hosting in the first place) So knock yourself out!

If you DO want a managed VPS service, they call that “Business Hosting” and it starts at $19.98/month. As you can see, the unmanaged plans are far cheaper. But as you increase the resources, they get steadily more expensive. Basically, your server will grow with you as your site increases in usage.

Bottom Line: Great Hosting if you Can Live with the Quirks

As you can see, Hostinger doesn’t have dedicated server plans, or a separate “cloud hosting” package where you can adjust your resources dynamically.

Also, the lack of free SSL for basic and premium plans is worrying. But if you can manage to deal with these, you’ll be in good hands. Hostgator’s plans are more than capable of scaling with your business, and their customer service is always there to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Happy shopping!

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