Kinsta Doubles Disk Space and Performance with C2 VMs

I already had a pretty high opinion of Kinsta. It’s a “boutique-like” web host that specializes in one thing – and only that – WordPress hosting. In my previous Kinsta hosting review, I answered a question that many people were asking: Is it worth it? The answer was “Yes, if you really care about WordPress performance”. Kinsta strips away the fluff and gives you pristine WordPress hosting. They don’t bother with fluff. They take care of things like CDNs, memory caching, backups, and security.

In short, it’s pretty awesome.

However, last month they rolled out some updates that drastically increase both the memory and the performance for their various plans! Here’s an update of what that means for you as a Kinsta customer.

Get the Best Kinsta Discount!

If you sign up yearly, you’ll get 2 months free on all of Kinsta’s plans. Here’s their best starter deal:

That’s a 17% year-on-year discount that never expires. A pretty sweet deal!

Up to 200% Performance Increase

Kinsta runs its servers entirely off Google Cloud compute. It’s what allows them to offer WordPress hosting in 17 different locations – more than any other provider. As a reference, SiteGround (whom I consider to be pretty good) offers just three locations, because they have their own datacenters.

Compute Optimized C2 VMs

When you create a server on Google’s computing platform, you’re required to choose one of these machine types:

  1. General purpose (N1, N2)
  2. Memory-optimized (M1, M2)
  3. Compute-optimized (C2)
  4. Shared core

Google Compute Engine revealed the C2 and M2 virtual machines earlier this year in April 2019. The compute optimized servers offer the highest “per core” performance of all their engines. They use something called 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake), which gives a flat 40% improvement in the performance.

In addition, the VMs are fully transparent. That means you can look into the architecture of the servers and optimize your applications so that they run with maximum speed. And this is what Kinsta has done. By tweaking their software, they were able to achieve performance speeds of up to 200% of what they were before.

Just look at this graphic provided by Kinsta to demonstrate the dramatic difference:

Kinsta performance improvements
Kinsta performance improvements

As you can see, the performance of PHP, MySQL, and the overall response time of the requests dropped immediately after migration. That’s quite an amazing feat! Kinsta is the first WordPress specialized web-host to make use of these new processors, and so becomes the fastest amongst all the competition.

Increased Disk Space

In addition, it September 2019, Kinsta increased the disk space available all its hosting plans. For its first 4 plans, it doubled the space, and the rest of them followed with similar increases. Here’s the summary of the changes:

  • Starter: 10 GB -> 20 GB
  • Pro: 20 GB -> 40 GB
  • Business 1: 15 GB -> 30 GB
  • Business 2: 20 GB -> 40 GB
  • Business 3: 30 GB -> 50 GB
  • Business 4: 40 GB -> 60 GB
  • Enterprise 1: 80 GB -> 100 GB
  • Enterprise 2: 120 GB -> 150 GB
  • Enterprise 3: 150 GB -> 200 GB
  • Enterprise 4: 200 GB GB -> 250 GB

As you can see, these are substantial increases, and will give you a lot more room to expand out. Personally, I think even the older limits were quite substantial, but there are always outliers that require a lot more space. And hey – if they can, why not? Everyone wins!

Kinsta Discounts for Yearly Plans

Unlike other web hosting providers, Kinsta doesn’t have coupons or initial discounts when you sign up. However if you pay yearly, you get 2 months free each time, which amounts to a 17% discount for each year you’re with them. That can net you some quite hefty savings over the long term, compared to other providers who lure you in with huge discounts, and dramatically increase the price later on (looking at you SiteGround!).

Bottom Line

Kinsta makes these increases in performance and disk space quotas available for free without any changes in their pricing structure. While most providers are increasing their pricing due to the recent changes in cPanel’s licensing structure, Kinsta is unaffected by it. Instead, they’re making their existing offerings a lot more attractive. Expect them to grow a lot in the coming years!

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