Liquid Web Cloud VPS: Coupon 50% off + Review!

The Liquid Web cloud VPS is one of the best on the market. Their state-of-the-art technology seems to work like magic for its customers’ websites. They do does more than just host your website though. They take care of all behind-the-scenes logistics required for a blazing fast business website for you. Curious about what all this will cost you? Here’s the complete Liquid Web coupon page for all discount codes.

Best Liquid Web Cloud VPS Coupon

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What Is Liquid Web Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS is Liquid Web’s managed VPS solution for business owners. It combines the benefits of a cloud environment with those of a VPS hosting service. It offers scalable Virtual Private Servers on its own proprietary, custom-built platform. With daily billing, you only pay for what you use with Cloud VPS.

Cloud VPS is not for the hobbyist dabbling in website creation or the freelancer who handles a few client sites. If you are the latter or even a creative agency, Liquid Web’s Cloud Sites might be a better fit for you.

Cloud VPS is a fully managed solution for growing businesses that need to scale up or down. Businesses with multiple sites, databases, domains, and tons of data will love Liquid Web Cloud VPS!

Liquid Web Vs. Other VPS Providers

Sure, you can get VPS hosting for as little as $5 or $15 dollars a month from other VPS vendors like Hostgator. On the other hand, Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS starts at $59 per month without applying any discounts or coupon codes. Even with that enormous price difference, Liquid Web’s customers rave about the service and stay with them for years. Why?

The answer is pretty simple. Cloud VPS offers much more bang for your buck than any other provider. Make a list of all the features included in Liquid Web Cloud VPS. Consider what you would have to pay if you bought them piecemeal from elsewhere. And there’s the answer to why clients love Cloud VPS.

So What’s Special?

Most VPS providers offer bare-bones service, not a completely managed solution. You can get help for hardware, power, and storage issues but little else. If and when something goes wrong, you’re on your own. Even managed VPS providers leave you with cPanel, and not much else.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS offers Heroic Support with different managed levels of support. As anyone knows, getting good quality support is expensive. It’s not about how many servers or phones the provider has. It’s about people who have the expertise to troubleshoot and solve customer problems. And that isn’t cheap by any means!

Their VPS servers also come with at least 3 TB bandwidth out of the box. That’s higher than other providers like Hostgator. Any additional bandwidth will be charged based on usage as specified in the Liquid Web terms and conditions.

What Kind of Servers Can I Get with Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS offers both Linux and Windows-based servers. The fully managed images come with cPanel or Plesk Onyx installed according to your choice. RAM, CPU cores and storage depends on the plan you start off with. You can get 2, 4, and 8 core machines with anywhere from 2GB to 16 GB of RAM as per your needs. Similarly, storage starts out at 40 GB SSD disk space all the way up to 200 GB SSD. If you need more, you might want to take a look at their dedicated cloud servers.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS Plans

Is Cloud VPS Fully Managed?

Contrary to other VPS providers, Cloud VPS does not have a bare-bones solution. All their plans are managed, though you can customize the level of support you get. Even their so-called Self-Managed option comes with better support than most entry-level VPS packages. Take a quick look at what’s included:

Liquid Web Cloud VPS Features

Cloud VPS Vs. Cloud Dedicated Server

Debating whether to go with Liquid Web Cloud VPS or their Cloud Dedicated Server offering? The right choice depends on what you need.

Cloud VPS is great if you have:

  • A handful of sites (small, medium, or large) which experience seasonal traffic, unexpected spikes or fluctuating traffic
  • Storing files for remote access by users or employees
  • Shared documents and help employees collaborate with each other using version control systems

A Cloud Dedicated Server is perfect if you:

  • Host hundreds of websites or bandwidth-hungry services
  • Need VPN access for employees
  • Operate in a regulated industry like education or medicine

Do I Get Root Access with Cloud VPS?

Yes, you do. You also have SSH access for Linux machines and RDP access for Windows servers as well. Since Cloud VPS allows root access, it is very easy to mess things up. That’s why every managed plan comes with access to level 3 support technicians. These are not the guys who’ll tell you to reboot the router or clear your cache. They get to the root cause and solve problems for you!

Are My Sites Secure with Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS comes with a host of services for clients such as Cloudflare CDN, Server Secure, integrated firewall, and load balancers. You also get basic DDoS protection at no extra cost. Liquid Web Cloud VPN ensures your data is safe with local backups as well. If you need more than these basic services, you can add additional products that meet your needs. Add cloud backups, compliance assistance, and even database services for your business.


As with all their offerings, Liquid Web positions Cloud VPS as a premium plan for growing businesses. It is perfect for sites that are not large enough to require a dedicated server but have the potential for growth in the future.

With air-tight uptime guarantees and a range of managed plans, you can’t go wrong with Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS service. Cloud VPS offers excellent support technicians who act as your own IT team. As a business owner, your focus should be on your business, not servers!

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