Not Ready for a VPS? Try SiteGround’s “VPS Like” Hosting

I’ve been saying for years, that SiteGround is unlike any other web host. WP-Tweaks itself uses them. If you’re looking to get started, here are all SiteGround discounts in one place. The quality of their shared hosting plans is higher than any other comparable provider. And here’s why.

The Problem with VPS Hosting

Read any forum on the Internet, and people will tell you that the natural progression for a website is to migrate from shared hosting to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It’s as if this is a god-appointed evolution and must not be questioned. What they don’t tell you, however, is that a VPS is a lot more work. Suddenly you’ll find yourself dealing with updating software, firewall rules, security, and a lot more stuff that’s not business related.

But this has serious consequences. It takes time away from your business and interrupts your workflow. And frankly, you shouldn’t have to. It’s not your job to manage a server and worry about its performance. And if you’re a small business, you can’t afford to hire someone to manage your VPS either. As a result, it’s perfectly normal to be wary of moving to a VPS server. Shared hosting has served you well so far – so can’t you just have more of the same?

The answer is yes. With SiteGround. For more reasons than one, SiteGround’s shared hosting is a lot more “VPS like” than other hosting providers. With account isolation and security via their “Hive” technology, SiteGround even calls its plans “semi-dedicated” hosting – from as far back as 2012. In this article, I’ll show you why SiteGround’s shared hosting is special.

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Normal Shared Hosting Doesn’t Have Dedicated Resources

Normal hosting providers take a single dedicated server and stack potentially hundreds of accounts onto it. Far more than they should. This is called overselling, and is similar to what a bank does when it assumes that everyone won’t withdraw their money at the same time. The assumption is that no website will fully make use of the resources they promise.

This enables them to push more and more accounts onto a single server. But of course, this comes at a price. First, no single account is guaranteed the resources it needs. It’s subject to availability, and what the other accounts are doing. Second, it compromises security. The more accounts you have, the greater the danger of one being insecure, and the attacker gaining access to the entire server.

A VPS is supposed to alleviate these problems. You get dedicated resources and complete isolation from other accounts on the machine. But SiteGround manages to accomplish the same thing with their shared hosting plans as explained below.

SiteGround Has Strict Limits on its Hosting Plans

Web hosts are typically wishy-washy about the limitations of their hosting plans. They say things like “You can’t use a disproportionate amount of resources”. They’re cagey because they can’t promise specific resources. If another site happens to be taxing the server at a certain time, those resources are denied to everyone else.

SiteGround on the other hand, promises and enforces strict limits on all its shared hosting plans. Each account is guaranteed a certain number of resources – CPU execution time, script executions, files, and more. You can see below, that these resources are monitored from SiteGround’s cPanel as shown here:

SiteGround Shared Hosting Has Dedicated Resources like a VPS
Dedicated Shared Hosting Resources like a VPS

SiteGround is the only web host to have such limits on CPU executions. No other host I’ve seen does it. And this is what makes their web hosting plans so much like a VPS. Their GoGeek plan is even called “semi-dedicated hosting”.

Shared Hosting Security with Hive

The security risk with shared hosting is that if someone else’s account is compromised, the attacker can then infect the whole server. No matter how secure your site is, you have no control over what someone else does. SiteGround solves this using something called their “Hive” technology that they developed in-house and then evolved into its own separate company 1H.

SiteGround was using Hive to achieve account isolation at least as far back as 2011, and probably even earlier. The technology isolates accounts from each other from a security point of view. So even if one website is hacked due to outdated software, the other accounts on the server are not threatened.

Two Aspects of VPS Brought to Shared Hosting

In conclusion, SiteGround shared hosting is more like VPS for two reasons – dedicated resources, and account isolation from a security point of view. Their GoGeek plan is in fact, a starter VPS solution, with all the convenience and management that you expect from shared hosting.

Yes, this means that SiteGround is somewhat more expensive than other web hosts. But now you know why. So if you’re wary of migrating to a VPS (and you should be), consider moving to SiteGround’s GoGeek plan instead. It’ll give you the resources of a VPS without the hassle.

And if you still want to grow after that, SiteGround’s cloud offerings should take care of any additional needs!

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