One Cent Hosting: Why it’s a Bad Idea

“One cent hosting” is a popular offer promoted by Hostgator for new customers who want to try out the service. The deal is simple – get started for just 1c for the first month. Basically free! And if you like the service, you can continue using it.

Here’s the coupon you can use for one cent hosting:

However, the truth is that the one cent hosting plan is terrible for long-term savings. In terms of real discounts, it’s one of the worst plans you can get. Hostgator has much better plans for long term savings as I’ll show you below. But first, here’s why it’s a bad idea.

Renews After One Month at FULL Price

The best web hosting discounts give you a nice fat savings package for a long billing cycle. Most people are comfortable purchasing hosting for one year at a time, so a Hostgator coupon that applies for the full 12-months is ideal. If you really want to lock in your savings, you should find a find a Hostgator coupon code that applies for 3 or even 5 years! (see below).

However, Hostgator’s one cent hosting applies the discount for just one month – and then charges you full price afterwards. See this screenshot for proof:

One Cent Hosting from Hostgator Renews at Full Price After a Month
One Cent Hosting Renews at Full Price

So the actual amount you save is just the hosting costs for 1 month – nothing more. Moreover, your plan renews on a month to month basis, which is the absolute highest tier pricing you can find on Hostgator.

Total amount saved: $10.95

Better Coupons to Use

Now that you’ve seen how bad the one cent hosting coupon is, here are a couple of better ones.

12-Month Hosting Coupon: SAVINGSBUNDLE

Most people choose to host for 12-months. It’s a nice round number and doesn’t lock you in for too long. In this case, the best Hostgator coupon to use is this:

The above gives you the lowest price anywhere for 12-month hosting without any “gimmicks” like limited bandwidth or storage. Use this coupon if you’re just getting started.

Total amount saved: $71.4

36-Month Hosting Coupon: TWEAKSOFFERS

If you’re ready for a longer term commitment, you might want to take up Hostgator’s best deal yet – a 36-month hosting coupon which gives you the lowest price on the market for such a long billing cycle:

Believe me when I say that at $2.64/m, this is the cheapest hosting plan you’ll get anywhere out there. Yes, there are hosts that offer a lower price, but there’s always a catch. Either you get just 1 GB worth of MySQL databases, or extremely limited disk space, or throttling, or something else.

Hostgator’s plans are never gimmicks in that way. It’s solid hosting – even though it might not blow your socks off with features.

Total amount saved: $155.52

Use-Case Scenario for One Cent Hosting

There is a scenario in which one cent hosting can make sense. And that’s if you only want to try out the plan for a month and then switch using a different account and a different credit card as if you’re signing up as a new customer for the first time.

Hostgator discounts are meant for first-time customers only, so you have to make sure that you’re creating an entirely new customer profile. If you’re planning to do this, one cent hosting can make sense if you want to see what you’re getting in advance with the dashboard and cPanel.

1 Cent Hosting Applies Even to Business Plans

There was an earlier Hostgator coupon that restricted 1c hosting to only the Hatchling plan. However, using the code below, you can get even the premium Business plan for just 1c:

Here’s a screenshot of the deal as proof:

1 Cent Hostgator Coupon for Business Plan
1 Cent Hosting for the Hostgator Business Plan

As you can see, even the Business plan is heavily discounted for the first month (in other words, free). So if you want to test it out, this is a good way to do so as long as you have the means to create another account for when you finally decide on long term hosting so that you can get the maximum discounts possible using the 2 coupons shown above.

Bottom Line

One cent hosting with Hostgator has a very limited use – testing out the service, and then purchasing regular hosting separately using a different account. Otherwise, it’s too expensive if you continue hosting on the same plan. Instead, I suggest you use one of the two coupons above to get better long-term savings on your web hosting.

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