WordPress Beginner Tutorial 1: Change Your Theme

Ok, so you've installed WordPress on your site and have the username/password credentials. You log into your site...and now what? If you're new to WordPress, it can feel a bit overwhelming. You don't know where to start. So much to learn! That's the … [Continue reading]

Convert WordPress to HTTPS with SSL for Free

You already know the importance of HTTPS. Google looks more favorably on SSL enabled sites, and you also gain credibility by having the "lock" icon at the top of the address bar next to your URL. There's just one catch - SSL certificates cost money. … [Continue reading]

Track JavaScript Disabled Visits with Google Analytics in WordPress

As you know, Google Analytics requires you to place Javascript into your pages to perform its magic. This works great under normal circumstances. But more and more people are using ad-blockers and other similar tools to disable scripting on the pages … [Continue reading]

How to Fix “Headers Already Sent” Errors in WordPress

Sometimes WordPress outputs a strange error message called "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent". Your blog crashes, and displays nothing other than the error message. How do we fix this? While the exact cause can vary, the … [Continue reading]

Here’s How Hackers Can Find your WordPress Username

So you've taken pains to hide your WordPress login and admin screens from hackers. You've changed your default usernames, and removed all mention of them from your theme. You're safe right? There's no way that hackers can find your login pages, let … [Continue reading]

Remove Author Information from Twenty Sixteen Theme

Even though the default WordPress theme is highly customizable, there are many things which you cannot directly change. For example, every post will show the author name and gravatar next to it on the left hand side as shown here: Solutions on … [Continue reading]

Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death in Seconds

This tutorial shows you how to recover from a WordPress white screen of death in the future. If you're looking at one right now, there's no shortcut. You need to manually reset your theme, or disable your plugins, or both. But if you want to be … [Continue reading]

WordPress Code Snippets Tutorial

Often when you try and solve a problem with WordPress, you'll come across sites giving you snippets of code to insert into your website. But if you're new to the platform, you'll have no idea where to paste this code. This quick WordPress code … [Continue reading]

WordPress Child Theme Tutorial – With Pictures

If you're going to make changes to your theme, the accepted practice is to create a child theme. The reason is that when the designer releases a newer version of the theme, all the files in the directory are replaced - including those … [Continue reading]

Create a WordPress Custom Plugin for Code

You'll often find custom code snippets on sites such as this one, asking you to paste them into your theme's functions.php. While this is useful, it's also dangerous because your code will simply get over written by the next theme update. The … [Continue reading]