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I’ve compiled a list of the cheapest web hosting per year 2018 plans. Standardized to 12-month billing cycles.

Note: For a limited time, Bluehost is offering WP-Tweaks a special $2.95/m deal + free domain. Use it while it’s still available!

(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator Shared Hosting

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Discount: 71% off
With Coupon code: HOSTINGBUNDLE
Discount: 72% off
With Coupon code: HOSTINGBUNDLE
Discount: 78% off
With Coupon code: HOSTINGBUNDLE
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SiteGround Shared Hosting

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Discount: 67% off
Discount: 70% off
Discount: 66% off
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Dreamhost Shared Hosting

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$3.95/month $5.78/month
Discount: 42% off
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GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy Shared Hosting

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Special $1/month deal
Discount: 87% off
Discount: 50% off
Discount: 50% off
A2 Hosting Logo
A2 Hosting Shared

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Discount: 51% off
With coupon code: ZIP51
Discount: 51% off
With coupon code: ZIP51
Discount: 51% off
With coupon code: ZIP51
NameHero Logo
NameHero Shared Hosting
Discount 40% off
With coupon code: FASTFALL
Discount 40% off
With coupon code: FASTFALL
Discount 40% off
With coupon code: FASTFALL
InMotion Logo
InMotion Shared Hosting

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Discount: 40% off
Discount: 40% off
Discount: 44% off
Bluehost Logo
Bluehost Shared Hosting

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Discount: 45% off
Discount: 43% off
Discount: 56% off
India Plans
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator India Shared Hosting

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50% off
With coupon code: HGDEAL
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE
20% off
With coupon code: SUNSHINE

These are “per year” web hosting prices. The low prices you see on the homepages of hosting providers are misleading because many of them show you prices for 36 month subscriptions. The prices in this table have all been calculated from the same base 1 year renewal period. This is the only way to truly find the cheapest web hosting per year in 2018.

Get the Biggest Discount!

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Note: GoDaddy doesn’t give free SSL yet. So it might be more expensive than you think!

Also keep in mind that some providers like Hostgator have a whole bunch of coupon codes that overlap with each other. These discounts, are the one that give the best savings. Out of all the prices above, the most cost effective are those from GoDaddy with these promo codes which allow you to obtain hosting for just $1 for both shared and WordPress hosting. You can read my review of GoDaddy’s $1 hosting plan and its limitations.

Here’s how the the discounts of various hosting plans compare with each other graphically:

Cheapest Web Hosting Per Year Graph

Special Black Friday Web Hosting Sales

Shopping for web hosting sometimes means waiting for the right time of the year. And that time is November! Here’s the full list of web hosting Black Friday deals. Particularly some hosts like SiteGround give discounts very rarely, and their Black Friday weekend is really worth waiting for, as their discounts during this time of the year beat out other holiday sales like Labor day.

Don’t Forget SSL!

The new way for hosting providers to make money is by selling SSL certificates. They fool you into thinking that they have low hosting prices, and then smack you with huge SSL bills. Don’t fall for this common trap!

Cheapest Web Hosting Per Year 2018 – What are your Options?

The web hosting market is more crowded than ever, and choosing the right plan can be very confusing. If you’re new to hosting, here’s a quick quiz to give you an idea of what’s right for you. Web hosting plans come in five broad flavors:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Servers – VPS
  3. Dedicated Servers
  4. Managed Dedicated Servers
  5. WordPress Hosting

You can compare all these hosting types from different providers using the links below:

  1. Compare WordPress hosting prices across providers
  2. VPS plans Price Comparisons amongst all providers
  3. Compare Cloud Hosting Plans across Providers

Here are a series of questions to help you choose the best web hosting deal for your site.

How much Traffic are you Expecting?

Even if you’re looking to find the cheapest web hosting per year, you have to take into consideration the traffic you expect to receive. Many plans have limits on the amount of bandwidth you can transfer and will penalize you if you go above that limit. Web hosting plans often share resources like CPU power with other customers on the same server. WordPress for example, can be a hungry CMS and if you’re expecting a lot of traffic, you need to find a hosting plan that can easily handle what you throw at it.

Here are some broad ranges in terms of visitors per day:

  1. < 5,000 visitors per day – Shared Hosting
  2. 5,000- 20,000 visitors per day – VPS Hosting
  3. >20,000 visitors per day – Dedicated Hosting

A lot will depend on the actual load on your site. If you’re just serving static HTML files for example, a shared hosting plan can handle tens of thousands of visits a day! A CMS like WordPress or Joomla will require a lot more CPU and database resources. So the above range is only a guide – some sites will need to move to dedicated hosting much more quickly compared to others, while some can get away with shared hosting for a lot longer. The best web hosting plan is one that takes into account the actual load that your site places on the server resources.

Here’s a list of web hosting limits for SiteGround, InMotion, and Bluehost.

What’s your Budget?

Regardless of other factors, this can be an immediate indicator of what kind of web hosting is right for you. Here are the price ranges for the different types of hosting:

  1. $7 – $30 per month – Shared Hosting
  2. $13-$150 per month – VPS
  3. >$100 per month – Dedicated Servers

The last two options can be really flexible depending on the hosting provider. Some providers like Dreamhost even offer VPS plans starting at only $13.75! But in general if you’re looking for really cheap web hosting, then shared hosting is your best bet.

Bluehost also offers one of the cheapest web hosting plans with a free domain. Here are the best Bluehost deals right now. Then of course, there is the famous $1 web hosting from GoDaddy.

How much Technical Experience do you Have?

VPS and dedicated server hosting are not only powerful, they’re more difficult to manage. You have to do all the maintenance yourself, update the Operating System (OS), take care of security, IP blacklists, module management, database backups, server backups etc etc. It can be a full time job and a headache even for someone who’s experienced.

To overcome these restrictions, hosting companies provide “managed” solutions – managed VPS, and managed dedicated servers. These plans include the day to day operations and maintenance of the servers so you don’t have to do them. If you’re inexperienced with server technicalities, a managed solution is probably the best web hosting plan for you. You can pick up the knowledge as you go along.

Basically the criteria looks like this:

  1. No Server Mangement Experience: Shared Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed Dedicated Server
  2. Enough Technical Experience: VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting

Just remember – these are not cheap web hosting plans! VPS servers are for large sites and get progressively expensive.

Are you Using WordPress Exclusively?

Today, WordPress powers over a quarter of all websites on the web. It’s easily the most popular CMS. Some of the cheapest web hosting per year packages have sprung up that cater specifically to WordPress. They not only host your site, they take care of many of the day to day activities of maintaining WordPress for you, such as plugin and theme updation, caching, optimization of the backend etc.

If you’re an experienced WordPress administrator, you will have no problems performing these jobs yourself and in fact might prefer to do so. After all, who knows your site better than you? But even for experienced administrators, WordPress hosting might remove some of the burden of mundane tasks – especially if they manage multiple sites at the same time.

But if you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting year, WordPress plans might not always fit the bill. While some providers have low prices, others are quite high. Here’s a price comparison of WordPress hosting plans.

So if you only plan to use WordPress and want someone else to handle the maintenance, security, backups, and speed tweaks on your behalf, WordPress web hosting is the right choice! Here’s a comparison of WordPress hosting deals from various vendors.

What About Customer Support?

Unfortunately, great customer and “cheap” don’t go together. Out of the options on this page, only SiteGround qualifies for what I would call “great” support. It’s one of my top three web hosts in addition to Liquid Web and RoseHosting for quality customer care.

Customizing your Plans

Each type of hosting can be customized to become more or less powerful. For example, a high end VPS can easily compete with a low end dedicated server depending on the options you choose and the provider. This can allow you to string out your existing solution with an upgrade without having to actually migrate to a new kind of hosting. It’s impossible to give specifics without knowing more details, but ask around to see how much flexibility your future provider is willing to offer you.

What About Cloud Hosting?

But wait! What about cloud hosting? The thing is, it’s difficult to find information about when exactly a “cloud hosting” solution would be preferable to any of the regular services described above. The cloud has many promises – automatic provisioning, failovers, burst provisioning etc. If you listen to the market jargon and the way some companies promote the cloud, you’ll think it’s the second coming of Christ.

And it just might be! But probably not for web hosting. So far, I haven’t come across a clear cut use case scenario when someone has said “I chose cloud hosting because shared/VPS/dedicated hosting wasn’t good enough for me.” As of, it just seems like a lot of jargon and wild promises. So until I have something more concrete to go on, I’m not recommending cloud hosting to anyone.

As you can see, choosing the cheapest web hosting per year requires you to evaluate a combination of various criteria. Pricing, traffic, technical expertise, and platform all play a role. Not to mention that many providers offer different versions of each, so it might be difficult to even draw clear lines between them.

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