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As you may have realized from the homepage of this site, we review prices and features of hosting companies, as well as perform comparisons between them. To start off with, there are only the big companies here, but I’d like to expand some more and give less known hosting services a space as well. So I’m opening up the site to web hosting review requests, and I’ll publish them here.

These hosting reviews will focus mostly on what I think stands out the most about your site. Either features, or some other unique aspect like the number of plans you have, or the interesting products on your page. I’ll also comment on the datacenter locations, the ownership structure, and anything else that strikes my eye. Basically, I’ll be viewing your site as a buyer who’s already looked at a lot of other services and wants to see what stands out about your page.

So if you’re a web hosting company and need a review of your service, then send us a buzz! It might help your exposure a bit. It might also send some traffic your way from buyers who’re looking for a review of your service. I can’t always promise a “good” review though. It helps if your service has one of the following:

  1. A unique selling point – SSDs, permanent renewal discounts, a free US number – anything to make you stand out.
  2. Multiple datacenters, with the ability to choose which one the customer wants.
  3. Transparent ownership information
  4. Unique info about your datacenters – green etc.

So if you’d like us to take a look at your site, send us a message below. Mention “Review Request” in the message body, along with your e-mail ID and website URL that you’d like a review of.

Looking forward to hearing from you! I’ll be sure to reply back letting you know if we’ll be able to move forward with the review. That way, you don’t have to keep waiting.

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