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As you may have realized from the homepage of this site, I review prices and features of hosting companies, as well as perform comparisons between them. To start off with, there are only the big companies here, but I’d like to expand some more and give less known hosting services a space as well. So I’m opening up the site to web hosting review requests, and I’ll publish them here.

Here are some quick questions you might have about your submission:

What Do I Get From a Review on WP Tweaks?

Well, visibility for one thing. And sales. People are looking for genuine web hosting reviews, and this site gives them that. I’ll also display the prices for all the hosting plans that you offer. And if your product is compelling enough, I’ll add your to my list of recommended services.

For example, this page compares the cheapest WordPress web hosting prices. As you can see, not all the providers that I’ve reviewed make the cut. Some of the premium WordPress hosting providers like Kinsta are missing. That’s not because Kinsta doesn’t have great features (it does). It’s because they’re not  the cheapest.

So don’t be disappointed if I don’t add your prices to the general hosting provider pages – it might be because your product is too premium to be included along with the cheapest providers. That’s not a bad thing! The site is growing fast, and just a few months after inception, I’m getting hundreds of affiliate link clicks for different hosting providers as shown here:

Hosting Affiliate Link Clicks

You could take part in the action too!

These hosting reviews will focus mostly on what I think stands out the most about your site. Either features, or some other unique aspect like the number of plans you have, or the interesting products on your page. I’ll also comment on the datacenter locations, the ownership structure, and anything else that strikes my eye. Basically, I’ll be viewing your site as a buyer who’s already looked at a lot of other services and wants to see what stands out about your page.

What Do I Need to Get Featured?

So if you’re a web hosting company and need a review of your service, then send us a buzz! It might help your exposure a bit. It might also send some traffic your way from buyers who’re looking for a review of your service. I can’t always promise a “good” review though. It helps if your service has one of the following:

  1. A unique selling point – SSDs, permanent renewal discounts, a free US number – anything to make you stand out.
  2. Multiple datacenters, with the ability to choose which one the customer wants.
  3. Transparent ownership information
  4. Unique info about your datacenters – green etc.

Make Sure You Have an Affiliate Program!

Since I’ll be sending a ton of referrals your way, make sure that you have an affiliate program in place that I can make use of. Many hosting providers make it really hard to sign up for their affiliate program via or The easier it is for me to sign up for your service, the faster I’ll be able to create the review and add the links!

Also, make sure that you tell me in advance whether you have any restrictions on your affiliate marketing. I often use words like “Coupons” or “Discounts” in the headings and the body of my reviews. That’s because this is what people search for, and I like to give my visitors what they want. Some hosting providers like A2 Hosting and Kinsta are very particular about what kinds of words their affiliates use on their websites.

For example, here’s a screenshot of A2 Hosting’s terms and conditions:

A2 Affiliate Coupon Keywords Not Allowed

Remember – you can’t control what people search for. You might not want to be associated with words like “coupons” or discounts to protect your brand name. But people are going to search for them anyway. And when they do, you want to give them what they’re looking for.

So if you’d like us to take a look at your site, send us a message below. Mention “Review Request” in the message body, along with your e-mail ID and website URL that you’d like a review of.

How Long Will it Take To Review my Site?

That I can’t say for sure. This web site is a side project of mine for now (albeit a serious one). I have my regular freelancing work, and hobbies. So I’ll get to it whenever I can. One thing is for sure – I’ll let you know whether I’m going to review your service or not.

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Looking forward to hearing from you! I’ll be sure to reply back and let you know if I’ll be writing a review of your hosting service. That way, you don’t have to keep waiting.

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