SiteGround is Better for Europe Based Web Hosting

In the web hosting world, there are a few well-known names – Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, and GoDaddy being the most recognizable. Out of these, we GoDaddy from serious discussion, because of their web hosting is seriously lacking without an SSL certificate, for example. That leaves the other three, and of these, SiteGround is your best choice for Europe based web hosting for one important reason – data center locations.

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SiteGround Datacenters Favor Web Hosting Based in Europe

As explained in the linked page above, SiteGround has 5 datacenters:

  1. Chicago, US
  2. Iowa, US
  3. London, UK
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Singapore

Here’s a screenshot showing the four of them on the world map:

SiteGround Datacenters on the World Map
SiteGround Datacenters for Europe Based Web Hosting

As you can see, there are two datacenters in Europe – London and the Netherlands. This makes it one of the few major web hosting companies to have datacenters in all three locations, and it’s particularly attractive for businesses in Europe.

Why Two European Datacenters?

SiteGround opened its second data center in London in November 2015. Prior to that, it was just Amsterdam. I can only assume that they felt the need for a second one due to the number of clients they have from the UK and Ireland. While Amsterdam is virtually next door on a global scale, it never hurts to have a server a bit closer to your customers!

It’s a bit weird that the two datacenters are so close to each other, instead of being a bit more geographically separated. I would have thought that the second one would be more towards Eastern Europe like in Spain, for example. One possible reason is that with Brexit looming in the wings, they thought it would be a good idea to have another data center outside the European Union. But that’s just a guess.

But for a datacenter, infrastructure matters a great deal. It’s probably the reason why SiteGround chose Singapore as its location on the third continent. Having a datacenter with excellent connections and supporting systems is critical. In fact, it’s well worth it even if it means that your server sits a bit further away from your clients.

You Can Choose Which Datacenter

Unlike some other hosting providers like Hostgator, SiteGround allows you to pick the datacenter on which you want to host your site as shown in this screenshot:

Choosing your Data Center with SiteGround
Choosing your Data Center with SiteGround

This screenshot bears out my earlier theory about SiteGround wanting to have another datacenter apart from the EU. You can see that “Europe” is a separate option by itself, and the UK is a separate choice. Implying that they don’t view the two together.

Remember – This Doesn’t Mean “Cloud” Hosting

When I first started web hosting back in 2007, I mistakenly thought that multiple data centers implied that my content would be served from whichever was closes. How naive! Even SiteGround cloud hosting solutions don’t provide that level of load balancing.

No, it simply means that your website will be served entirely from the datacenter that you pick. In order to have what I described above, you need a very sophisticated set up that’s impossible with any current shared hosting provider as we know it. So that’s probably a bit beyond the reach of us mortals for the moment!

Bottom Line

If your primary clients come from Europe, SiteGround is a most natural and excellent choice. Its two datacenters in Amsterdam and London are very well serviced, with superb infrastructure. Using these, you’ll be able to serve your European clients efficiently, and with top speeds!

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