SiteGround WooCommerce – It’s Just Shared Hosting

A lot of hosting providers do this – dress up regular shared hosting in another name, while keeping the functionality essentially the same. SiteGround WooCommerce is no different, and to be honest, I don’t really expect this from SiteGround, even after they dressed up shared hosting and called it “WordPress Hosting”.

It’s weird that one of the best hosts with actual WordPress hosting is Hostgator. Instead of just ordinary shared hosting with another name slapped on to it, they actually differentiate the offering with a distinct plan that has a CDN, built-in caching, more resources, and security plans.

Now it’s true that SiteGround’s hosting is generally of pretty high quality. In fact, out of all the traditional hosting plans, they are the “Apple” of the industry. They already have SSD drives, caching, and advanced security for their plans even for ordinary shared hosting. So it might be a tad unfair perhaps to admonish them for not differentiating their WooCommerce plans. But still – there’s literally no difference between their ordinary and WooCommerce hosting.

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Why I Expect Better from SiteGround

Here’s the complete SiteGround discount list, and you can see that it’s as close to premium shared hosting as you can get, with ordinary prices. Here’s the price at which you can get started:

The prices are exactly the same as their regular shared and WordPress hosting – and that’s because they are the same.

WooCommerce Preinstalled + Storefront

The only difference between SiteGround’s WooCommerce plan and the others is that the plugin comes pre-installed, along with the professional Storefront theme. That’s it. Both of which are actions you could have done yourself. There are no additional resources or features available to the WooCommerce plan that aren’t available for the others.

You have the same three tiers:

  1. StartUp
  2. GrowBig
  3. GoGeek

 The pricing is the same as well.

What Did I Expect Instead?

A real WooCommerce plan (as opposed to ordinary shared hosting), would have the following features:

Marketing Tools like Abandoned Carts

I would expect a WooCommerce focused solution to focus on marketing activity. Like tools to target customers who have placed items into their carts, and haven’t checked out yet. Either entice them back with a discount, or just remind them.

Smooth Resource Scaling

WooCommerce sites are transactional – there’s a constant back and forth with the database. As a result, they break easily when there’s a traffic surge. And this isn’t something caching can help with. I would expect a SiteGround WooCommerce solution to be able to dynamically allocate resources to deal with sudden traffic surges, so that business owners don’t miss out on surprise traffic spikes.

WooCommerce Specific Infrastructure

WordPress wasn’t mean to be as database-intensive as WooCommerce. I mean, of course its database driven, yes. But the kind of constant back and forth that WooCommerce demands is unique. I would expect SiteGround to re-engineer their WooCommerce hosting to reflect this reality, optimize the tables, and generally perform some back-end work that would smooth it down.

This kind of work represents a genuine commitment to WooCommerce. Not simply installing a plug-in and a theme!

Is There ANY Web Host That Does This?

The only web host I know that specifically tailors its solution is Liquid Web WooCommerce hosting. They have all the above features, and more, specifically targeting WooCommerce.

The catch? It’s pricey.

As you can see in the price tables in the link, the cheapest Liquid Web WooCommerce plans start at what is the highest tier for SiteGround – the GoGeek plans, around $30/m. More, in fact! So yes – you can have real WooCommerce hosting, with all the optimizations you would expect from a real store. But it’s going to cost you. And that’s not surprising, considering the resources that such a team would need to pump into their hosting service.

But that takes us into the territory of real premium hosting, and I very much doubt that SiteGround wants to target that customer base just yet.

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