Start a Website During Quarantine! Here’s How

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As I write this, the Coronavirus is sweeping through the world. Developed or developing country, it doesn’t matter. Personally, I’ve just moved back to India from the United States and have been placed in mandatory isolation for 14-days, as have millions of others across the globe. It’s now the best time to start a website during quarantine! And for that, you need web hosting.

A Rare Chance to Start a Business While in Quarantine

It’s a scary time to be alive. Many of my friends have been laid off work because their companies are collapsing. Even if they didn’t lose their jobs, they still have to sit at home and essentially do nothing till they’re let back out. While not as extreme, the same can apply during any kind of crisis – including financial ones.`

When in solitary, no one has any expectations of you. You have a choice – to emerge from this with something solid in hand, or to waste it away. Believe me, such an opportunity doesn’t present itself very often. Use it!

Monetize Your Skills Online

The easiest businesses to start are those which are online. Whether it’s an online consultation service, a freelance writing website, or an event management service, there’s no dearth of ideas around. Whatever your skills are, you can monetize them online.

Or perhaps you already work, have an existing business, and haven’t thought about starting your own website to attract clients. This is the perfect opportunity to do so.

So which web hosting do you choose to start your new business during quarantine?

Option 1: Hostgator (Cheapest)

If you’re being laid off, then to start with, you want the cheapest possible web hosting that doesn’t have hidden costs. For this, it’s best to stick with the big brands, since they don’t try and scam you with hidden limitations, and also offer the best price.

Hostgator is the most reliable way to start hosting a website for the first time while in quarantine. Here’s the best deal you can get for 12-months hosting:

Here’s a complete list of Hostgator coupon codes, including the best deals for 3-year hosting.

Why 12-Month Hosting is the Best For Now

You can get cheaper “per month” hosting if you choose longer billing cycles. But given that this is your first foray into hosting a website, and you don’t know how it’ll work out, it’s best to choose 12-month hosting at this time. Hostgator’s 12-month coupon as shown above is the cheapest hosting offer you can find.

Option 2: NameHero (High-Quality)

There’s a trade-off between price and quality. There’s nothing wrong with Hostgator. It’s solid hosting. But it lacks robust features like automatic backups, server caching, and more. If you’re looking for something with a little more “oomph”, then choose NameHero.

Best NameHero Coupon (60% Off)

As you can see, it’s a tad more expensive than Hostgator, but it’s worth it. Here’s a complete review and a table of NameHero discounts. The customer service is particularly noteworthy, as the CEO himself is extremely interactive, and the support is top-notch.

I suggest you choose NameHero if you’re determined to be in this for the long-term, and you have a solid business idea.

Either Way – Take Advantage to Start Your Own Business

It’s not easy to pick yourself up after your employer lays you off. I know. I also know that in hindsight, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. It wouldn’t have happened on its own – I needed that push. It came with a lot of grievance, pain, and yes – hard work. But in the end, it was worth it. SO worth it!

So in this time of adversity, get cracking. Starting a website during quarantine will give you something to do, and provide hope for the future. If nothing else, that alone is worth it.

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