Hostgator Hosting vs Website Builder – How to Choose

Hostgator has two options for a starter website. The first is the standard shared hosting like all other web hosts, and the other is a "website builder plan". The latter brings together all the things you might need to start creating websites out of the box. For example: A free domain nameDrag 'n … [Read more...]

Is Anything Cheaper than Hostgator Web Hosting?

I've often said that Hostgator has the cheapest web hosting, all things considered. If you see the complete Hostgator coupon code list, you can see that the highest discount starts at 78% for 12-months at a price of $/m. But is this the best deal you can get? Is there anything cheaper than … [Read more...]

How can Hostgator Offer Unlimited Disk Space?

If you look at the major web hosting companies, you'll see that except for Hostgator, they all have limitations on how much storage space they offer on their shared hosting plans. Hostgator is the only one to offer unlimited disk space. But how are they able to do this? Best Hostgator … [Read more...]

Hostgator’s WordPress Plan is Surprisingly Good

I was recently asked a question on Twitter about which web host has decent WordPress plans. This guy had been disappointed by web hosts like GoDaddy, that promise "optimized" WordPress hosting, which ultimately turns out to be nothing by regular shared hosting with WordPress pre-installed. I told … [Read more...]

Hostgator SiteLock Worth it? Free Alternatives

Hostgator SiteLock is not worth the additional costs, mainly because you can get the same functionality from other sources for free. Particularly if you aren't already using Hostgator. The SiteLock option exists on each of the shared hosting packages. You can already get extremely cheap hosting … [Read more...]

The In-Built Hostgator CDN is Good Enough

Hostgator is known for its affordable hosting plans. At the starting levels, they're pretty basic, but solid - nothing fancy. So it's reasonable to ask whether or not it includes a Hostgator CDN, and if not, should you pay for a separate CDN service? After all, if it's vanilla web hosting, you might … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Hostgator Doesn’t Use SSD Drives

If you've been shopping around for web hosting, you'll see a curious anomaly. Out of all the major web hosts, only Hostgator hasn't switched to SSD drives for basic hosting. All the other biggies - including- SiteGround and Bluehost - made the switch to SSD a while back. So what gives? Strange as … [Read more...]

Hostgator vs SiteGround: Price Beats Function?

Hostgator provides basic, acceptable hosting, whereas SiteGround is for power users. While Hostgator focuses on low prices and coupons, SiteGround is more expensive, and focuses on features and customer service. The two service completely different demographics. Hostgator vs SiteGround … [Read more...]

Hostgator Global or Indian Branch for India Web Hosting?

The global Hostgator brand is better for Indian customers than the local Indian brand! How can this be? Hostgator has multiple branches all over the world. But even though they share the same brand name, they are separate companies. Not just subsidiaries, but entirely different corporations. I'm … [Read more...]

Hostgator Web Hosting in Egypt – Is it a Good Idea?

If you're looking for web hosting in Egypt, should you go with an International brand like Hostgator, or find a local hosting service? In this article, I'll look at several factors to help you decide. Such as reliability, availability of data centers, CDNs, and pricing. Egyptian businesses are … [Read more...]