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NameHero web hosting features a LiteSpeed web server and a MariaDB database. Ordinary providers use the standard LAMP architecture with Apache and MySQL. By using the paid LiteSpeed web server, you get native server caching and much faster speeds.

While it's most commonly compared to SiteGround, NameHero is cheaper, and has server caching even for its most basic plan!

The NameHero Backups Are Super Awesome!

A short while ago, NameHero backups in cPanel switched from CPRemote to JetBackup, and the new system is amazing! Most other web hosts either: Charge you for backups ORCharge you to restore backups ORLimit the number of times you can restore ORRequire you to contact support to restore your … [Read more...]

What is LiteSpeed Web Hosting?

LiteSpeed web hosting is web hosting that uses the LiteSpeed server instead of Apache. This typically makes web hosting a little more expensive since LiteSpeed is a paid product, unlike Apache. But in exchange, you get a lot benefits as explained below. Best Hosting Provider for … [Read more...]

The Best Alternative to SiteGround: NameHero

I stumbled upon NameHero while I was searching for alternative web hosting, since SiteGround was becoming very expensive. At first, I couldn't believe that they offer so many features for free. But after referring several customers to them, I've concluded that it's the best alternative to … [Read more...]

NameHero WHMCS: Reseller Availability

NameHero provides WHMCS access to its resellers for free on its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packages. For the Silver plan, it's available with an additional purchase of $9.95. I've often said that NameHero has the best reseller hosting, thanks to all the features they provide to their … [Read more...]

The 3 Best LiteSpeed Web Hosts

NameHero 9.9 NameHero offers LiteSpeed web servers in the US and Europe. In addition, they use MariaDB databases, provide offsite backups, free malware scanning, and extremely personalized customer service. LiteSpeed Web Server MariaDB Databases Free Daily and … [Read more...]

NameHero vs SiteGround: A Difficult Choice

While SiteGround has amazing features, NameHero has far lower prices, a unique architecture, and cool functionality. These two web hosts are not easy to compare because they're both unique and try different things. However, the choice has gotten a lot easier in recent times. Here's a detailed … [Read more...]

NameHero vs Hostgator – LiteSpeed Makes the Difference

The biggest difference between NameHero and Hostgator, is that NameHero uses LiteSpeed servers, which are faster. Hostgator on the other hand, uses ordinary Apache servers because they're free. This means that NameHero can offer advanced features like server caching out of the box, whereas Hostgator … [Read more...]

NameHero vs A2 Hosting: The Key Differences

The biggest difference between NameHero and A2 Hosting is that NameHero offers LiteSpeed server caching for all its plans, whereas A2 hosting restricts this to its "Turbo" plans only. There are other differences as well that I'll go into below, but to me, this is what separates the two web … [Read more...]

NameHero Black Friday 2020 Deals: 3 Days!

The NameHero Black Friday deals schedule for 2020 is OUT! For 2020, NameHero will spread out its Black Friday deals on three separate dates: Black FridaySmall Business SaturdayCyber Monday Till that time, here's the best NameHero coupon code for 60% off: NameHero Black Friday … [Read more...]

Is NameHero Hosting Good or Bad?

NameHero is a unique web host that gets a lot of things right. The biggest differentiator is the LiteSpeed web server on all their plans. They're very similar to SiteGround, but at a much lower cost. And ever since they dropped cPanel, I no longer recommend SiteGround. However, NameHero is not a … [Read more...]