Web Hosting Price Changes in 2020

2019 saw a lot of developments in the web hosting space. Free SSL became widespread, continuing the trend from 2018, cPanel announced its new license pricing, and more companies gave up their “cloud hosting” plans and choose to focus on VPS instead. But web hosting price changes are going to be the major theme in 2020. In this article, I look at the three major companies – Hostgator, Bluehost, and SiteGround. These three behemoths are the bell weather of the hosting industry.

So let’s see what’s in store!

1. Hostgator in 2020

Hostgator is the “standard” web hosting company and the one I use for all my benchmarks. It has the cheapest sustainable pricing in the industry, and offers baseline hosting, without any gimmicks or tricks. Here’s the entire Hostgator coupon code 2020 list for next year.

As of now, the most common Hostgator discounts are around 60% with the popular coupons. But there are indications that this is about to change. Earlier in the year, I’d gotten a notification from Hostgator, that they were testing out a new pricing scheme where the maximum discount would be 50% instead of 60%. Here’s a screenshot of the e-mail I received:

Hostgator web hosting price changes in 2020
Hostgator Seems to be Considering a Price Increase in 2020

The good news however, is that my custom affiliate coupons won’t be affected. Which means that even if these changes go through, you can still get the cheapest deals as of today on WP-Tweaks!

In other news, Hostgator has de-emphasized its Cloud hosting option and moved it to the bottom of the homepage, instead of near the top menu. I’m not sure what this means for the future of the product itself, but it doesn’t look good…

Another thing to note is that Hostgator seems to be sticking with cPanel even after the recent price increase. All the more reason to watch out for future price changes in 2020.

2. SiteGround in 2020

SiteGround is one of the most important web hosting providers because they’re the leaders in new technology. They’re the only one (so far) to enable the QUIC protocol – the successor to HTTP/2. They were also one of the first to jump on the “Let’s Encrypt” trend and have had SSDs for significantly longer than any other major player. As a result, they’re slightly more pricey compared to their counterparts. Here are all the SiteGround discounts for 2020 – and these are unlikely to change any time soon.

For the next year, SiteGround will complete its migration to the new dashboard, likely accelerated by the sudden cPanel licensing changes. Unlike other web hosting providers on this page, it seems that SiteGround is leaving cPanel forever.

3. Bluehost in 2020

Bluehost’s standard pricing has been the same for a long time. But there are signs that it’s going to get more expensive. The Bluehost coupon 2020 list will always be updated with the latest prices. By default, Bluehost’s plans cost $3.95/m, and under special circumstances, that can go down to $2.95/m – with a free domain. That’s the lowest price anywhere on the market with two catches:

  1. You need to sign up for a minimum of 3 years
  2. The $2.95/m deal is pretty rare and only shows up occasionally

However, I’m starting to see that sometimes Bluehost shows a price of $4.95/m as shown in the screenshot here:

Bluehost new price in 2020 might be $4.95/m
New Price Increase for Bluehost in 2020?

I can only assume this means that Bluehost is testing the new price with some customers and seeing how they respond. Bluehost has been slowly phasing out cPanel and has developed its own custom interface side by side with it. With the latest pricing changes, I’m guessing that they’re going to drop cPanel entirely – just like SiteGround.

That leaves Hostgator as the only major web host that’s sticking with cPanel. For now, Bluehost’s prices are still unchanged. But my instincts tell me that the entire web hosting industry is going to see a price increase in 2020. So if you’re searching for deals, now is the best time to lock them in!

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