Find Your Ideal Web Host with Just 1 Question!

If you’re new to web hosting, I suggest you read my guide to get started in 5 minutes. If you want to choose a web host, this page is for you!

There are a lot of hidden differences between web hosts that go beyond prices. Each has its own “character”, so to speak. These differences aren’t written anywhere. But answer this one question, and I will recommend a hosting provider that’s just right for you!

Note and Disclaimer: All the prices on this page are standardized to yearly plans. If you choose longer billing periods, you get much higher discounts. I also receive a commission for purchases!

Here’s the question. Which of these factors is most important to you?

  1. Lowest Prices
  2. Minimum Configuration Hosting that “Just Works”
  3. The Best Deals, Discounts, and Coupons
  4. Widest Range of Plans
  5. Managed WordPress Hosting
  6. Minimal Choice – Just ONE Plan
  7. Datacenters in Asia
  8. Free SSL
  9. Transparency in Shared Hosting Limits

Each of these factors has one or two associated hosting providers.

Do you Want the Lowest Priced Hosting?

Cheapest Web Host

My recommendation: DreamHost

There’s nothing wrong with price-based shopping. The challenge is finding hosting that’s of a minimum acceptable quality, while still keeping prices low. My choice for this segment is DreamHost. Their yearly price currently starts at $2.59/month. They also offer free SSL! Here’s the complete list of DreamHost discounts and plans.

And if you’re really strapped for cash, you can even go with free WordPress hosting with some providers. Just be careful of its limitations!

Why Not GoDaddy or Hostgator’s PENNY Plan?

GoDaddy has a ridiculously cheap plan for just $1/month. Similarly, Hostgator has a PENNY plan for just 1c/month! However, both of these are gimmicks. With GoDaddy, the low-priced discount doesn’t last for more than 12-months. After that, you pay the full price of $5.99/month. Similarly, the Hostgator PENNY coupon gives you 1c hosting for just the first month. After that, you pay the full price of $6.95/month.

So even though GoDaddy and Hostgator technically have the lowest discounts, they don’t last, and you’ll end up paying a lot more overall. So my recommendation for low price hosting is DreamHost, which doesn’t have any of the above gimmicks.

In addition, GoDaddy currently does not offer free SSL. So the price increases dramatically since you’re pretty much forced to use HTTPS for your website these days if you want to show up in Google. In fact, this is one of the ways by which hosting providers trick you into paying extra.

Do you Want Your Hosting that “Just Works”?

SiteGround - Hosting that Just Works

My recommendation: SiteGround

When it comes to hassle-free hosting that “just works”, there’s no one like SiteGround. Their shared hosting plans start at $3.99/month. Here’s a list of all the SiteGround discounts and plans.

Some people enjoy tinkering with their plans. They like to configure their servers, get root access, and install software of their choice. Then there are others who just want someone else to take care of everything. For these individuals, SiteGround fits the bill.

SiteGround is to the hosting world, what Apple is to phones. They have a select few  plans, just like Apple has only a few iPhone models. But those plans work like a finely adjusted watch. You don’t need to worry about the configuration, or anything else.

In addition, a number of their features “just work” – from one-click WordPress migration, to staging capabilities, and seamless caching with the Supercacher plugin. Their GoGeek plan is suitable for sites of up to 600,000 monthly visitors, after which you should consider upgrading to their cloud plans. SiteGround is the king of quality hosting, that comes at a slight premium in price compared to other hosting providers.

Do you Enjoy Hunting for the Best Deals?

Hostgator Web Hosting Coupons

My recommendation: Hostgator

All hosting providers have discounts, but when it comes to coupons and deals, none is better than Hostgator. For example, wWith the coupon code $With Coupon code: TWEAKSOFFERS, you pay as little as $2.64/month for shared hosting.

They have unique deals for everything – VPS, dedicated, special offers for occasions like the 4th of July, Christmas, Easter, and a whole lot of other events throughout the year. There’s always something new. Here’s an updated list of Hostgator coupon codes that you can skim to find just the right deal.

Do you Want to Choose from a Huge List of Plans?

InMotion and A2 Hosting - Lots of Choices

My recommendation: A2 Hosting

If the sparseness of SiteGround doesn’t appeal to you, then feast your eyes on A2 Hosting’s enormous number of plans. Here’s a complete list of their packages including three different VPS plans, managed WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting. Their basic shared hosting starts at $2.99/month.

Another option for a huge choice of plans is InMotion. I think of A2 Hosting and InMotion as cousins. They share a lot of the same features. But InMotion stands out with its superb number of WordPress hosting plans – scaling all the way from $3.49/m to $79.99/m. Their range of dedicated servers is equally impressive.

So if you enjoy tinkering and choosing just the right plan customized to your needs, then either A2 Hosting or InMotion is your best bet.

Are you Looking for Managed WordPress Plans?

Bluehost for Managed WordPress Hosting

My recommendation: Bluehost or A2 Hosting

Most hosts offer regular WordPress hosting with WordPress pre-installed, and perhaps a few customizations. These plans are mostly the same price as regular shared hosting.

However, Bluehost and A2 Hosting have truly specialized plans for WordPress. These include low-density servers, superior technical support for WordPress, free access to premium themes and plugins like Jetpack, and other WordPress specific features like backups, staging, etc.

However, managed WordPress hosting is usually a lot more expensive than regular shared hosting. A2’s plans start from $11.99/month, and Bluehost’s plans begin at $2.95/month.

Of course, both Bluehost and A2 Hosting have regular priced WordPress plans as well. So you can choose those if you’re not ready for managed WordPress hosting just yet!

I should also mention that SiteGround’s GoGeek plan is just as good as managed WordPress hosting in terms of power and convenience. They too have features like staging, easy backups etc. You’ll just need to install WordPress yourself, however.

Too Much Choice? Choose Just ONE Plan!

DreamHost - Just ONE Plan

My recommendation: DreamHost

If you’re just starting out with web hosting, choosing the right plan can get confusing. This is where DreamHost shines. Instead of 3 or more hosting plans, it has just ONE, starting at $2.59/month. You don’t need to worry about which one is right for you. Many of their customers have been with them for years, and are extremely happy with the simplified choice.

But this only applies to regular shared hosting. DreamHost has plenty of choices when it comes to WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. In fact, they’re quite a unique web host. You can read my review of DreamHost here.

Do you Need Datacenters in Asia?

SiteGround - Asia Hosting

My recommendation: SiteGround, A2 Hosting or Hostgator India (For India based hosting)

If your visitors come mainly from Asia, then you should choose a host with datacenters in that region. And the best place to host in Asia is Singapore. SiteGround and A2 Hosting, both have datacenters in Singapore, and are ideal for Asia based hosting.

If you specifically need hosting in a country like India, then Hostgator India is your only choice. In general, India isn’t a great country for web hosting, but if you need hosting there, then Hostgator India is for you. They’re the only provider in India with the necessary infrastructure for reliable datacenters.

A bonus is that Hostgator India, like its parent, has a massive number of coupons and you can knock yourself out searching for the right deal :). Their plans are pretty cheap as well, starting at ₹79/month with the HGDEAL coupon code.

Do you NEED Free SSL?

Free SSL Avoid GoDaddy

My recommendation: AVOID GoDaddy.

In today’s world, I feel that free SSL is necessary. Nobody needs to pay for SSL anymore. So it might come as a shock to you, that GoDaddy is the only major provider who still charges for SSL! And the prices are exorbitant.

As far as cheap hosts go, DreamHost has provided free SSL for a long time. And this includes their starter plan as well.

Do you Need Transparency in your Shared Hosting Limits?

SiteGround - Transparency in Hosting Limits

My recommendation: SiteGround

All hosting providers oversell their servers. It’s a fact. To bring you low prices, web hosts need to accommodate large numbers of accounts on a single server. However, many of them are less than transparent about the limitations.

There is only ONE provider who is completely transparent about their shared hosting limits, and that is SiteGround. InMotion comes a close second. So if you want detailed data on whether you’re approaching your limit, how many CPU seconds your site is using, and how many script executions, then SiteGround is the web host for you.

Other providers like Bluehost give you some information, but not all. And when your site slows down, you won’t always know that you’ve reached the limit for your particular plan and need to upgrade. SiteGround is unique in this regard.

What About Other Hosting Companies?

On WP-Tweaks, I’ve chosen to present a curated list of web hosting providers out of the hundreds of thousands available. The choices here are based on a number of criteria, such as:

  1. Owning their own datacenters
  2. Size of the web hosts
  3. Unique factors such as unusually low prices, etc.

I’ve done the hard work for you and selected the web hosts that I think are best. If you’re new to web hosting and are still unsure about which provider to go with, this quiz should help you make that choice. I hope you found it useful!

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