Why is Bluehost WordPress Hosting so Expensive?

If you’re shopping around for WordPress hosting deals, you might notice an anomaly amongst the popular hosting providers. While most of them have pretty comparable pricing, Bluehost in particular has prices far beyond what the others charge. For example, here’s a quick comparison of the basic WordPress hosting plans between Bluehost, Siteground, and GoDaddy.

Siteground Basic WordPress GoDaddy Basic WordPress Hostgator Basic WordPress
Bluehost Basic WordPress:
$3.95/month $3.99/month $7.95/month
Bluehost is almost 5 times more expensive than its competitors! And this isn’t restricted only to the basic plans. You can also compare the more advanced WordPress hosting plans, and you will find the same phenomenon. Even taking into accounts discounts and coupon codes, Bluehost WordPress hosting still clocks far ahead of the market in terms of price. But why is this? There must be a reason right?
In my opinion, there are at least two good reasons for this. The first is capacity, and the second is branding.

Bluehost is WordPress Capacity vs the Others

It stands to reason that Bluehost can’t be charging these high prices for nothing. WordPress hosting is quite a competitive marketplace, and no provider can survive with just overcharging. Indeed, if we look more closely at the plans, the first thing we notice is the number of visitors Bluehost WordPress hosting covers compared to the others.

For example, the number of visitors covered by the other providers for starting packages for WordPress is as follows:

Siteground: 10,000 visitors/month
GoDaddy: 25,000 visitors/month
Hostgator: 100,000 visitors/month

To be sure, there’s quite a big difference between the visitors covered by each of these plans, and you can see that Hostgator’s extra cost brings you 4 times the monthly visitors of GoDaddy. But then take a look at Bluehost’s vistor quota:

Bluehost: 100 Million visitors/month

That’s a staggering difference! Literally 1000 times more than Hostgator’s visitor’s quota on the basic plan. And the numbers simply keep getting bigger from there. 300 million visitors for the advanced, 600 million for the premium, and unlimited visitors for the super premium plan.

So this meteoric increase in the allowed visitor quota is the single biggest reason why Bluehost WordPress hosting is so much more expensive compared to the competition. It’s truly for “large” sites, that expect millions of hits per month.

Bluehost Recommended by WordPress.org

Another reason that allows Bluehost to charge this kind of premium pricing, is that they are officially recommended by WordPress.org as one of the 3 hosting providers. Of course, there isn’t anything inherently special about Bluehost when it comes to WordPress, but just the fact that Automattic is recommending them makes it stand out in people’s minds, and allows them to charge a premium.

Bottom line: Bluehost WordPress hosting is expensive for a reason. The ideal target audience is large websites expecting millions of visitors compared to the other providers whose basic plan visitor count numbers in the tens of thousands. And of course, Bluehost’s WordPress installation is famously simple – but other providers have equally simple setups. If your site requires the kind of firepower necessitated by millions of monthly visits, then Bluehost is the perfect WordPress hosting solution for you.

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