Why WP-Tweaks is The Best Bluehost Buying Guide

Hi, I’m Bhagwad and the owner of WP-Tweaks. My goal is to provide the most thorough and comprehensive resources for web hosting companies on the Internet. One of these companies is Bluehost, and I’ll explain below what makes WP-Tweaks special, and why you should rely on it for your Bluehost purchasing decisions.

WP-Tweaks Gives Opinions on Bluehost – Not Dry Facts

Most websites that review hosting, stuff their titles with keyword-optimized titles, and give you a laundry list of tables and facts. Chances are, you already know all this. Every publicly available fact is already present on the Bluehost website. So, if you see a title like “Bluehost vs Hostgator”, it’s not going to teach you anything.

What WP-Tweaks gives you, is opinion. To be sure, I also need to have the main pages like the one listing all the Bluehost coupons, but you’ll also find opinion-based pieces on Bluehost such as:

  1. How to obtain the famous “$2.95/m” deal
  2. Whether or not Bluehost’s CodeGuard is worth it
  3. Why Bluehost is more expensive than Hostgator
  4. Why the basic Bluehost WordPress plan isn’t worth it, and more

As you can see, my opinions on Bluehost come from personal experience. They were the very first host I used to start my website back in 2009. I wrote then about Bluehost’s CPU throttling graphs, which they later discarded and replaced with the Bluehost Resource Usage Policy, and my experiences with upgrading to Bluehost’s newer plans after fighting a lot of spam. So my views on Bluehost are rooted in reality, having hosted with them for almost 4 years.

Latest Bluehost Information on WP-Tweaks

In addition to the above, I’m on very cordial terms with the Bluehost marketing department. We’ve collaborated several times before on pricing, and guest posting on the Bluehost blog. As a result, WP-Tweaks always has the latest pricing information – sometimes even before it becomes available to the public.

For example, I’m predicting that Bluehost will soon raise its prices to $4.95/m for hosting – something they’ve already tried out before to gauge the response. While I can only speculate, I suspect it has something to do with cPanel’s new licensing changes eating into their profits. As one of the largest hosting companies in the world, Bluehost runs on pretty tight margins, so there’s not much room to spare.

Bluehost Limitations, SSL Advice, and More

When Bluehost first announced that it was finally going to give out SSL for free in June 2018, WP-Tweaks was the very first news source to write about it. At the time, Google had just announced that SSL would be a factor (a tiny one) in their rankings algorithm, so hosting providers were scrambling to include it in their plans. So far, GoDaddy is the only remaining one to not follow suit – which is why I never recommend them.

Furthermore, WP-Tweaks give you advice on Bluehost resource limitations – information that’s not easily available on the Bluehost homepage. Find out why Bluehost’s advanced WordPress plans are so much more expensive than ordinary shared hosting, and whether or not it’s worth it. Compare Bluehost to other hosting providers like GreenGeeks, SiteGround, and Hostgator, and make a decision that’s informed by years of experience!

In summary, WP-Tweaks give you genuine advice on Bluehost purchases, not just click bait titles that pretend to tell you which one is “really” better. True, my goal is similar to theirs – I get commissions. But I can just as easily do that by giving honest advice. There are dozens of web hosting comparison sites out there. None of them will give you actual opinions and tell you which hosting is better. But since you’re not a customer (yet), you won’t know until it’s too late. So head on over to the Bluehost page on WP-Tweaks for the real stuff. Stay informed!

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