Exabytes Promo Code List + Review

Here are the Exabytes coupons for 2024:

Exabytes Promo Code List
Exabytes Promo Code
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Shared Hosting: 44% – 60% off
WordPress Hosting: 50% off
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Website Builder: 50% off
VPS Hosting: 50% off
SSL Certificates: 25% off
Dedicated Server: $9.90 for first month

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Table of Contents:

Exabytes is quite a special hosting provider for several reasons. Here they are:

Data Centers in 3 Countries

Most web hosting providers are based in a single country. For example, Hostgator International is based in the US, and so is Bluehost. Exabytes however, has datacenters in 3 different countries, namely:

  1. United States – Denver
  2. Singapore – Payar Lebar and Tai Seng Drive
  3. Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

I myself have personally recommended hosting in Singapore due to the excellent facilities and high speeds. So the presence of not one, but two data centers in Singapore is very impressive!

This means that you’re covered regardless of where your audience is located. If you get the majority of clients in the Western world, the US data center in Denver is perfect for you. If your clients are predominantly in Asia, then the Singapore or Malaysia data centers should be your choice.

Cheapest Web Hosting @ $0.42/Mo

Exabytes has three basic web hosting plans:

  1. Startup
  2. Economy
  3. Ultimate

The “Startup” plan is of particular interest because you can get hosting for just 42 cents a month! Here’s a screenshot:

Exabytes has the Cheapest Web Hosting
EXTREMELY Low Prices with Exabytes

This is noteworthy for the following reasons:

First, it’s not a “time based” plan. For example, GoDaddy also has cheap web hosting for $1/m, but that plan is only available for a 12-month billing cycle and isn’t renewable. Which means that once the 12-months are up, you pay the full price. This actually turns out to be quite expensive!

Second, Exabytes’ Startup plan comes with free SSL! This is another thing that the basic GoDaddy hosting plan doesn’t provide. The combination of free SSL and no time limit on the hosting billing cycle, makes Exabytes the cheapest hosting provider I’ve seen so far without “gotchas”.

Startup Plan Limitations

Of course, the low price means that it’s a very basic plan and not suited to a medium sized website. But Exabytes is very up-front about the limitations. Here they are:

  • 1 website
  • 3 GB bandwidth
  • 1 Email account
  • 1 GB storage

As you can see from the 1 GB storage, this is suitable for only a small website, and it has only 3 GB of storage. Still, there are many, many sites on the web that don’t require more than this. And for these websites, the Exabytes Startup plan is perfect without any hidden costs or fees.

Free Daily Backups

Backing up your website on a regular basis is important. Unfortunately, almost all hosting providers require you to pay extra for the service. For example, “CodeGuard” is a popular service used by web hosts like Hostgator and Bluehost. I’ve even written an article on free CodeGuard alternatives.

Exabytes is special in that they have free daily backups for their Economy and Ultimate web hosting plans. They keep these backups for 14-days, and customers can restore their websites and data with just a few clicks. Normally, this kind of service costs money. SiteGround for example, charges $30 for a single restore on its StartUp plan. The only other host I know of with a similar free offering is A2 Hosting.

Free SSL

All Exabytes plans come with free SSL. In April 2017, they started offering it with all their hosting package. Given that major hosts like Hostgator didn’t have free SSL right until late 2018, this is a particularly impressive sign of forward thinking!

SSD Drives

Exabytes offers full-fledged SSD drives with all its hosting plans. The utility of SSD drives is debatable, but its full value comes when you’re running an eCommerce store with plenty of dynamic pages that rely on heavy database read/write operations.

Many web hosts like Hostgator still don’t have SSD hosting, which makes provides like Exabytes that much more attractive in comparison.

Free Domain with Hosting

Except for the Startup plan, Exabytes offers a free domain with all its hosting packages. That means the Economy and Ultimate plans become even more attractive.

So far, the cheapest plan with a free domain, SSL, and SSD drives was Bluehost with its $2.95/m special offer. However, this offer only lasts for the first billing cycle and for a minimum of 3 years. After that, you start paying the full price of hosting.

With Exabytes however, the low price of $1.99/m renews every 36-months, which brings me to the next point.

Exabytes Renewal Coupons

One of the most intriguing features about Exabytes is that their low prices seem to extend to renewals, and not just the initial billing cycle. For example, here’s the checkout section for their Economy plan:

Exabytes Promo Codes are Renewable
Exabytes Renewal Promo Codes

As you can see, the renewal price is the same as the checkout price, which means you won’t get stuck with bill shock when the cycle ends. Compare this with Hostgator, whose initial discount expires when you need to renew your hosting plan:

Hostgator Coupon Code 90% Off for Just One Month

Other web hosts like InMotion have partial renewal discounts but so far, Exabytes is the only one I’ve seen with genuine renewal coupons for all their plans.

100-day Money Back Guarantee

Exabytes has one of the longest money back guarantees in the hosting business. Hostgator is 45-days. SiteGround is 30-days. DreamHost comes closes with 97-days.

But Exabytes is the record holder so far with a 100-day money back guarantee. That’s unique in the hosting industry!

Windows Hosting in Singapore

The Exabytes Singapore data center also supports Windows hosting, which isn’t all that common these days. Most servers just run Linux. These plans are geared towards businesses:

  • EBiz Lite PRO
  • EBiz Plus PRO
  • EBiz Gold PRO

In addition, each of the Windows hosting plans come with free Whois privacy protection and Plesk. Along with that, users also get a free license for the Enterprise calls MSSQL database. Unfortunately, the size is restricted to only 1 GB.

Bottom Line

Exabytes has a lot going for it. Extremely cheap web hosting with no expiry, and no catches. A comprehensive and free backup solution, SSD drives, and data centers in 3 countries. If you need Asia based hosting, or Windows hosting in Asia, Exabytes is the right choice for you. And if you’re simply looking for the cheapest possible hosting for a simple website, then they have you covered as well!

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