Why There’s No SiteGround VPS Hosting: Only GoGeek

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If you look at my VPS hosting price comparisons, you’ll see that SiteGround only offers its advanced GoGeek plan. So we need to chose – GoGeek with SiteGround vs VPS plans from other providers? Let’s take look at the GoGeek plan. In effect, this will double up as a SiteGround VPS hosting review!

SiteGround VPS is Like Apple – They Focus on the User

I’ve often called SiteGround the Apple of the hosting world. While other providers go all the way with detailed packages, the SiteGround managed VPS plan is nothing but the GoGeek plan. Just like Apple has just a few iPhones at a given time, SiteGround uses its three plans for almost everything. Namely:

  1. StartUp
  2. GrowBig
  3. GoGeek

Here’s a SiteGround VPS coupon code to get 66 % off the GoGeek plan for the first billing cycle.

SiteGround figures that anything you want to do with a VPS, you can achieve with the GoGeek package. Now you might say that’s not true. That a real VPS  will allow you to install your own software, give you root access to the server, and allow you to manage it the way you want. And you would be right.

However, just like Apple focuses on the end task instead of the method, SiteGround feels that its managed VPS plans are better for the user, since they remove the hassle of taking care of your own server. It also probably reduces the number of support requests from people messing up their configurations!

SiteGround VPS Hosting Limits

Here’s a list of the SiteGround limitations for all their plans, including GoGeek:

CPU Seconds 1000/hr
(7 minutes/hr)
(14 minutes/hr)
(18.5 minutes/hr)
Script Executions 1000/hr
Inodes 150000 300000 450000

You can read about how to check those limits and an explanation of the terms used on this post here. While it’s true that on a regular VPS plan, you can choose to run whatever you want, there are practical limits on what you can do, given your memory and CPU limitations. And the GoGeek plan attempts to replicate those limits in a managed environment.

How Many Visitors can GoGeek Handle on WordPress?

Let’s use my own site as an example. As of this writing, I get around 500 visitors a day. That’s 15,000 visitors a month. And this is what my SiteGround GoGeek usage looks like:

SiteGround VPS Resource Usage

That’s just 2.5% of my allowed usage. Extrapolating broadly, it means that my plan can currently handle 600,000 visitors a month! So if you’re looking at whether you need more than the SiteGround “VPS” plan, ask yourself how many visitors you really expect. If it’s less than the above number, then you can safely choose GoGeek.

Do We Get Root Access with SiteGround VPS?

No. You don’t get root access with the GoGeek plan. For the same reason that Apple doesn’t allow you to root your iPhone. SiteGround, being the twin of Apple in the hosting world, follows the same philosophy. Its managed VPS plans give you SSH access, but all the root permissions are missing.

Here’s my tutorial on how to get root access on SiteGround servers. Unlike a few other hosts, you don’t need to specifically request SSH access formally. It’s available to everyone.

SiteGround GoGeek vs Cloud – It’s an Upgrade

What if you find yourself needing more than GoGeek, but don’t want to plunge into dedicated servers yet? Well, that’s what the SiteGround cloud plan is for.

You can see from my page on cloud hosting price comparisons, that SiteGround is the most expensive of them all. And it’s not surprising considering that the cloud plans are meant to be an upgrade to the VPS or GoGeek plans. There’s no limit to how big your site can get because you choose how many resources you want. Specifically, these three:

  1. CPU – from 2 cores to 32 cores
  2. Memory – from 4GB to 128 GB
  3. SSD Space – from 40 GB to 1 TB

True cloud hosting means you can adjust your resources in real time and pay only for what you use. SiteGround’s cloud plans offer that freedom, and you should consider upgrading to those when your GoGeek plan is no longer big enough!

Bottom Line

The GoGeek Plan is SiteGround’s “semi-dedicated” hosting. From here, you can upgrade either to the cloud plans, or go full on with dedicated hosting. I recommend the cloud to start with, since everything is managed for you, and running a dedicated server is quite a hassle. But till then, the SiteGround GoGeek plan should give you everything you need from VPS hosting!

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