Is NameHero Hosting Good or Bad?

I’ll forgive you if you hadn’t heard about NameHero until quite recently. The web hosting space is so crowded with established brands, that it’s quite hard for a smaller provider to achieve recognition. However, in the short time that NameHero has been around, it’s created quite a name for itself. It does this by having the most personalized customer service, and amazing features. Here’s what makes hosting with NameHero so good.

Best NameHero Deal

They’re not aiming to be the cheapest provider. Nevertheless, their rates are pretty competitive – here’s a complete NameHero review with prices. And this is the best deal you can get right now:

Yes, you can easily get lower cost hosting elsewhere. But that’s not what they’re going for. Instead, here is why NameHero is special.

1. They Use a Private Cloud Instead of Dedicated Servers

Traditional web hosting providers place all their regular hosting accounts on a single machine and make them share its resources. This makes it cheaper for them to operate, as well as oversell the server. While it’s cost-effective, it has the following disadvantages:

  1. Liable to failure if the server goes down
  2. Unable to scale with sudden loads
  3. More difficult to isolate the accounts from each other

NameHero on the other hand, employs a private cloud instead of individual servers that host your site. What this means is that your account is effectively “spread out” across multiple machines, making it more secure, and less susceptible to failure.

In addition, NameHero uses SSDs throughout its servers, unlike some like Hostgator that don’t use SSDs for files and folders.

2. LiteSpeed Webserver Instead of Apache

Most web hosts just replicate the LAMP stack for PHP applications. But NameHero chooses the LiteSpeed web server in place of Apache. This is a unique combination that brings a bunch of benefits.

For example, with LiteSpeed, you don’t need to have a 3rd party caching solution on your site such as WP Super Cacher, W3TC, or WP Rocket. Instead, the LiteSpeed caching plugin can configure your site for server-based caching. You can see from my article on server caching, that only a few hosts truly offer this feature. And only NameHero provides it with all its shared hosting plans for free.

LiteSpeed isn’t free – which makes it a bold choice for a shared hosting provider. But like I said, NameHero isn’t going for “cheap”. It’s going for value.

3. MariaDB Instead of MySQL

After Oracle gained control of MySQL, the founder of MySQL Michael “Monty” Widenius published a personal appeal on his blog, asking for help in forking the project into a new one that was more community-driven. The result was MariaDB.

MariaDB is called a “drop-in replacement” for MySQL. Which means that you can switch out the two databases, and not notice anything different from an interface point of view. Under the hood, there are a lot of differences between MySQL and MariaDB, including a bunch of speed related improvements.

NameHero’s use of MariaDB centers around its improved replication speed and redundancy. While the base product of MariaDB is free, there are some premium features – again, a choice by NameHero to put quality above cost.

4. Can Get Started for Free

All web hosts require you to sign up with a credit card when building your site. Even if you avail of the money-back offers, you still need to make an initial payment. NameHero on the other hand, allows you to sign up for its website builder for free without any commitments. To my knowledge, they’re the only web host that allows this!

5. Customer Service with NameHero

Every web host says that their customer service is the best. However, NameHero is the most personalized web host I’ve ever seen. Its customer service differs from other web hosts in the following ways:

  1. No IVRs when you call – immediately speak to a real person
  2. Not outsourced to call centers
  3. The CEO Ryan Gray is personally involved with the operations

If you’ve dealt with large hosting companies before, you know how faceless they can be. Sometimes it seems that you just can’t get anyone to care. NameHero doesn’t feel that way at all. Customer service can make or break a web host. And from what I’ve seen, many people stay with NameHero just because of this reason.

So that’s what makes NameHero so good. A unique architecture, a private cloud, and personalized, solid customer service.

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