Is NameHero Hosting Good or Bad?

NameHero is a unique web host that gets a lot of things right. The biggest differentiator is the LiteSpeed web server on all their plans. They’re very similar to SiteGround, but at a much lower cost. And ever since they dropped cPanel, I no longer recommend SiteGround. However, NameHero is not a budget web host. If you’re looking for the cheapest web host, there are plenty of other options. Instead, they rely on the many value-added features to keep their clients happy. And judging by their customer satisfaction scores, I say it’s working!

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They’re not aiming to be the cheapest provider. Nevertheless, their rates are pretty competitive – here’s the NameHero coupon page with all the best deals. And this is the best deal you can get right now:

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Yes, you can easily get lower cost hosting elsewhere. But that’s not what they’re going for. Instead, here is why NameHero is special.

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What Makes NameHero Good?

Here’s what makes NameHero stand out over the competition.

1. LiteSpeed Webserver Instead of Apache

Most web hosts just replicate the LAMP stack for PHP applications. But NameHero chooses the LiteSpeed web server in place of Apache. This is a unique combination that brings a bunch of benefits.

For example, with LiteSpeed, you don’t need to have a 3rd party caching solution on your site such as WP Super Cacher, W3TC, or WP Rocket. Instead, the LiteSpeed caching plugin can configure your site for server-based caching. You can see from my article on server caching, that only a few hosts truly offer this feature. And only NameHero provides it with all its shared hosting plans for free.

LiteSpeed isn’t free – which makes it a bold choice for a shared hosting provider. But like I said, NameHero isn’t going for “cheap”. It’s going for value.

2. MariaDB Instead of MySQL

After Oracle gained control of MySQL, the founder of MySQL Michael “Monty” Widenius published a personal appeal on his blog, asking for help in forking the project into a new one that was more community-driven. The result was MariaDB.

MariaDB is called a “drop-in replacement” for MySQL. Which means that you can switch out the two databases, and not notice anything different from an interface point of view. Under the hood, there are a lot of differences between MySQL and MariaDB, including a bunch of speed related improvements.

NameHero’s use of MariaDB centers around its improved replication speed and redundancy. While the base product of MariaDB is free, there are some premium features – again, a choice by NameHero to put quality above cost.

3. NVMe Drives for Turbo and Business

In September 2020, NameHero made a huge investment into NVMe SSD drives. This upgrade more than doubled the performance of database heavy sites like those running on WordPress. The explanation is a bit technical, so I’ve written a separate article on NameHero’s NVMe SSD upgrade. Suffice to say that Turbo and Business Cloud users will have significantly improved performance.

4. Advanced Security Features

All NameHero packages come with three layers of security:

  • An AI-driven WAF
  • Real time file monitoring
  • Patches for outdated software

Taken together, this three-pronged approach makes your website a lot safer. The WAF in particular, is an amazing value add all by itself. Security providers like Sucuri for example, charge hundreds of dollars a year. And having your outdated software patched automatically is a great bonus. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all NameHero security features.

Many web hosts eschew security completely. Low-cost providers don’t have the money to implement advanced intrusion detection systems and real-time file monitoring. Instead, they often use add-ons like CodeGuard to outsource that aspect of hosting. And the same with backups as well! So you end up spending as much as you would have, if you had just purchased better hosting in the first place!

5. Offsite Backups

Many web hosts provide in-built backups. What makes NameHero special, is that they also store your backups offsite in a separate server location on a different network. This means that even if their entire site is compromised, your backups are still safe. The end result is that NameHero backups are robust, and you can rest easy knowing that your data will never be lost.

NameHero backs up your site every day and keeps it for 7-days on a rotating basis, along with a weekly backup. In addition, you can take snapshots of your account for customized backups just before you test a potentially disruptive update. You can restoring these backups with a click of a button, using the Jetbackup cPanel plugin. No need to contact customer service.

The best part is that these backup plans are available to all packages for free! A lot of providers try and restrict access to advanced backup functionality to force you to upgrade. But NameHero doesn’t do this. Everyone gets the same treatment.

6. Free Integration with

Thanks to the LiteSpeed web server, NameHero falls into the “Enterprise Tier” of the integration as shown here:

NameHero LiteSpeed Enterprise
NameHero LiteSpeed Enterprise

This means that all NameHero customers get a 10 GB quota instead of the default 1 GB per month of data transfer. With, you have a free proxy CDN like Cloudflare, but in conjunction with the LiteSpeed caching plugin, it also caches dynamic content like HTML pages! This is leading to revolution in hosting, where even cheap plans can compete with more expensive ones, thanks to dynamic cloud caching by CDNs.

7. They Use a Private Cloud Instead of Dedicated Servers

Traditional web hosting providers place all their regular hosting accounts on a single machine and make them share its resources. This makes it cheaper for them to operate, as well as oversell the server. While it’s cost-effective, it has the following disadvantages:

  1. Liable to failure if the server goes down
  2. Unable to scale with sudden loads
  3. More difficult to isolate the accounts from each other

NameHero on the other hand, employs a private cloud instead of individual servers that host your site. What this means is that your account is effectively “spread out” across multiple machines, making it more secure, and less susceptible to failure.

In addition, NameHero uses SSDs throughout its servers, unlike some like Hostgator that don’t use SSDs for files and folders.

8. Top Notch Reseller Program

Reselling web hosting is a dying market. Many web hosts that at one time were huge like Bluehost, have now offloaded their business to 3rd parties. Which is why NameHero’s reseller hosting is so good. Not only do you get a free WHCMS license with the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans, you also get a choice of InterWorx – the free hosting management dashboard that reduces costs for everyone, including your customers.

Over the years, NameHero has consistently shown that it cares more about its resellers than other web hosts. Just check out the accolades they receive on neutral customer forums, and you can see for yourself.

9. Can Get Started for Free

All web hosts require you to sign up with a credit card when building your site. Even if you avail of the money-back offers, you still need to make an initial payment. NameHero on the other hand, allows you to sign up for its website builder for free without any commitments. To my knowledge, they’re the only web host that allows this!

10. Customer Service with NameHero

Every web host says that their customer service is the best. However, NameHero is the most personalized web host I’ve ever seen. Its customer service differs from other web hosts in the following ways:

  1. No IVRs when you call – immediately speak to a real person
  2. Not outsourced to call centers
  3. The CEO Ryan Gray is personally involved with the operations

If you’ve dealt with large hosting companies before, you know how faceless they can be. Sometimes it seems that you just can’t get anyone to care. NameHero doesn’t feel that way at all. Customer service can make or break a web host. And from what I’ve seen, many people stay with NameHero just because of this reason.

So that’s what makes NameHero so good. A unique architecture, a private cloud, and personalized, solid customer service.

What Makes NameHero Bad?

However, NameHero isn’t without its faults. Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages that you need to consider before making your purchase.

1. Not the Cheapest Prices

As mentioned earlier, NameHero isn’t trying to be a low cost provider. There are many web hosts that charge a lot less. If you’re looking purely for the lowest cost web hosting provider, you should try something like Hostgator instead. The value proposition of NameHero is that the extra features are worth it.

If you consider that NameHero provides free backups, you can recoup the cost of a 3rd party provider immediately. Ditto for malware scanning.

2. Some WordPress Plugins Require MySQL

While MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, there are a few WordPress plugins that specifically depend on some aspects of MySQL to function. The good news is that these plugins are extremely rare, and often not well maintained in the first place, so you would do well to avoid them altogether.

You will probably never notice that your web host is using MariaDB instead of MySQL, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

3. Daily Backups Expire After 24 Hours

Though NameHero has an excellent backup service, their daily backups only last for 24 hours, after which they’re replaced by a new backup. NameHero also takes weekly backups, so you can always revert to that one instead. However, a few other web hosting providers like SiteGround store your daily backups for 30 days on the higher plans, so you can revert your website back to any time in the last month. The flip side is that SiteGround doesn’t offer off-site backups like NameHero.

This lack of persistent daily backups is why I recommend using something like DropMySite for daily backups instead. The good news is that NameHero has a tie up with DropMySite for cheaper rates than usual. So that mitigates the disadvantages somewhat.

4. No Data Center in Asia

One disadvantage of NameHero compared to some other web hosting providers, is the lack of a data center in Asia. They have two in the US, and one in the Netherlands to account for the EU, but if your customers are located on the other side of the planet, you won’t have servers close to them.

Compared to this, HostArmada has 9 data centers around the world, including Mumbai and Singapore. So if you have primarily Asian customers, I would suggest you choose HostArmada instead – at least until NameHero fires up data centers in that region.

Comparison of NameHero to Other Web Hosts

Here’s how NameHero stacks up compared to SiteGround, Hostgator, A2 Hosting and Bluehost.

NameHero vs SiteGround

SiteGround and NameHero are very similar in features, and it’s quite difficult to choose between them. However, SiteGround is a lot more expensive, and doesn’t use cPanel. These are some of the reasons why I’ve stopped recommending SiteGround. In addition to the higher base hosting price, SiteGround charges you extra for malware scanning, which NameHero gives for free. And because SiteGround doesn’t use LiteSpeed servers, there’s no native integration with – though you can always use Cloudflare.

NameHero Pros

  • Cheaper than SiteGround
  • Free malware scanning
  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • Free domain name*
  • NVMe Drives
  • On-demand backup for ALL plans

SiteGround Pros

  • 30-days of backups instead of 7 days
  • Data center in Asia (Singapore)

While SiteGround is still a great web host, they’ve simply become too expensive for me to recommend them over NameHero. The only things they do better is 30-days of backups and a better data center selection.

* NameHero offers a free domain on its Turbo and Business cloud plans when you sign up for 2-years or more.

NameHero vs A2 Hosting

NameHero and A2 Hosting share many similar features. Both of them offer LiteSpeed web servers, but only NameHero uses LiteSpeed for ALL its shared hosting plans. By contrast, A2 Hosting only uses LiteSpeed for its “Turbo Boost” and “Turbo Max” plans. This means that A2 Hosting uses Apache for its normal plans, which makes it inferior to NameHero in my opinion.

Both NameHero and A2 Hosting offer free security scanning, and they both have NVMe drives for their higher end plans. For a more detailed comparison between the two, checkout my NameHero vs A2 Hosting comparison page. Here is a summary of the differences.

NameHero Pros

  • Offers LiteSpeed on ALL plans
  • Lower long-term pricing
  • Renewal discounts for longer hosting
  • More personalized customer service
  • Free domain
  • Free backups on ALL plans

A2 Hosting Pros

  • More data centers – especially in Asia
  • Cheaper short-term pricing

What really stands out is A2 Hosting’s lack of server backups for its basic Startup plan. It’s called “Server Rewind”, and it’s only available with the “Drive” plan and above. For me, this is a serious omission. By contrast, NameHero has sophisticated backups for all its plans, even the cheapest one. They also store their backups in an off-site location, which makes it a lot more secure than A2 Hosting.

Overall, NameHero comes off as the winner here. No two ways about it.

NameHero vs Bluehost

NameHero has a lot more features than Bluehost. But while Bluehost isn’t as cheap as Hostgator, it’s definitely cheaper than NameHero. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

NameHero Pros

  • Automated backups
  • In-built malware scanning
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited databases
  • Amazing reseller program
  • Great customer service

Bluehost Pros

  • Cheaper than NameHero
  • Free domain on ALL plans
  • $100 in Google ads

As you can see, the only advantage that Bluehost has over NameHero is the lower price and other price-related features like a free domain. In all other aspects, NameHero beats Bluehost hands down.

NameHero vs Hostgator

Like with BlueHost, Hostgator’s only benefit is lower prices. This isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, you’re just looking for the cheapest deal. You can read more here about the differences between NameHero and Hostgator.

NameHero Pros

  • Free backups
  • Free security scanning
  • LiteSpeed instead of Apache web servers
  • Superior customer service
  • NVMe Drives

Hostgator Pros

  • Cheaper than NameHero
  • Free domain for ALL plans
  • A better selection of coupons for all needs
  • Free website builder
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • $150 in Google ads. $100 in Bing ads

You can see that all of Hostgator’s advantages revolve around its lower cost. Whether its the free ad-credits, or the fact that there are more Hostgator coupons, everything has a single focus. NameHero on the other hand, is a more premium hosting service, but it’s not terribly expensive either – at least not as bad as SiteGround!

Bottom Line

NameHero provides more value for money than any other web host in the industry, but they’re not the cheapest by any means. However, if you’re looking for a single stop solution, where you don’t need to purchase separate add-ons for backups and security, then NameHero is what you’re looking for. Their personalized US-based customer support is something that few other hosts provide these days.

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