Is NameHero Hosting Good or Bad?

NameHero is a unique web host. The most significant difference is the LiteSpeed webserver on all their plans. Not the cheapest, but it’s very competitive. NameHero’s value-added features set it apart. Here’s what makes NameHero good and what makes it bad.

NameHero Pros:

  • LiteSpeed webserver – faster than Apache
  • Free automatic backups and restore
  • Free malware scanning and removal
  • Inbuilt server-side caching for dynamic pages
  • NVMe drives – “Turbo Cloud” plans and above

NameHero Cons:

  • No free domain name till “Turbo Cloud” plan
  • Only one day daily backup retention
  • Full SSH only available on demand
  • No Patchman add-on

NameHero Hosting: $2.69/m

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Table of Contents

What Makes NameHero Good?

NameHero has all the essential features of good web hosting, and they’re number one on my list of recommended providers. Here’s what makes it stand out from the competition.

1. NameHero Uses LiteSpeed – Not Apache

Most web hosts use the LAMP stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. But NameHero uses LiteSpeed instead of Apache, which is faster thanks to a paid license, where Apache is free.

LiteSpeed is faster than Apache and has in-built caching.

LiteSpeed has additional features too. Like inbuilt server-side caching, you don’t have to use WP Super Cacher, W3TC, or WP Rocket. It also caches static content like images and JS files, making it equal to or better than an NGINX reverse proxy. And NameHero offers LiteSpeed on all its plans, unlike HostArmada or A2 Hosting, which reserve it for the higher-tier plans.

LiteSpeed is expensive, so other web hosts don’t use it on the cheapest packages. But NameHero does.

2. NameHero Uses MariaDB Instead of MySQL

After Oracle gained control of MySQL, the founder of MySQL, Michael “Monty” Widenius published a personal appeal on his blog, asking for help in forking it into a community-driven project, and the result was MariaDB.

For some, MariaDB is preferable to MySQL because it’s not owned by Oracle.

MariaDB is a “drop-in replacement” for MySQL. You can replace one with the other and not notice anything different in terms of APIs or interfaces, and everything works as before. Under the hood, there are many differences between MySQL and MariaDB, including speed-related improvements.

NameHero uses MariaDB because of the improved replication speed and redundancy. While the base MariaDB license is free, they use some premium features – again, a choice by NameHero to put quality above cost.

3. NameHero NVMe Drives for Turbo and Business

A while back, NameHero made a considerable investment into NVMe SSD drives. This more than doubled the performance of heavy database sites like those running on WordPress.

NameHero’s NVMe drives make WordPress websites much faster.

NVMe drives are the new standard in server storage. You can see the benefits of NameHero’s NVMe drives in my article on NVMe web hosting. Data transfer rates for NVMe disks are 25 times faster than SSD drives. This benefits database-driven websites that run on WordPress, and it also dramatically improves the performance of disk-intensive operations such as local backups. InMotion and A2 Hosting are the other two web hosts with NVMe drives.

NameHero’s Turbo and Business Cloud users will see significantly improved performance.

4. Advanced NameHero Security Features

All NameHero packages come with three layers of security:

NameHero has in-built security for free. Other web hosts charge you for it.

  • An AI-driven WAF
  • Real time file monitoring
  • Patches for outdated software

This three-pronged approach makes your website much safer. The NameHero WAF is a great value add all by itself. Security providers like Sucuri, for example, charge hundreds of dollars a year. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all NameHero security features.

Many web hosts eschew security altogether, and low-cost providers don’t have the money to implement advanced intrusion detection systems and real-time file monitoring. Instead, providers like Bluehost and Hostgator use add-ons like SiteLock to outsource security. And the same with backups. So you end up spending as much as you would have if you had just purchased better hosting in the first place.

5. NameHero Has Free Offsite Backups

Many web hosts provide in-built backups, but NameHero stores your backups offsite in a separate server on a different network. Even if the local server is compromised, your backups are safe. So NameHero backups are robust, and you can rest easy knowing that you will never lose your data.

NameHero has free daily and on-demand backups.

NameHero backs up your site every day and keeps it for 7-days on a rotating basis, along with a weekly backup. You can also take snapshots of your account for customized backups just before you test a potentially disruptive update. You can restore these backups using the Jetbackup cPanel plugin with a button click. No need to contact customer service.

The best part is that these backup plans are available to all packages for free. Most providers restrict access to advanced backup functionality to force you to upgrade. But NameHero doesn’t do this, and everyone has access to the same features.

NameHero Hosting: $2.69/m

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6. Free NameHero Integration with

Thanks to the LiteSpeed webserver, NameHero falls into the “Enterprise Tier” of the integration, as shown here:

NameHero LiteSpeed Enterprise
NameHero LiteSpeed Enterprise

All NameHero customers get a 10 GB quota instead of the default 1 GB per month of data transfer. With, you have a free proxy CDN like Cloudflare, but in conjunction with the LiteSpeed caching plugin, it also caches dynamic content like HTML pages! This is leading to a revolution in hosting, where even cheap plans can compete with more expensive ones, thanks to dynamic cloud caching by CDNs.

7. Top Notch Reseller Program

Reselling web hosting is a dying market. Many web hosts that at one time were huge, like Bluehost, have now offloaded their business to 3rd parties.

NameHero devotes a lot of attention to resellers, unlike other web hosts.

This is why NameHero’s reseller hosting is so good. You get a free WHCMS license with the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plans, and you get a choice of InterWorx – the free hosting management dashboard that reduces costs for everyone, including your customers. Of course, you can also continue to offer cPanel if you want. As a result, NameHero has become the “go-to” web host for resellers now that the market is wide open and other providers have abandoned the field.

Over the years, NameHero has consistently shown that it cares more about its resellers than other web hosts. Just check out the accolades they receive on neutral customer forums, and you can see for yourself.

What Makes NameHero Bad?

However, NameHero isn’t without its faults. Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages that you need to consider before making your purchase.

1. NameHero is not the Cheapest Host

NameHero isn’t trying to be a low-cost provider. Because they use LiteSpeed, offer free backups, malware scanning, and more, there are plenty of cheaper web hosts than Namehero.

NameHero doesn’t give a free domain on all its plans.

One example is that they offer a free domain only with the “Turbo” plan – and that too only when you sign up for 2-years or more. Many web hosts charge a lot less. If you’re looking for a low-cost web host, check out the Hostgator comparison below. The value proposition of NameHero is that the extra features are worth it.

If you consider that NameHero provides free backups, you can recoup the cost of a 3rd party provider immediately. Ditto for malware scanning.

2. Some WordPress Plugins Require MySQL

While MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, there are a few WordPress plugins that specifically depend on some aspects of MySQL to function. The good news is that these plugins are extremely rare and often not well maintained in the first place, so you would do well to avoid them altogether.

You will probably never notice that your web host uses MariaDB instead of MySQL, but it’s good to keep in mind.

3. NameHero Daily Backups Expire After 24 Hours

Though NameHero has an excellent backup service, their daily backups only last for 24 hours, after which a new backup replaces them. NameHero also takes weekly backups, so you can always revert to that one instead.

Each daily backup erases the previous one. You can purchase more retention with add-ons.

However, a few other web hosting providers like SiteGround store your daily backups for 30 days on the higher plans, so you can revert your website to any time in the last month. The flip side is that SiteGround is ridiculously expensive.

You can purchase additional backup space when you sign up. This option will allow you to retain your backups for 30-days instead. Here’s a screenshot of the add-ons pricing:

NameHero Backup Add-ons
NameHero Backup Add-ons

This lack of persistent daily backups is why I recommend using something like DropMySite for daily backups instead. The good news is that NameHero has a tie-up with DropMySite for cheaper rates than usual. So that mitigates the disadvantages somewhat.

4. No Data Center in Asia

One disadvantage of NameHero compared to some other web-hosting providers is the lack of a data center in Asia. They have two in the US and one in the Netherlands to account for the EU, but if your customers are located on the other side of the planet, you won’t have servers close to them.

Compared to this, HostArmada has 9 data centers worldwide, including Mumbai and Singapore. So if you have primarily Asian customers, I would suggest you choose HostArmada instead – at least until NameHero fires up data centers in that region.

NameHero Hosting: $2.69/m

Hurry! Get 70% off on NameHero LiteSpeed hosting.

Comparison of NameHero to Other Web Hosts

Here’s how NameHero stacks up compared to SiteGround, Hostgator, A2 Hosting, and Bluehost.

NameHero vs SiteGround

SiteGround and NameHero are very similar in features, and it’s pretty challenging to choose between them. Here’s a complete NameHero vs. SiteGround comparison.

However, it’s a lot more expensive and doesn’t use cPanel. While it has high discounts, the SiteGround renewal prices are insane starting at $14.99. These are some of the reasons why I’ve stopped recommending SiteGround. In addition to the higher base hosting price, SiteGround charges you extra for malware scanning, which NameHero gives for free. And because SiteGround doesn’t use LiteSpeed servers, there’s no native integration with – though you can always use Cloudflare.

Feature NameNameHeroSiteGround
Discount Price$2.69/m$2.99/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$14.99/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed✅ NGINX reverse proxy
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
StorageUnlimited10 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
NameHero vs SiteGround Features

While they’re still a great web host, SiteGround has become too expensive for me to recommend them over NameHero. The only things they do better are 30-days of backups and a better data center selection.

NameHero Pros

  • Cheaper than SiteGround
  • Free malware scanning
  • LiteSpeed web servers
  • Free domain name*
  • NVMe Drives
  • On-demand backup for ALL plans

SiteGround Pros

  • 30-days of backups instead of 7 days
  • Data center in Asia (Singapore)

NameHero vs SiteGround Rating:

NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★
SiteGround Rating: 3 stars★★★☆☆

NameHero vs Namecheap

Despite the similarity in names, NameHero is very different from Namecheap. Namecheap is a discount web host with very few features, whereas NameHero is a high-performance host.

NameHero focuses on functionality, whereas Namecheap is a discount web host.

Namecheap is great if you’re looking for the lowest cost hosting, and it’s even cheaper than Hostgator. But performance-wise, Namecheap is much worse than NameHero. The basic Namecheap plan doesn’t have automatic backups, though you can access this functionality on the higher-tier plans. Unlike NameHero, Namecheap doesn’t have automatic security scanning and fixing either.

Finally, of course, the most significant difference – is LiteSpeed. Namecheap uses a standard Apache architecture, whereas NameHero has LiteSpeed with in-built server-side caching and faster response times. It also has faster static caching, with performance over and above even NGINX.

Feature NameNameHeroNamecheap
Discount Price$2.69/m$1.58/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$3.88/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
StorageUnlimited20 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
NameHero vs Namecheap Features

As you can see, the most significant difference between the two is price. So while Namecheap has its place, it’s not a great web host if you’re looking for many features.

NameHero Pros

  • Litespeed web server
  • Daily and manual backups
  • Free malware scanning
  • NVMe Drives

Namecheap Pros

  • Cheap

NameHero vs Namecheap Rating:

NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★
Namecheap Rating: 2 stars★★☆☆☆

NameHero vs A2 Hosting

NameHero and A2 Hosting share many similar features. Both offer LiteSpeed web servers, but only NameHero uses LiteSpeed for ALL its shared hosting plans. By contrast, A2 Hosting only uses LiteSpeed for its “Turbo Boost” and “Turbo Max” plans. This means that A2 Hosting uses Apache for its standard plans, which makes it inferior to NameHero, in my opinion.

Both NameHero and A2 Hosting offer free security scanning, and they both have NVMe drives for their higher-end plans. Check out my NameHero vs A2 Hosting comparison page for a more detailed comparison between the two. Here is a summary of the differences.

Feature NameNameHeroA2 Hosting
Discount Price$2.69/m$2.99/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$11.99/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed❌ LiteSpeed on advanced plans
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
StorageUnlimited100 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
NameHero vs A2 Hosting Features

What stands out is A2 Hosting’s lack of server backups for its basic Startup plan. It’s called “Server Rewind”, and it’s only available with the “Drive” plan and above. For me, this is a serious omission. NameHero has sophisticated backups for all its plans, even the cheapest ones. They also store their backups in an off-site location, making them more secure than A2 Hosting.

NameHero Pros

  • Offers LiteSpeed on ALL plans
  • Lower long-term pricing
  • Renewal discounts for longer hosting
  • More personalized customer service
  • Free domain
  • Free backups on ALL plans

A2 Hosting Pros

  • More data centers – especially in Asia
  • Cheaper short-term pricing

Overall, NameHero comes off as the winner here. No two ways about it.

NameHero vs A2 Hosting Rating:

NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★
A2 Hosting Rating: 3 stars★★★☆☆

NameHero Hosting: $2.69/m

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NameHero vs Bluehost

NameHero has a lot more features than Bluehost. But Bluehost is still more expensive than Hostgator. The Bluehost renewal price is $9.99, whereas it’s $8.95 for NameHero and the initial discount is higher as well. Here’s the Bluehost discount 2024 where you can see all the Bluehost deals.

Feature NameNameHeroBluehost
Discount Price$2.69/m$2.95/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$9.99/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
StorageUnlimited50 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days
NameHero vs Bluehost Features

Both in features and price, NameHero beats Bluehost, where a free domain doesn’t make up for the lack of backups, security, and speed.

NameHero Pros

  • Automated backups
  • In-built malware scanning
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited databases
  • Amazing reseller program
  • Great customer service

Bluehost Pros

  • Free domain on ALL plans
  • $100 in Google ads
  • Isolation for misbehaving accounts

NameHero vs Bluehost Rating:

NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★
Bluehost Rating: 2 stars ★★☆☆☆

NameHero vs Hostgator

Like with BlueHost, Hostgator’s only benefit is lower prices, and this isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, you’re just looking for the cheapest deal. You can read more here about the NameHero vs Hostgator differences.

Feature NameNameHeroHostgator
Discount Price$2.69/m$2.57/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$7.99/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
Money-Back Guarantee30-days45-days
NameHero vs Hostgator Features

You can see that all of Hostgator’s advantages revolve around its lower cost. Whether it’s the free ad credits or the variety of Hostgator coupons, everything has a single focus. Here’s the complete Hostgator coupon code page for US customers for reference.

NameHero, on the other hand, is a more premium hosting service, but it’s not expensive either – at least not as bad as SiteGround!

NameHero Pros

  • Free backups
  • Free security scanning
  • LiteSpeed instead of Apache web servers
  • Superior customer service
  • NVMe Drives

Hostgator Pros

  • Cheaper than NameHero
  • Free domain for ALL plans
  • A better selection of coupons for all needs
  • Free website builder
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • $150 in Google ads. $100 in Bing ads

NameHero vs Hostgator Rating:

Hostgator Rating: 3 stars ★★★☆☆
NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★

NameHero vs KnownHost

KnownHost and NameHero share many features. Both have a LiteSpeed web server on all their plans, free backups, and free malware scanning and removal. However, NameHero has the edge with lower prices, NVMe drives, a free domain name. Here’s the KnownHost coupon code page for more details.

Feature NameNameHeroKnownHost
Discount Price$2.69/m$3.47/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$8.95/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed✅ LiteSpeed
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
NVMe Drives
Free Domain✅ (2-year plan only)
Starting StorageUnlimited5 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30-days30-days
NameHero vs KnownHost Features

KnownHost is also very stingy with its resources. It has low storage limits, low e-mail account limits, and a restricted number of MySQL databases for all but the more advanced plan. To learn more, check out my complete KnownHost review.

NameHero Pros

  • NVMe drives
  • Free domain (2+ years hosting)
  • Generous resource limits
  • Cheaper than KnownHost

KnownHost Pros

  • Two days of daily backups instead of one
  • Managed WordPress plans available
  • Unmanaged VPS plans available

NameHero vs HostArmada

HostArmada has more features than any other web host, save NameHero itself. Even though HostArmada has higher discounts, it’s renewal prices are slightly higher than NameHero, starting at $9.95. Here’s the HostArmada coupon page with all their deals. Both NameHero and HostArmada have free backups and security scanning, which catapults them above most other web hosts.

Feature NameNameHeroHostArmada
Discount Price$2.69/m$2.99/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$9.95/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed✅ NGINX. Later LiteSpeed
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
StorageUnlimited15 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30-days45-days
NameHero vs HostArmada Features

The biggest difference between NameHero and HostArmada is that NameHero uses LiteSpeed on all their plans, and HostArmada only has LiteSpeed for its advanced “Speed Reaper” plan. As a result, NameHero is faster than HostArmada in most situations. By using NVMe drives, NameHero also boosts server response times. Here’s my HostArmada review, along with all its pros and cons.

NameHero Pros

  • LiteSpeed on all plans
  • NVMe drives on the Turbo plan and above
  • Lower renewal price than HostArmada
  • Server side caching

HostArmada Pros

  • NGINX webserver instead of Apache
  • Free domain on all plans
  • Higher discounts than NameHero

NameHero vs HostArmada Rating:

HostArmada Rating: 4 stars ★★★★☆
NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★

NameHero Hosting: $2.69/m

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NameHero vs InMotion Hosting

Compared to NameHero, InMotion’s basic plan is underwhelming. But the higher-tier plans are more impressive with the UltraStack technology, rivaling the LiteSpeed webserver that NameHero uses. InMotion is slightly cheaper than NameHero, starting at $2.49. Here’s the InMotion coupon page for more deals.

Feature NameNameHeroInMotion
Discount Price$2.69/m$2.49/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$8.99/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed✅ NGINX reverse proxy
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)❌ Higher plans only
StorageUnlimited100 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30-days90-days
NameHero vs InMotion Features

The best InMotion innovation is the “UltraStack” architecture that uses an Apache-backed NGINX reverse proxy. Consequently, InMotion has dynamic page and static asset caching, and NVMe drives further give hosting a boost. Unfortunately, InMotion doesn’t use UltraStack on its basic hosting plan, which means low-tier packages are left out. By contrast, NameHero uses LiteSpeed on all its plans, bringing the benefits of server-side caching to everyone.

But the massive difference between InMotion and NameHero is backups. NameHero backups are fabulous and accessible on all their plans. Unfortunately, InMotion doesn’t have free backups, and they make you purchase an add-on – it spoils what would otherwise be an excellent web host.

NameHero Pros

  • LiteSpeed server with all packages
  • Unlimited storage on the basic plan
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts on the lowest plan
  • Free backups on all plans
  • Inbuilt server-side caching

InMotion Hosting Pros

  • Free domain on all plans
  • UltraStack technology: NGINX reverse-proxy
  • NVMe drives kick in earlier than NameHero
  • Cheaper 2-year hosting than NameHero

NameHero vs InMotion Rating:

InMotion Hosting Rating: 3 stars ★★★☆☆
NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★

NameHero vs Kinsta

Unlike NameHero, a generalized hosting service, Kinsta is a fully managed WordPress provider. Their pricing is more in line with a VPS than with shared hosting. The starting Kinsta package is $29.17, which is far above any other web host, including NameHero. Here’s the complete Kinsta pricing page for more details.

Feature NameNameHeroKinsta
Discount Price$2.69/m$29.17/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$35.00/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed✅ NGINX reverse proxy
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
StorageUnlimited10 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30-days30 days
NameHero vs Kinsta Features

Kinsta guarantees the performance of your sites and maintains tight control over its server environment. As a result, you can’t install specific processor-intensive plugins like UpdraftPlus. And since they implement custom caching, you can’t use plugins like W3 Total Cache. NameHero, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to install whatever you want.

A downside to Kinsta is that you can only host a specific number of websites on each plan, while NameHero only has limits on the basic plan. So if you have several sites, Kinsta quickly becomes a lot more expensive. This is especially true if not all your sites are high-traffic.

NameHero Pros

  • Cheaper than Kinsta
  • LiteSpeed webserver
  • Free domain on higher plans
  • Unlimited websites on higher plans
  • Run any software, not just WordPress

Kinsta Pros

  • NGINX reverse-proxy architecture
  • Guaranteed performance
  • 30-days automatic backup and restore
  • Free Cloudflare Enterprise subscription

NameHero vs Kinsta Rating:

Kinsta Rating: 3 stars ★★★☆☆
NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★

NameHero vs Liquid Web

Unlike NameHero, Liquid Web doesn’t have shared hosting plans. Instead, it has Cloud Sites – a high-end substitute for shared hosting and regular VPS plans. Liquid Web is expensive, with the Cloud Sites plan starting at $51/m and renewing at $150/m. Here’s the complete Liquid Web coupon code page to see all their deals.

Feature NameNameHeroLiquid Web
Discount Price$2.69/m$51/m
Renewal Price$8.95/m$150/m
Fast Webserver✅ LiteSpeed
Free Backups
Free Security and Malware Removal
SSD Drives
Global Datacenters
Free Domain❌ (2-year plan only)
StorageUnlimited50 GB
Money-Back Guarantee30-days30-days
NameHero vs Liquid Web Features

I find Liquid Web Cloud Sites very underwhelming. I expect at least free backups and easy SSL installation for the high costs. But despite being designed for simplicity, Liquid Web just isn’t good enough. NameHero delivers a lot more. Liquid Web has good VPS servers. But Cloud Sites – their alternative to shared hosting – isn’t worth it.

NameHero Pros

  • Much cheaper than Liquid Web
  • Inbuilt caching
  • Free backups
  • Easy SSL installation

Liquid Web Cloud Sites Pros

  • Unlimited resources for all your sites
  • Unified interface for management
  • Premium customer support

NameHero vs Liquid Web Rating:

Kinsta Rating: 2 stars ★★☆☆☆
NameHero Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★

NameHero Hosting: $2.69/m

Hurry! Get 70% off on NameHero LiteSpeed hosting.

NameHero Customer Service Review

I’ve been hosting websites since 2006, ever since I moved my blog off Google’s Blogspot and bought my own domain name. Since then, I’ve changed hosts multiple times, been on different plans, and interacted with many customer service reps. Good or bad, they are all, without exception, faceless corporates. NameHero is a truly personalized web host, unlike the others.

Roots in Reseller Hosting

NameHero started by targeting resellers looking for high-speed and affordable packages. And since then, they’ve lapped up the customers who spilled out of the arms of Hostgator, GoDaddy, and others. Their customers love them!

NameHero Hosting is Not Faceless

A quick perusal of the NameHero website reveals that the CEO – Ryan Gray – is deeply and directly involved with each aspect of the service. Whenever there’s a new announcement, he puts out a video on Youtube explaining things.

The CEO Ryan Gray is constantly interacting with the community.

Ryan also regularly posts on the NameHero blog about burning industry issues. For example, cPanel recently changed its licensing structure, which affected a lot of resellers. Ryan created a detailed blog post explaining how they handle modified cPanel licenses and announcing integration with InterWorx.

Not just that, he regularly responds and comments on blog posts and engages with his audience – something no CEO ever does. Many comments on the site are from floored customers explaining how he takes the time to address their concerns directly.

How many times has the CEO of Hostgator or Bluehost come to interact with customers directly? Answer: They don’t. There are several layers between the top guys and the users, but with NameHero, that layer is non-existent. A lot of this, of course, comes down to them being a smaller company. But that’s also what’s so great about NameHero. They’re small and personalized.

Switch to NameHero if You Want Personalized Service

So if you’re tired of being treated as just another number by the big hosting providers, give NameHero a spin. It’s affordable, along with a free domain. The customer service is top-notch, and they don’t outsource their service either. So if you’re looking for something different and a lovingly crafted web hosting experience with personalized service, NameHero is the web host for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Free NameHero SSL?

Yes! In late 2016 NameHero Hosting decided to issue free SSL certificates. Considering that big hosting companies like Bluehost and Hostgator only decided to offer free SSL in mid-2018, that’s a pretty impressive achievement.

The SSL certs are provided by Let’s Encrypt and are applied automatically to new shared hosting accounts, unlike other companies like SiteGround, where you need to enable it manually.

What Payment Methods Does NameHero Accept?

NameHero accepts the following three methods of payment:

  1. Credit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Coinbase

The last one is pretty interesting since it’s the first hosting company I’ve reviewed that takes cryptocurrency. (On that note, I’ll never forget that my ten bitcoins were stolen way back in 2012)!

Where are NameHero’s Data Centers Located?

NameHero has two data centers in the US, and one in the Netherlands, EU.

  1. Lansing, Michigan
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Amsterdam, EU

These represent two distinct zones in the United States – the central and the west coast. Here’s a screenshot showing the relative locations:

NameHero Datacenters
NameHero Datacenters

The one in Michigan is bigger by far, having a capacity of 35,000 servers, and the Phoenix data center has a capacity of just 2,000.

NameHero’s European Datacenter

On the 4th of November 2019, NameHero announced the opening of its newest data center in the Netherlands. This is a big deal and marks the expansion of NameHero outside the US for the first time.

As far as the datacenters themselves go, the European one is relatively new, being established only in 2014, with a capacity of up to 25,000 servers. It’s connected to two large Internet exchanges:

  • AMS-IS
  • NL-IX

You can choose which data center you want to host your site on when you first sign up for a new package:

NameHero EU Data Center
NameHero EU Data Center

Most web hosts content themselves with serving just one continent. So it’s a good sign that NameHero is expanding its horizons and expanding its business. So far, customers in Europe might have been hesitant to purchase hosting from a provider who only had data centers in the United States. But now, with a location in the Netherlands, your customers will have faster connection times and a better overall experience.

What are NameHero’s Contact Details?

NameHero’s main office is in Missouri, and the administrative office is in Wyoming. Here are the complete addresses:

Main Address:
1520 Clay Street, Suite G2
North Kansas City, Missouri 64116

Administrative Address: Administrative Office
690 S Highway 89, Suite 200
Jackson, Wyoming 83002

Phone Number:

+1 855-984-6263

What are the NameHero Nameservers?

Here  are the NameHero nameservers:


Use these in your DNS control panel if you have a registrar different from NameHero.

NameHero Hosting: $2.69/m

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Bottom Line

NameHero provides more value for money than any other web host in the industry, but they’re not the cheapest. However, if you’re looking for a single-stop solution where you don’t need to purchase separate add-ons for backups and security, NameHero is your best choice. The personalized US-based customer support is something that few other hosts provide these days.

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  1. Namehero is an unstable Hosting provider. They have lots of Issues with hosting. Like Cloudflare connectivity, always error 520, error 521, error 524. Support is very bad Support tickets are always kept pending. If you try to ask for service or post about bad support on Namehero’s social media page they will block you and also suspend your hosting to blackmail you.


    • Exactly!
      I only heard great things about them (like in this post), but I had problems with Namehero several times and the support is quite unfriendly and not helpful.
      They’ve unwillingness to help has made me cry (literally) more than once.
      I’m happy for those who are satisfied with them, but I really can’t understand why they have such a good reputation…


  2. Gabriel Graciano says

    How can I qualify Namehero LLC, of so let me tell you about my experience, I had Webhosting, domains, and email’s with them. The Webhosting is one of the slowest I ever had, no SSL, very expensive if you want to buy it, it is impossible to use WordPress because they have incompatibilities with MYSQL and you have to use PHP 7.0 to make it work, many themes and plugins work only with PHP 8.0. Domain, they use a company called (BS is exactly the kind of service they give) they normally “FAKE” emails as if they are coming from ICANN simulating delays. For a regular transfer of a domain, go to the previous register (PR) and remove the lock and get the authorization code, go to the new register (NR) and start the transfer with the authorization code, then go back to the PR and agree with the transfer and DONE. With Namehero LLC you have to wait for to release the domain, more than 5 days after. Email, the server they use keeps blocking the IP number from my home, I called 3 times, every time saying DO NOT BLOCK MY IP AGAIN, but it keeps happening. Imagine having to use a VPN to get your emails. And talking about privacy, they let you send emails only if they like the subject, if somebody sends you an email saying amazon account (maybe a scam) they will never let you reply to this email. Even in a regular workday, if you have an email interchange with coworkers, they don’t let you send more than 50 emails in one hour. And a very dark way to do business, they like to ask for copies of ID and Credit card, when they really have no authority to ask for it, not a governmental office or a financial institution. They are a private entity. And what about the storage of all these copies.


  3. I inadvertently chose the wrong product, but I abandoned my cart. I made another purchase for a client, which was correct, but I received an email with an attached invoice and saw that they had debited my bank account for $500.10, which doesn’t even match the invoice. I immediately opened a ticket, and after going back and forth via chat and email, they refused to refund my money and now my business account is overdrawn, so I can’t even operate my small business.


  4. Namehero is a scam. They put over 1100 websites on 1 server!! Obviously sites are extremely slow.
    Service is terrible, no help is ever offered. It is never their problem.


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