WordPress Hosting Deals and Comparisons

Updated: 16th April 2018

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Here are the best WordPress hosting deals from various hosting providers.

Important: All plans are for 1 year hosting! Some hosts like Hostgator show you lower prices because they display the discounted price for 3 years, or even 5 years. I’ve filtered all this out and have standardized the prices to show only the prices for 1 year across all hosts. This allows you to compare apples to apples.

Hosting Provider WordPress Basic WordPress Advanced WordPress Premium WordPress Super Premium
Bluehost (Global) WordPress $19.99/month
GoDaddy WordPress $3.99/month
SiteGround WordPress $3.95/month
Hostgator WordPress $7.95/month
Dreamhost WordPress Hosting $5.95/month
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India Based WordPress Hosting
Bluehost India WordPress ₹349/month ₹449/month ₹549/month
Hostgator India WordPress ₹229/month
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In case you were wondering, this article will explain why Bluehost WordPress hosting is so much more expensive than the competition!

What is “WordPress Hosting”

While regular hosting just gives you space on a server and lets you build your own website, WordPress hosting is specifically dedicated to running the WordPress CMS. The architecture and PHP servers are specifically tweaked for WordPress specific customizations. This means you don’t have to worry about things like conflicting PHP versions, which server to run, like Apache or NGINX, whether or not you’ve allocated enough memory for file uploads etc.

In short, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a fantastic WordPress experience.

WordPress Specific Customer Support

Normal web hosting companies wash their hands off support of any 3rd party applications – including WordPress. So if you accidentally mess up your wp-config.php file and lock yourself out, tough luck! If you have a misbehaving plugin that causes your site to crash , you’re going to have to fix it yourself. This can be frustrating if you’re new to WordPress, and even if you’re an experienced administrator, you can really get bogged down in meaningless details.

With WordPress specific hosting however, these problems fall within the ambit of customer service. After all if you’re running a WordPress site, chances are that any downtime will be related to WordPress itself. And if customer service can take care of these hassles for you, that’s great!

WordPress Specific Admin Interface

It’s no secret that the vast majority of cPanel functions go unused. Most people who use WordPress don’t require PERL modules, RUBY etc. Instead with WordPress specific hosting, your panel will be specifically customized to deal with WordPress related issues. This means that you can find what you want more quickly, and have more relevant functionality built into your admin.

Easy Installation of Plugins and Themes

WordPress hosting providers typically give their customers easy access to premium themes and plugins that are not available to the general public for free. In addition, installation of these plugins/themes can be done directly from the admin instead of going through the WordPress dashboard. This often results in a smoother and faster experience.

WordPress Specific Security

WordPress web hosting services will periodically scan your site for security violations and malware. With ordinary hosting, this is your job, but most people don’t have the time or the expertise to do this. WordPress specific hosting however will take care of this headache for you so that you can work on what’s important – your business.

A lot of the difference in pricing between the WordPress offerings in the table above comes from the number of monthly visitors your site is expected to serve. That’s one of the reasons why Bluehost WordPress hosting is so expensive for example. Their most basic plan is capable of servicing 100 million users a month!

So take all these factors into consideration before option for a WordPress web hosting service. If you’re interested in just regular web hosting, here is a price comparison for the best shared web hosting deals, as well as an explanation of the different types of hosting.

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