Cheapest WordPress Hosting Prices and Discounts in 2021

Too many choices? I recommend Hostgator WordPress hosting, starting at $5.95/month. Here’s why I recommend them for WordPress.

List of Cheapest WordPress Hosting Prices

(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
Super Premium
(Yearly Renewal)
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

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Special $1/month WordPress Hosting
89% off
38% off
30% off
28% off
SiteGround Logo
SiteGround WordPress Hosting

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53% off
60% off
63% off
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator WordPress Hosting

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40% off
With 39% - 57% off coupon code: READYHOSTING
50% off
With 39% - 57% off coupon code: READYHOSTING
57% off
With 39% - 57% off coupon code: READYHOSTING
DreamHost Logo
Dreamhost WordPress Hosting

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$9.95/month $16.95/month $24.95/month $35.95/month
Bluehost Logo
Bluehost WordPress Hosting

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50% off
25% off
17% off
46% off
India Based WordPress Hosting
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator India WordPress Hosting

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50% off
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50% off
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50% off
With coupon code: WORDPRESS
50% off
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InMotion has so many plans, it needs its own table to fit in!

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(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
(Yearly Renewal)
InMotion Logo
InMotion WordPress Hosting

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38% off
27% off
21% off
40% off
20% off
20% off

Note: These WordPress hosting prices have been standardized to “per year” year renewals. They may look more expensive than the deals on other sites, but they are genuine apples to apples comparisons. Different providers show discounts based on differing time periods.

Get the Biggest Discount!

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Some hosts like Hostgator show you lower prices because they display the discounted price for 3 years, or even 5 years. I’ve filtered all this out and have standardized the prices to show only the prices for 1 year across all hosts. This allows you to compare apples to apples.

You can also compare prices for other hosting types. Choose from the list below:

  1. Cheapest web hosting per year – compare prices
  2. Cheap VPS plans – compare prices
  3. Compare Cloud Hosting Prices

You can see that even with Bluehost’s WordPress discounts, their plans are much more expensive than the competition. Click the link to understand why.

In terms of raw power, nothing beats InMotion’s WP-6000S WordPress hosting with an eye-popping price of $114.99/month! It even beats out the high-end Bluehost WordPress servers. This comes with benefits like SSD drives, a dedicated IP address, and a free subscription to their library of premium themes and plugins.

Whether or not this is worth the extra price is up to you. You might not even need SSD hosting for your site! I can only provide the data…

Managed WordPress vs Shared WordPress Hosting

The above prices are basically for shared hosting with a few additional WordPress features. They’re not specifically geared towards WordPress with in-built caching, or NGNIX servers, or WordPress specific security. Hosting that’s purposely built around WordPress is called “managed WordPress” hosting.

Providers like Kinsta have features that are custom built for the WordPress platform. Their support staff are also trained around WordPress support. And resources are not “shared”. Rather, each site has its own container. The flip side is that it’s much more expensive. If you want hosting that’s 100% dedicated to WordPress, then managed WordPress hosting might be right for you.

What is “WordPress Hosting”?

While regular hosting just gives you space on a server and lets you build your own website, WordPress hosting is specifically dedicated to running the WordPress CMS. The architecture and PHP servers of the best WordPress hosting providers are specifically tweaked for WordPress specific customizations. This means you don’t have to worry about things like conflicting PHP versions, which server to run, like Apache or NGINX, whether or not you’ve allocated enough memory for file uploads etc.

In short, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a fantastic WordPress experience.

Unfortunately, not all providers take so much care to optimize their hosting for WordPress. GoDaddy and Hostgator for example seem to just rebrand their regular hosting and call it “WordPress hosting”. The only difference is that WordPress comes pre-installed for the plan. Which is no big deal considering that you can install it with just 1-click using the Softaculous cPanel plugin.

Others like InMotion truly optimize their servers for WordPress. DreamHost does the same, but only for their cloud service. So look carefully at the exact optimizations that each hosting service provides to make sure that you’re not overpaying just for the “WordPress” tag.

WordPress Specific Customer Support

Normal web hosting companies wash their hands off support of any 3rd party applications – including WordPress. So if you accidentally mess up your wp-config.php file and lock yourself out, tough luck! If you have a misbehaving plugin that causes your site to crash , you’re going to have to fix it yourself. This can be frustrating if you’re new to WordPress, and even if you’re an experienced administrator, you can really get bogged down in meaningless details.

With WordPress specific hosting however, these problems fall within the ambit of customer service. After all if you’re running a WordPress site, chances are that any downtime will be related to the CMS itself. So the best WordPress hosting providers distinguish themselves by providing excellent WordPress specific customer service.

GoDaddy goes one step further and sells “WordPress Support Packages”. For a fee, you get a certain number of tickets every month that you can use to get WordPress related tasks done. Like database exports and fixes, wp-config.php changes, plugin and theme support etc. You don’t even need to have your WordPress site hosted by them! The support and hosting of WordPress are separate.

WordPress Specific Admin Interface

It’s no secret that the vast majority of cPanel functions go unused. Most people who use WordPress don’t require PERL modules, RUBY etc. Instead with WordPress specific hosting, your panel will be specifically customized to deal with WordPress related issues. This means that you can find what you want more quickly, and have more relevant functionality built into your admin.

Easy Installation of Plugins and Themes

WordPress hosting providers typically give their customers easy access to premium themes and plugins that are not available to the general public for free. In addition, installation of these plugins/themes can be done directly from the admin instead of going through the WordPress dashboard. This often results in a smoother and faster experience.

WordPress Specific Security

WordPress web hosting services will periodically scan your site for security violations and malware. With ordinary hosting, this is your job, but most people don’t have the time or the expertise to do this. WordPress specific hosting however will take care of this headache for you so that you can work on what’s important – your business.

A lot of the difference in pricing between the WordPress offerings in the table above comes from the number of monthly visitors your site is expected to serve. That’s one of the reasons why Bluehost WordPress hosting is so expensive for example. Their most basic plan is capable of servicing 100 million users a month!

So take all these factors into consideration before choosing the best WordPress hosting service for you. If you’re interested in just regular web hosting, here is a price comparison for the best shared web hosting deals, as well as an explanation of the different types of hosting.

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