HostArmada vs NameHero: Withholding LiteSpeed

The biggest difference between HostArmada and NameHero is that HostArmada offers the LiteSpeed web server only on its most expensive "Speed Reaper" plan, whereas NameHero allows LiteSpeed on all its web hosting packages. Both are featured on the list of best LiteSpeed web hosts, but you need to keep … [Read more...]

HostArmada Security Features: Super Tight!

Of all the web hosts reviewed on WP-Tweaks, HostArmada has the best security features out of the box. In addition, they're free to all users. I'd made a passing mention of their amazing WAF in my HostArmada review. In this article however, I go into a little more depth about HostArmada's security … [Read more...]

HostArmada Coupon: Get 75% Off!

Here's a complete list of HostArmada coupon codes. The first promo code is always the best one: As you can see, the promo code WPT75 gives you the highest discount, and the others will only give you 70%. Not just that, they lose validity after a specific time. The first one will remain … [Read more...]

HostArmada Review: Good or Bad?

The biggest advantage of HostArmada is that you get backups and malware security for free that you would otherwise have to pay for. With other web hosts, these are available as additional add-ons, which increase hosting costs. The biggest downside is that the best features like server-side caching … [Read more...]