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About Me

Hi, I’m Bhagwad Park! I’ve been writing about web hosting and WordPress since 2008. I’m a coder, freelance writer, author of several Android apps, and even have my own WordPress plugin. I also maintained a blog at https://www.bhagwad.com/blog/ for 8 years!

This site is dedicated to two things – Helping you find the cheapest yearly web hosting deals form reputed sites, and WordPress tutorials

Ever been frustrated because web hosts don’t tell you the true cost of hosting upfront? One site will show you 5-year prices. Another for 3 years. Yet a third will give you an impossibly low price, but won’t tell you how long you get that discount! WP-Tweaks is different. I’ve standardized web hosting prices so that you can compare apples to apples.

Privacy Policy

To run WP Tweaks, I use the usual Google Analytics code with cookies to track my statistics. I collect NO personally identifiable information about you.

In addition to that, I receive a small commission whenever you purchase hosting from this site. To track this, every affiliate program places a cookie on your computer so that it can link your purchase to your visit here.

Apart from that, I collect no other information from you, and place no other cookies on your system.

Most sites dealing with web hosting coupons and deals are shady. They run the gamut from outdated coupons, annoying popups, hiding the codes, installing malware, and tracking you.

WP-Tweaks is Different

I don’t try and scam you with fake coupon codes, I don’t install cookies, show you popups, or trick you into clicking my links. Yes, I earn affiliate commissions from sales generated on this site. However, I don’t push products on to you. I show you the price, describe the features, and let you make up your own mind.

NO Outdated Deals/Codes

Ever wondered why coupon hunting is such a hassle? It’s because most of the coupons and deals you find on other sites are outdated! So why do the site owners still keep them around? Because they want you to click on the links that will then place a cookie on your computer. Even if the deal is outdated, they get the credit when you make a purchase on their site.

On this site, you will never find that behavior. If a deal is on the site, it works. If it doesn’t, just leave a note in the comments and I’ll remove it immediately. My purpose is to have a reliable site for web hosting coupons and deals, and everything is up to date. You will find the updated date the top of each page.

NO Popups

Just browsing some of the coupon sites for hosting and WordPress installations can make you feel soiled. You’re afraid that with every click, a bunch of popups are going to appear on your screen, with shady advertisements and offers.

None of that happens on my site. My links are plain vanilla links with no Javascript. There are no additional windows, and no ulterior motives. All links are clean and will lead you directly to the website in question.

NO Shady Tracking

When you click a coupon link on other sites, you never know what kind of cookies they’re placing in your browser, apart from the actual target site. You might be giving away your browsing habits that will later expose you to advertisements on all sorts of other unsavory places.

By contrast, links on my site only place a basic cookie to track an affiliate purchase. Nothing else. I don’t collect any personally identifiable information (or indeed, any personal information at all).

NO Hiding the Coupon Code/Deal

Regular coupon sites try and trick you into clicking their deals by hook or crook. Whether it’s by showing you outdated or false deals, or hiding the deal which you need to click in order to reveal it. And that “click” is all they need – even if the coupon in question doesn’t work.

On my site, you see the coupon code clearly without clicking anything. Why do I do this? Can’t you just copy the code and use it without giving me any credit? Yes, you can (although I’m hoping you won’t). I don’t believe in deceptive and shady practices. Links on my site are trustworthy, and you don’t lose anything by clicking through them to the target site.

I won’t force you to click anything to reveal the information you’re searching for.

No Malware

It goes without saying that sometimes web hosting coupons and deals sites contain entry points for malware that you need to be careful about. My site doesn’t have any of these issues. You can trust the links on it 100%.

So it’s my hope that you’ll choose to use my open and transparent deals for all your web hosting purchases. You get the savings you’re looking for, and I get a small portion of your business without costing you anything. I hope you feel that’s a fair deal.

Want your Site Featured on WP Tweaks?

If you have a hosting service and want to be featured on this site, submit a request for review here. I’ll take a look at your package pricing, features, and customer service reputation and get back to you!

About Bhagwad Park

I've been writing about web hosting and WordPress tutorials since 2008. I also create tutorials on Linux server administration, and have a ton of experience with web hosting products. Contact me via e-mail!