NameHero Coupon 2020, Review + Features

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Here is the NameHero coupon list for 2020. These promo codes keep changing, so keep checking in!

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Basic Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
Advanced Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
Premium Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
NameHero Logo
NameHero Shared Hosting
Discount 60% off
Discount 60% off
Discount 60% off
NameHero Logo
NameHero Reseller
Discount 55% off
Discount 55% off
Discount 55% off
NameHero Logo
NameHero VPS
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
NameHero Logo
NameHero Dedicated
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off

See below for screenshots on how to apply the discounts, using the coupon codes in the table.

NameHero’s plans are powered entirely by the cloud. That means your website is not chained to a single machine, thereby lowering its chances of failure. Instead, the resources are spread across multiple servers with redundancy, which makes your site a lot more robust.

The Best NameHero Coupon for 2020

Here’s the current lowest coupon from NameHero:

Plan Name: Starter Cloud
Billing Cycle
: 3 years

NameHero Hosting Review: Table of Contents

How to Apply a NameHero Promo Code

For the most part, NameHero’s promo codes are applied automatically. However, sometimes during special seasons, they have unique offers with special discount codes. The coupons in the table above are applied automatically when you navigate through the billing section like this:

NameHero Coupon Code at Checkout

You need to go to the last screen in the billing process after bypassing the configuration options and domain name selection screens.

NameHero Review: Unique Features

NameHero is a severely overlooked web host. There are several cool features that are unique to NameHero. Here they are:

Free Daily Backups

Most providers charge a monthly fee for backups. For example, Hostgator’s CodeGuard charges $23.95/year for 1 GB and $239.95/year for 25 GB. In general, I feel it’s not worth it.

Many web hosts like GreenGeeks create backups of your site, but charge you fees to restore it. Even SiteGround used to have this pay model, but they changed it recently.

But NameHero is unique in that it offers free nightly backups and keeps a day’s worth of data without any charge up to 20 GB. This takes care of the most frequent scenario of a disaster affecting your site. If that happens, you can just restore to the previous nightly backup.

I personally think that such a facility is invaluable. I speak from personal experience. I’ve had to restore files or databases in an emergency when an update broke my site. NameHero’s facility is a welcome security blanket!

3rd Party Partnership for Backups

In addition, NameHero has partnered with DropMySite for offsite backups starting at just $1.99/month for 5GB. This allows you to backup your files as well as your database on a location different from your regular server. So in case something happens to your main installation, you have a backup stored in another location.

Automatic WordPress Malware Detection

Normally, this is something for which you pay extra. Services like Hostgator’s paid SiteLock for example scan your website and fix issues depending on the plan.

NameHero however, has partnered with Imunify360 to provide free malware detection and removal for all shared hosting plans – even the most basic ones! As you can see from this screenshot, you can access it directly from cPanel:

Free WordPress Malware Scanning with NameHero and Imunify360
Free WordPress Malware Scanning and Removal

This is a pretty amazing service for a hosting provider that’s so under the radar. You can save a lot of money by not having to subscribe to additional services.

Automatic WordPress Vulnerability Patching

Update: This section on Patchman is outdated. After cPanel’s licensing changes, NameHero has removed support for Patchman for now.

Sometimes, you’re not ready to update WordPress when a new version is released. Perhaps you’re afraid that your plugins or themes might break. But each new version also fixes critical security vulnerabilities. So how do you balance these two?

With NameHero, you don’t have to! They’ve partnered with Patchman – a service that fixes security vulnerabilities in WordPress without having to upgrade anything. Like with Imunify360, it’s available in cPanel like this:

Patchman from NameHero fixes security vulnerabilities without needing to update
Patchman in NameHero’s cPanel Patches Security Vulnerabilities

And like the previous service, this is completely free! It’s hard to overestimate the sheer value proposition of NameHero. Each and every one of these special features would normally require a special subscription to a 3rd party service. Giving away all this for free is practically unheard of in the web hosting world.

Free Dynamic Server Caching

Very few hosting providers allow for server caching on shared hosting. Normally, you’re supposed to rely on 3rd party plugins, which is slower. Even those that support it like SiteGround and A2 Hosting, don’t offer it on all their plans.

NameHero however, offers it on all their shared hosting plans, thanks to the LiteSpeed webserver that they use instead of Apache. The LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin integrates with the backend and provides server based caching. It’s an awesome benefit, that’s truly unique to NameHero. Even SiteGround doesn’t offer server caching for its basic StartUp hosting plan!

Free Domain

NameHero gives you a free domain for one year along with a new hosting plan. This puts them in the same league of hosting providers along with Bluehost, DreamHost, Hostgator, and GoDaddy. Since a domain renewal is usually around $14/year, this translates to an additional discount of more than $1/month for a year’s hosting.

When you take that into account, NameHero’s hosting becomes extremely cost-effective.

SSD Raid 10 Storage

Many large hosting providers still haven’t moved to SSD storage, which is criminal if you ask me. NameHero has been providing SSD storage right from its inception. This means that your dynamic content such as that produced by CMSs like WordPress will be much faster due to database read/write operations.

Raid 10 is a configuration of hard drives that combines two techniques – mirroring and pairing. It means your data is spread out across at least 4 drives and this gives it a tremendous amount of redundancy. It’s a great configuration for I/O intensive applications. Again, like WordPress and other CMSs.

LiteSpeed Webserver

LiteSpeed is a unique web server that’s a “drop-in” replacement for Apache. It boasts extremely high transaction limits and concurrent connections.

One awesome benefit of LiteSpeed is their caching features. For example, they released a WordPress caching plugin that implements server level caching and other advanced features such as a private cache for logged in users, automatic purging, and even the caching of REST API calls.

LiteSpeed also replaces traditional reverse proxy configurations like NGINX and boasts an event-driven architecture, which reduces the RAM requirements and fewer processes. Plus, it also comes with specialized functions for WooCommerce and bbPress.

In short, there are a ton of benefits to LiteSpeed, which is a paid product, unlike Apache. But by including it with all plans, NameHero has decided to go with extra speed and features, which is a pretty cool addition. I would consider this by itself to be a reason to purchase NameHero hosting.

MariaDB Instead of MySQL

NameHero uses MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, just like LiteSpeed is a replacement for Apache. In 2008, when Oracle acquired MySQL, the lead developer forked the project, and MariaDB was the result.

MariaDB has a much more open and friendly development process, with lots of feedback from the community, forum threads, and suggestions. Much like WordPress itself is developed. It also has a more frequent release cycle, which means that bugs and security fixes come out earlier than MySQL.

Finally, even though there’s a lot of interpretation of test results, real-world experiments show that MariaDB is at least somewhat faster than MySQL. And in some cases, a lot faster!

NameHero’s decision to go with MariaDB instead of MySQL is a rather bold one, since most people purchase Linux hosting expecting a standard stack of Apache and MySQL. By using the combination of LiteSpeed and MariaDB, NameHero has signaled its willingness to deviate from the comfort zone and make architectural decisions that it thinks are best for the community.

InterWorx as an Option Instead of cPanel

When cPanel changed its licensing options, it put the business models of all resellers and VPS owners at risk. It’s now a lot more expensive to run a bunch of domains on a webserver using a blanket cPanel license.

To make this transition easier on their customers, NameHero has started to offer the InterWorx dashboard which has much cheaper licensing requirements. It’s not mandatory of course, but it’s good to know that it’s an option.

NameHero Has a Strong Reseller Program

These days, reseller hosting has become less of a priority for many large web hosts like Bluehost and Hostgator. Some hosts have migrated resellers onto 3rd party platforms.

NameHero first became known for its reseller support. It offers free WHMCS licenses with all its plans, which itself is a $15.95/m value. Plus NameHero now allows its resellers to bypass the cPanel license costs by offering InterWorx as an additional option to cPanel.

NameHero’s Customer Service is the Best

Being a small company has its advantages. NameHero customer service is the most personalized of all web hosts I’ve reviewed. The CEO Ryan Gray himself frequently addresses issues directly on the blog, and even in the comments section. Many customers stay on with NameHero due to the customer service.

In addition, they don’t outsource their service calls to other countries.

NameHero vs Other Web Hosts

Here’s how NameHero compares to other hosting providers.

vs A2 Hosting

Unlike NameHero, A2 Hosting charges an additional fee for using LiteSpeed servers. Also, NameHero’s long term hosting costs are lower. A2 doesn’t offer a free domain either. Here’s a more detailed NameHero vs A2 Hosting comparison.

vs Hostgator

Hostgator has better short term discounts than NameHero, but the latter has more cost effective long term hosting. NameHero also beats Hostgator on features like server caching, and security monitoring. Here’s a complete NameHero vs Hostgator matchup.

vs SiteGround

SiteGround and NameHero are much more alike than with other web hosts. However, NameHero is leagues cheaper both in the long term, and short term. But even with its special advantages, NameHero has fewer raw features than SiteGround – though it beats it in server caching for basic hosting plans.

SiteGround also has more data centers, including one in Asia. Read more about NameHero vs SiteGround in my detailed comparison between the two.

Is There Free NameHero SSL?

Yes! In late 2016 NameHero decided to issue free SSL certificates. Considering that big hosting companies like Bluehost and Hostgator only decided to offer free SSL in mid-2018, that’s a pretty impressive achievement.

The SSL certs are provided by Let’s Encrypt, and are automatically applied to new shared hosting accounts, unlike other companies like SiteGround, where you need to enable it manually.

What is the NameHero Blog?

The Startup NameHero blog is an amazing resource for website owners. It has tutorials for all the issues that a regular user would face. From cPanel “how-tos”, to in-depth WordPress guides, VPN assistance and so forth.

If you need help with some aspect of web hosting, chances are you can find it on the NameHero blog. I personally contribute to it at regular intervals as well!

Are there Renewal Discounts for NameHero?

The coupon discounts you see in the top table are for the first billing cycle alone. Once that expires, you pay the full price for your hosting plan. In other words, the promo code only helps you once.

Tiered Discounts

However, there is one difference that makes NameHero unique – and that is tiered discounts for higher billing cycles. What that means is that you pay less per month, the longer your hosting period. For example, see the screenshot below for the “Starter Cloud” plan:

NameHero Tiered Pricing

Here, you can see that the monthly price if you sign up for 12-months is $7.49. However, if you sign up for 36-months at a time, the total discounted cost drops to an astonishing $5.99/month! And this doesn’t take into account the discount you get for the first billing cycle.

So NameHero rewards you for choosing longer billing cycles, and these discounts are locked in when you renew for the same period. They’re also independent of the promo code you use.

What Payment Methods Does NameHero Accept?

NameHero accepts the following three methods of payment:

  1. Credit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Coinbase

The last one is pretty interesting, since it’s the first hosting company I’ve reviewed that accepts cryptocurrency. (On that note, I’ll never forget that my 10 bitcoins were stolen way back in 2012)!

Where are NameHero’s Data Centers Located?

NameHero has two data centers in the US, and one in the Netherlands, EU

  1. Lansing, Michigan
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Amsterdam, EU

These represent two distinct zones in the United States – central and the west coast. Here’s a screenshot showing the relative locations:

NameHero Datacenters

The one in Michigan is bigger by far, having a capacity of 35,000 servers. The Phoenix data center has a capacity of just 2,000.

NameHero’s European Datacenter

On the 4th of November 2019, NameHero announced the opening of its newest data center in the Netherlands. This is a big deal, and marks the expansion of NameHero outside the US for the first time.

As far as the datacenters themselves go, the European one is relatively new, being established only in 2014, with a capacity of up to 25,000 servers. It’s connected to two large Internet exchanges:

  • AMS-IS
  • NL-IX

You can choose which datacenter you want to host your site on when you first sign up for a new package:

NameHero EU Data Center
NameHero EU Data Center

Most web hosts content themselves with serving just one continent. So it’s a good sign that NameHero is expanding its horizons and expanding its business. So far, customers in Europe might have been hesitant to purchase hosting from a provider who only had datacenters in the United States. But now with a location in the Netherlands, your customers will have faster connection times, and a better overall experience.

NameHero Contact Details

NameHero’s main office is in Missouri, and the administrative office is in Wyoming. Here are the full addresses:

Main Address:
1520 Clay Street, Suite G2
North Kansas City, Missouri 64116

Administrative Address: Administrative Office
690 S Highway 89, Suite 200
Jackson, Wyoming 83002

Phone Number:

+1 855-984-6263

What are the NameHero Nameservers?

Here  are the NameHero nameservers:


Use these in your DNS control panel if you have a registrar different from NameHero.


NameHero plans and features suggest one thing – it will try and provide the fastest web hosting for customers, even if it means using software that’s a bit “non-standard”. Their smaller size makes them more agile, and it allows them to keep up to date with the newest best practices in hosting. Their cloud-based architecture gives them a level of redundancy and safety that you don’t normally expect.

Because of their coupons and promo codes, NameHero even compares favorably to SiteGround in terms of features and price. In short, I highly recommend NameHero if you’re looking for a personalized and feature-rich web hosting company with which to grow your site!

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