NameHero Coupon 2023, Review + Features

Special NameHero Coupon for 2023

For a short time, get 62% off on NameHero hosting:

The above is a seasonal coupon with a limited duration. So use it while it’s still valid!

During Normal Times:

Here is the highest NameHero coupon for 2023 (60% off):

For the Plus, Turbo, and Business plans, here’s a 55% off coupon:

These promo codes keep changing, so check in – especially during holidays. Keep reading for a full NameHero review below!

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See below for screenshots on how to apply the discounts using the Name Hero coupon codes in the table.

NameHero Hosting’s plans are powered entirely by the cloud. That means your website is not chained to a single machine, lowering its chances of failure. Instead, the resources are spread across multiple servers with redundancy, making your site much more robust.

The Best NameHero Coupon for 2023

Here’s the current lowest coupon from NameHero:

Thanks to a special tie-up with NameHero, you now get the same discount when you sign up for web hosting directly through the WP-Tweaks NameHero link.

NameHero: Table of Contents

How to Apply a NameHero Promo Code

For the most part, NameHero’s promo codes are applied automatically. However, sometimes, they have unique offers with discount codes during special seasons. The coupons in the table above are applied automatically when you navigate through the billing section like this:

NameHero Coupon Code at Checkout
NameHero Coupon Code at Checkout

You need to go to the last screen in the billing process after bypassing the configuration options and domain name selection screens.

NameHero Seasonal Coupons

Most of the time, NameHero has special coupons depending on the season. So it has:

  • Winter coupons
  • Fall coupons
  • Spring coupons, and
  • Summer coupons

These give even higher discounts than the ones on my website. Often, the deals will go up to 70%. Sometimes 65%. The current seasonal coupon is:

These typically last for a month or two each before switching to the next. You don’t have to do anything special to apply these coupons, but you can use the special coupon code manually as described above for the little bit of downtime between seasons.

NameHero Black Friday Coupons

There are some pretty amazing NameHero Black Friday discounts. These will change daily, depending on how the previous sales go. Unlike other web hosts, there will be different discounts for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

Funds Matching for Existing Customers

The frenzy of Black Friday typically only applies to new customers for most web hosts. However, NameHero extends the deals to existing ones as well. This takes the form of “matching funds”. If you deposit a certain amount into your credit store, NameHero will match the funds depending on a certain percentage. If the rate for a particular year is 100%, NameHero will match your funds dollar for dollar.

In effect, the above is a 50% discount on NameHero renewals, which, as you know, is relatively unheard of in the web hosting business. Usually, companies are happy to continue charging existing customers the full rate without including them in the Black Friday discounts and coupons!

Explaining the Various NameHero Coupons

Here’s an explanation for each NameHero coupon, what they do, and when to use them.

Latest Time-Based NameHero Coupon

The current time-based coupon is:

NameHero Holiday Coupon

The latest NameHero discount.

More Less

The above will keep changing, so it won’t be constant. Right now, this coupon gives a discount of 62% . If it shows above as expired, it means that NameHero doesn’t have a special coupon. In which case, your best bet is to use one of the coupons below.


The WPTWEAKSSTARTER coupon gives you a 60% discount on the basic Starter NameHero plan. This won’t be as high as the seasonal discount. But if we’re between seasons, this coupon will give you the highest available offer for the Starter plan.

You can click below to go directly to the deal:

WPTWEAKS – For Plus, Turbo, and Business Plans

Unfortunately, due to cost considerations, you can’t use the last coupon for the higher-tier NameHero plans. Instead, you can use the WPTWEAKS coupon. Instead of 60%, it gives you a 55% discount. But this is still higher than what you will find with the default NameHero coupon:

Remember, a seasonal coupon will always be more favorable than either of the above two!

NameHero Hosting Renewal Discounts

The coupon discounts you see in the top table are for the first billing cycle alone. Once that expires, you pay the full price for your hosting plan. In other words, the promo code only helps you once.

Funds Matching Acts as a Renewal Discount

As mentioned above, NameHero will offer a “funds matching” scheme during special seasons. If you deposit a dollar amount into your account, NameHero will match the funds based on a certain percentage. This is a renewal discount since a 100% funds-matching scheme acts as a 50% renewal coupon.

No other host does this regularly, which makes NameHero very cost-effective if you take advantage of the program.

Tiered Discounts

However, one difference makes NameHero unique: tiered discounts for higher billing cycles. That means that you pay less per month the longer your hosting period. For example, see the screenshot below for the “Starter Cloud” plan:

NameHero Tiered Pricing
NameHero Tiered Pricing

Here, you can see that the monthly price if you sign up for 12 months is $7.49. However, if you sign up for 36 months at a time, the total discounted cost drops to an astonishing $5.99/month! And this doesn’t consider the discount you get for the first billing cycle.

So NameHero rewards you for choosing longer billing cycles, and these discounts are locked in when you renew for the same period. They’re also independent of the promo code you use.

NameHero Price Chart

Here’s the complete NameHero pricing chart for easy comparison between all their hosting plans.

Basic Plan Advanced Plan Premium Plan
NameHero Shared Hosting $3.40/month
Discount 62% off
With coupon code WPTWEAKSSTARTER
Discount 50% off
With coupon code WPTWEAKSSTARTER
Discount 50% off
With coupon code WPTWEAKSSTARTER
NameHero Reseller $12.48/month
Discount 50% off
Discount 50% off
Discount 50% off
NameHero VPS $23.17/month
Discount 42% off
Discount 42% off
Discount 42% off
NameHero Dedicated $153.97/month
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off
Discount 45% off

You can see that while NameHero’s prices aren’t the cheapest, the discounts are pretty good. And if you make judicious use of their Black Friday deals, you can continue to get an effective 50% renewal coupon!

NameHero Coupon vs Other Web Host Discounts

Here’s how NameHero’s discounts compare to other hosting providers.

NameHero Promo Code vs HostGator Promo Code

Compared to Hostgator, NameHero has a minimal selection of promo codes. Hostgator, however, has separate coupons for all its products. Price-wise, NameHero costs about the same as Hostgator, starting at $3.40/m, compared to Hostgator, which starts at $2.57/m. Here’s the Hostgator promo code page for all the deals.

Unlike NameHero, Hostgator extends the best discounts for its 12-month and 36-month terms, while NameHero reserves the high discounts on the 3-year plan. In addition, Hostgator gives you a free domain name on all its plans, but NameHero gives you a free domain when you purchase the Turbo plan for two years or more. Here’s a complete NameHero vs Hostgator comparison to learn more.

NameHero Coupon vs SiteGround Coupon

Even though the features of both hosts are almost the same, SiteGround costs a lot more than NameHero. Due to SiteGround’s high discounts, this might not be apparent at first, but it immediately stands out when you compare the basic renewal prices – $14.99/m for SiteGround and $8.95/m for NameHero.

To accentuate the price difference, SiteGround doesn’t give you a free domain, regardless of how long you host, while NameHero offers a free domain for 2+ years of hosting on the “Turbo” plan and above. NameHero also has a 7-day free trial with its website builder, while SiteGround has no such free trial. Check out my NameHero vs SiteGround comparison article to learn more.

NameHero Has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can get a full refund of your money if you cancel your NameHero service within 30-days, less than many other web hosts. For example, Hostgator’s refund period is 45-days, and DreamHost has a record-breaking 97-day money-back guarantee. On the flip side, NameHero allows refunds for VPS services that DreamHost doesn’t.

The money-back only applies to the hosting itself and not to any add-ons like cPanel purchases or domain registrations. This is because these are costs paid directly to the 3rd party vendor, and the fees don’t go to NameHero. So naturally, they can’t be refunded.

The refund doesn’t happen automatically. You need to submit a written request after service cancellation to NameHero, after which you’ll get the refund up to 30 days later.

NameHero Hosting’s Strong Reseller Program

These days, reseller hosting has become less of a priority for many prominent web hosts like Bluehost and Hostgator. Some hosts have migrated resellers onto 3rd party platforms.

NameHero first became known for its reseller support. It offers free WHMCS licenses with all its plans, which is a $15.95/m value. Plus, NameHero now allows its resellers to bypass the cPanel license costs by offering InterWorx as an additional option to cPanel.

NameHero’s Customer Service is the Best

Being a small company has its advantages. NameHero customer service is the most personalized of all web hosts I’ve reviewed. The CEO, Ryan Gray, frequently addresses issues directly on the blog and in the comments section. Many customers stay on with NameHero due to the customer service.

In addition, they don’t outsource their service calls to other countries.

“Name Hero” and “NameHero” are the Same Web Host

I see some people searching for “Name Hero” (two words) instead of “NameHero” (one word). These two are equivalent, and only the latter is correct. This seems to be a common theme with the names of hosting providers when people often split them into two parts.

But rest assured that Name Hero is the same web host, not a different one!

Best NameHero Alternative: KnownHost

If you’re looking for an alternative to NameHero, I suggest KnownHost. It has many of the same features as NameHero, such as:

  1. Free backups and restores
  2. Free malware scanning and removal
  3. LiteSpeed web server on all plans

However, it has a few disadvantages compared to NameHero. There’s no free domain name, and the storage limits are quite low, with hard restrictions on the number of e-mail accounts. Also, it’s more expensive, with a starting price of $3.47/m, compared to $3.40/m for NameHero. Check out the KnownHost coupon code page for the full list.

Final Thoughts on NameHero Coupon Codes

This NameHero review shows one thing – it will try and provide the fastest web hosting for customers, even if it means using software that’s a bit “non-standard”. Their smaller size makes them more agile, allowing them to keep up to date with the newest best practices in hosting. Their cloud-based architecture gives them a level of redundancy and safety that you don’t usually expect.

Because of their coupons and promo codes, NameHero compares favorably to SiteGround in terms of features and price. In short, I highly recommend NameHero if you’re looking for a personalized and feature-rich web hosting company to grow your site!

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