NameHero: Best Web Host for Domain Parking

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Most web hosts don’t allow you to park unlimited domains on their basic plans. For that, they make you upgrade to higher tier packages that might be overkill for your needs. NameHero is the best web host for domain parking because it allows unlimited parked domains for free on even their most basic Starter plan!

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No Need to Upgrade with NameHero

You can see in the screenshot below, that NameHero offers unlimited parked domains with all its plans, including the most basic one:

Unlimited Parked Domains with NameHero
NameHero Allows Unlimited Domain Parking on the Starter Plan

This means that if you have a business that relies on selling parked domains, you can stay on NameHero forever without ever needing to upgrade. Of course, it means that you’ll need to redirect all of them to a single website, since the Starter plan only allows one.

What About Other Web Hosts?

Let’s take a look at the policies of other web hosts. Here’s a screenshot of the Bluehost web hosting screen showing the number of parked domains allowed on the Basic plan:

Only 5 Parked Domains Allowed on Bluehost Basic
Bluehost Only Allows 5 Parked Domains on the Basic Plan

You can see above that if you want to get serious about domain parking with Bluehost, you need to upgrade your plan to “Plus”. And this of course, is a LOT more expensive. The strategy is clear – you can only have a few parked domains that act as aliases to your site. But you can’t build a business on it.

Hostgator has an even more restrictive policy. Here’s a screenshot of their Hatchling plan:

Hostgator Hatchling Allows NO Parked Domains!
NO Parked Domains Allowed with Hostgator Hatchling Plans!

This is even more onerous than Bluehost. You don’t have any parked domains with Hostgator’s Hatchling plan. That means that if you want to redirect some aliases, or purchase the “.net” and “.org” versions of your website to redirect to your main page, you’re going to have to upgrade to the Baby plan.

From this, you can see that web hosts use parked domains as a lever to try and get you to upgrade. With NameHero, you’ll never have to worry about parked domains again.

NameHero is Cheaper in the Long Term

NameHero doesn’t give the highest discounts. However, it’s cheaper in the long run as shown in the table below:

Full PriceDiscount Price
NameHero Starter $8.95/Mo $4.02/Mo
Hostgator Baby $9.95/Mo $3.95/Mo
BlueHost Plus $10.99/Mo $5.95/Mo

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The comparison in the above table is between the lowest priced plans for all web hosts that allow for unlimited domain parking. As you can see, Only Hostgator is cheaper than NameHero, but the full price you pay after the discount wears off is higher. This makes NameHero the most affordable web host for domain parking.

It’s Not Just The Price

Even though the above discussion has focused on the pricing aspect, NameHero doesn’t bother to compete on price alone. It’s features far outstrip the other providers listed here. For example:

  1. Free Backups, Snapshots and Restores
  2. Free malware scanning
  3. Free server caching
  4. LiteSpeed web server (What is LiteSpeed?)
  5. Personalized customer service (read more)

NameHero has features that Bluehost and Hostgator can only dream of providing. Like I said, their focus isn’t just on cost, but about retention.

Bottom Line

The long and short is that NameHero is the best web host for domain parking. While other providers try to nickel and dime you, and force you to upgrade for the rights to host more domains, NameHero gives you unlimited numbers for free. Don’t just go by the cheapest discounted prices you can find. Look at the totality of the package and total cost of ownership instead.

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