The Hostgator 60% Off Coupon Code Soon Won’t Work!

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I got confirmation recently that the Hostgator 60% off coupon code is being retired. But don’t worry! You can still get the old deal using the link below.

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Old Hostgator 60% Off Coupon Code

The 60% off discount code has been a staple on the Hostgator front page for a long time, as seen here:

This was applied using the old “SHARED3660” coupon code. Here’s a comprehensive table of all Hostgator coupons with the older, and newer ones included.

So now that it’s going away, what will we have instead?

New Hostgator 50% Coupon Code

Instead of the 60% discount, they’re making it 50%. This means the price of regular shared hosting will increase from $2.75/Mo to $3.48/Mo.

They’re rolling this out slowly. So while you might not see the new price on their front page immediately, it’s only a matter of time before that happens. To start off, they’re going to redirect 25% of their traffic to the new deal, see how it performs, and then expand the new discount rates to everyone.

How to Retain the 60% Discount

While it’s always sad to see someone raise prices, there’s a silver lining. It’s still possible to get the old 60% discount using this coupon code:

This is a special coupon code that will continue to apply the old discount, even when Hostgator officially changes it’s default SHARED3660 coupon code. It works because it’s a special custom code that I negotiated directly with Hostgator, and so the old, higher discount persists despite the change in policy!

Neat ain’t it?

The Highest Hostgator Discount is 78%

However, there’s an even bigger discount to be had with the following Hostgator coupon code:

This actually gives you up to 78% off on all Hostgator shared hosting plans, starting at just $2.58/Mo! It’s not a very well known coupon, but it works great. Here’s proof:

Best Coupon Code for Hostgator Web Hosting

The catch is that it’s only for 12-months hosting. After that time, you’ll have to pay the full amount. But in the meantime, it’s the full starter plan complete with free SSL, and unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Hostgator Cloud and Reseller Losing Focus

Another interesting update is that Hostgator is dropping its focus on cloud and reseller products. While Hostgator cloud hosting will still continue to exist when you visit the URL directly, they’re removing it from their homepage. The same goes for reseller hosting.

It’s hard to say at the moment what this means for Hostgator’s larger plans. Perhaps they’re going the way of GoDaddy and dropping cloud support entirely? As it is, the differences between cloud and VPS hosting were vanishing. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before they disappear altogether.

Hostgator Continues to Give the Best Discounts

Despite these changes, I see no reason to reassess my position that Hostgator currently offers the most affordable hosting in the medium to long term.

If you’re just looking to test out the service, you can sign up for 1 month for just 1c using this code:

Though if you’re looking for a longer term solution, I wouldn’t recommend this code because the discount expires after one month, and they you pay the full price. That makes it hugely more expensive in the long run.

So make use of the Hostgator 60% discount code using the special coupon above. And know that you got the best deal, despite the official change in policy!

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