Best Web Hosting to Buy for Blogging?

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If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you have the choice between a free blogging service like, Blogger, Medium, or one of the many other platforms out there that will happily host your content for free. However, if you want to create a long-term property that’s attached to your brand name and has your unique look, then you need to purchase web hosting and create your own blog.

Here are 2 of the best web hosts to start out with if you’re blogging – and why.

1. Hostgator – Because it’s Cheap Without Cutting Corners

If you’re just starting off, I suggest you begin with something cheap, and which doesn’t commit you too much. In the beginning, you won’t receive too many visitors anyway, and it’s best if you keep your investment small.

You can buy Hostgator web hosting for a measly $2.64 per month if you sign up for 3 years, or $3.00/m if you sign up for 12-months. Here’s the complete Hostgator coupon code list if you want to look at more of their deals.

Cheap Hostgator Web Hosting for Blogging
Hostgator Plans are Super Cheap for Blogging

Why Not Other Cheap Web Hosts for Blogging?

If we’re looking at price, then you might wonder why I’m not recommending other cheap web hosts like GoDaddy. The reason for this, is that while you can find ultra-cheap web hosting for even less, they all have some “catch” that makes them unsuitable.

For example, GoDaddy doesn’t provide you with free SSL and they make you pay $59 for a single certificate! Exabytes provides you with only 1 GB of storage. There are even those who promise to host your site for free like 000webhost, but they all have serious limitations which will kill your site.

GoDaddy Still Requires Paid SSL
GoDaddy Makes you Pay for SSL

In all, I think Hostgator has the best value for money when it comes to web hosting. Yes they’re cheap, but they don’t cut corners. You get plenty of disk space, a full cPanel dashboard, free SSL, and all the usual web hosting utilities that we’ve come to expect. That’s why I recommend them instead of the other ultra-cheap hosting providers.

2. NameHero for Europe Hosting – Or for Extra Power

The second web host that I’ve come to recommend these days, is NameHero. While they’re not quite as cheap as Hostgator, I like them for a number of reasons. Their prices start at $3.58/m. Here’s a list of NameHero coupon codes that you can use during the checkout process.

LiteSpeed Web Server for Caching

NameHero uses something known as a “LiteSpeed” web server, instead of the more common Apache. The biggest advantage of this is the in-built server caching, and this is particularly useful for blogging.

While blogging, your server generates web pages on the fly for each visitor. This is inefficient. Server caching saves a copy of the page after the first visit, and sends the copy for all future requests. This dramatically increases the page speed of your blog. While you can implement caching manually with 3rd party plugins, it’s never as fast as when your server does it for you. Here’s a list of web hosts that implement server caching. You can see that NameHero is at the top of the list.

Servers in Europe

Unlike Hostgator, NameHero has a data center in Europe in the Netherlands. This makes it perfect if you intend to primarily target a European audience. A lot of big web hosts like to consolidate their properties into their fully-owned datacenters, and as a result, don’t have great coverage.

NameHero follows a different approach, and is able to offer servers around the world. The next step is for them to open a data center in Asia!

NameHero also has plenty of little perks that are useful for blogging like free malware scanning, Cloudflare Railgun integration, and daily backups. For example, here’s their “Imunify360” service that they offer for free:

NameHero Provides Feature Rich Web Hosting for Blogging
NameHero Offers Malware Scanning for Free

In fact, they’re so feature rich that I frequently compare NameHero to SiteGround, with the difference that NameHero is much cheaper.

Personalized Customer Service

If you’re just starting your blog, you’ll appreciate NameHero’s personalized customer service. I’m not saying that Hostgator’s customer service is bad – but it’s what you would expect from a faceless corporation. NameHero’s CEO Ryan Gray takes a much more hands-on approach to web hosting, and frequently interacts with customers on his blog, and on his Youtube channel.

For a beginner to blogging, you might appreciate this level of personalized attention!

Bottom Line

For a starter blog, I suggest you go with something that doesn’t strain you financially. For this reason, I recommend either Hostgator or NameHero. The former is the absolute cheapest “non-gimmicky” web hosting on the market. The latter is specially geared towards blogging with server caching and personalized service.

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