SiteGround Coupon Code 2018 and Discount List

Updated 17th May 2018

Here is the complete SiteGround coupon code 2018 list with all the discounts on offer for Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting. Clicking these links will automatically apply the discounts to your purchase!

Service Type Basic Plan Advanced Plan Premium Plan Super Premium
Shared Hosting $3.95/month
Cloud Hosting $80/month $120/month $160/month $240/month
WordPress Hosting $3.95/month
VPS Hosting (GoGeek) $11.95/month
Dedicated Hosting $269/month $349/month $729/month

You can read my SiteGround review to see what you’re getting into. Here are comparisons between SiteGround’s discounts, and those from other hosting providers like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator:

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  4. Compare SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans with other Providers

SiteGround Coupon Code 2018 Discount Strategy

A SiteGround coupon is rare and they’re sparse with discounts and offers. Unlike other providers like Hostgator India with a huge number of discount coupons for every conceivable offering, they keep their listings simple and don’t have an explicit discount code area. So the offerings you see here are the only ones available at this time.

Also unlike other providers like Bluehost and GoDaddy, you don’t get a free domain with SiteGround, so that’s something to keep in mind. Though their domain transfer costs include a free one year renewal for the domain in question. And if you that’s what you need, the SiteGround support staff will take care of it.

SiteGround VPS Hosting and GoGeek Plans are the Same

If you’re looking for a SiteGround VPS hosting plan, you might be a bit confused by the above table. Basically, SiteGround doesn’t have a dedicated VPS offering. Instead, it calls it “Semi-Dedicated” hosting and is essentially the GoGeek plan. This causes SiteGround to have the absolute cheapest VPS plans on the market. It’s tough to tell if this strategy to differentiate themselves in the VPS marketplace is effective.

On the one hand, I’ve been using the geeky SiteGround features like git staging for a long time and have been absolutely thrilled by their utility – though you might miss the more powerful facilities of a proper VPS and the loss of customization. However there’s no doubt that even with full fledged VPS offerings, many customers simply won’t need to use most of the customizations. So it might be a good idea to merge the two in any case. Personally, going by the reviews of SiteGround and the lack of complaints, I think they’re on the right track.

And if you’re wondering who owns SiteGround? Relax. It’s not EIG! (yet).

Geeky Features with SiteGround “GoGeek”

The unique “geeky” features are what really makes them stand out. And even the SiteGround starter plans are pretty comprehensive, with free daily backups and SSH capabilities. SiteGround’s Super Cacher plugin is an awesome addition that allows sites to replace complicated caching solutions like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache with WordPress. You can active it from the SiteGround control panel (https://ua.siteground.com). In addition, the GoGeek plans have useful things like PCI compliance for credit card processing, on-demand backups, git repo creation, and staging.

If you opt for WordPress hosting with SiteGround, you’ll find that they offer free WordPress transfers regardless of the hosting plan. Not surprisingly, everyone who has switched hosting providers dreads this job. But SiteGround takes care of it entirely. This greatly reduces the headache you will face when migrating your site. No wonder then that they’re a recommended hosting provider on the official WordPress.org site!

In short, their unique selling point is its targeting of developers who will appreciate tools that make their life easier. They’ve even rolled the SiteGround e-mail hosting service into their regular plans!

SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting Plan Details

SiteGround is unique in their cloud hosted offerings. If you look at the price comparisons of cloud hosting, you’ll see that they’re the most expensive of the bunch – by far (though you can reduce the initial price with a SiteGround coupon) While other hosting providers use the term “Cloud Hosting” as a catch all phrase that’s hardly more expensive than their regular shared hosting plans, SiteGround really takes it to the next level.

The unique ability of cloud hosting customers to customize their configurations with SiteGround, makes it suitable for businesses of any size. This, along with the auto-scaling ability ensures that no two SiteGround cloud hosting installations are alike. When companies run marketing campaigns, their traffic can fluctuate greatly and can even catch them off guard. But with SiteGround auto scaling, the system checks the load every few seconds and automatically assigns resources as necessary. To do this, navigate to the SiteGround user area and manage your resources from there.

With the proper cut offs and checks and balances, SiteGround cloud hosting is a one stop solution for businesses of any size. And that’s why these plans are more expensive than other Cloud hosting solutions on the market.

The bottom line is that SiteGround’s offerings are well thought out and exclusively targeted towards developers. Their deals and services are customized to target very specific use case scenarios and there’s very little overlap. This should make choosing the right product far easier!