SiteGround Coupon List and Pricing

NOTE: I’ve officially switched my recommendation from SiteGround to NameHero Hosting. It wasn’t popular, but I stand by my choice. Among other reasons, SiteGround renewal costs were too high. Here’s why I no longer recommend SiteGround.

Here’s the complete SiteGround coupon 2024 list. The pricing is applied automatically.

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StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
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Shared Hosting

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80% off
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53% off
60% off
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Advanced Hosting
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Cloud Hosting

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$100/month $200/month $300/month

For technical details about differences between the StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek plans, here’s a list of SiteGround shared hosting limitations.

NameHero: The Best Alternative to SiteGround

I couldn’t ignore the complaints about SiteGround’s renewal prices any longer. As a result, I now recommend NameHero – the best alternative to SiteGround. Here’s the best deal:

NameHero Hosting: 60% off!

Table of Contents:

What is a SiteGround Coupon?

A SiteGround coupon is a price reduction offered to new customers for the first billing cycle.

The above deals are the only ones that exist. Unlike other providers, they keep their listings simple. For example, you can find a lot of undocumented discounts on the Hostgator coupon code page. But for SiteGround, the offerings you see here are the only ones available.

SiteGround Coupon 2024 Changes

The coupons offered by SiteGround have remained constant for years. There’s no change from last year when it comes to discounts. The same three plans exist with the same savings.

Not just year to year, the deals are the same throughout the year – apart from the seasonal discounts. Not being part of the EIG group, SiteGround has the freedom to stick to its winning strategy of not chasing low-quality hosting with the lowest prices. This way, everyone wins.

SiteGround 70% off Discount

The highest SiteGround coupon is for 70% with the GrowBig plan during a regular year. Customers also get higher discounts on Labor Day and Black Friday. But apart from these two times of the year, the GrowBig plan gets the highest savings.

The GrowBig plan lets you host multiple websites

The GrowBig plan also is the most popular. The reason is that it’s the first tier that allows you to host multiple websites and starts to have some of the more advanced SiteGround features like the fast PHP architecture. If you’re serious about web hosting, you should start with at least GrowBig. And that means you can avail of the 70% discount.

However, the GrowBig plan has become a lot more expensive. Thanks to the massive increase in SiteGround’s prices, the 70% discount leads to a substantial monetary shock at the end of your billing cycle.

SiteGround 60% off Coupon

SiteGround’s discounts are far higher than the 60% off coupon you’re searching for. The StartUp and GoGeek plans give you 67% off, and the GrowBig plan offers a massive 70% savings.

You don’t need to enter any SiteGround voucher code or search for special promos. Just click the above link, and you’ll see the discount appear on the checkout screen automatically.

SiteGround Discount: Per Year

SiteGround’s yearly prices don’t change depending on the billing cycle. Whether you sign up for one month or three years, you pay the same amount, which makes it different from the regular providers like Bluehost and Hostgator. For the latter, the price per year decreases as you increase the billing cycle.

SiteGround doesn’t offer such gimmicks. The pricing is standardized, and they rely instead on excellent service to retain their customers. So far, their strategy seems to be working, and they don’t need additional price incentives to keep their customers.

SiteGround Monthly Plan

In addition to its 1-year to 3-year packages, SiteGround also offers a monthly plan, as shown here:

SiteGround Monthly Plan
SiteGround 1 Month Trial

As you can see, it’s not a “trial”. There’s no free hosting, even for a month – you pay a one-time setup fee of $25. This makes it quite an expensive proposition. Nothing like Hostgator’s “1 cent” coupon here!

The cost per month is the full price without any discount if you choose to host on a month-to-month basis. If you’re planning to use SiteGround for any length of time, it makes absolutely zero sense to go this route instead of opting for any of the offered discounts!

The high monthly cost also acts as a deterrent to those who want to test the service before purchasing it. However, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that’s your best bet if you want to kick the tires and see how they stack up to the competition.

How to Apply a SiteGround Coupon in 2024

There are no SiteGround coupons – only flat discounts. To apply for a discount, click one of the links above. There are three standard plans:

  1. StartUp
  2. GrowBig
  3. GoGeek
SiteGround Coupon Code 2019- StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek

The GoGeek plan used to be marketed as a SiteGround VPS, but no longer.

Unlike other providers such as Bluehost, Hostgator, and GoDaddy, you don’t get a free domain with SiteGround, so that’s something to consider. Their domain transfer costs include a complimentary one-year renewal for the domain. And if that’s what you need, the SiteGround support staff will take care of it.

SiteGround GrowBig Coupon

The SiteGround GrowBig discount is 70%. It’s the single highest discount for any plan. With this, you can purchase it for just $4.99/mo instead of $24.99. SiteGround’s internal statistics must show that GrowBig retains customers more than any shared hosting package – hence the high discounts.

The GrowBig package is also the first entry-level plan where you can host unlimited websites. So it’s likely the choice of anyone serious about web hosting. SiteGround also upgraded its service plans where GrowBig users can avail of on-demand backups and staging.

The StartUp plan is reserved only for dabblers. GrowBig is where the serious hosting starts!

SiteGround Renewal Coupon?

There isn’t one. The SiteGround discount 2024 collection doesn’t include renewals! Each discount is valid only for the first billing cycle. After that, you pay the full price for each of them. There’s no getting around this. Unlike other providers, there are no additional savings for three or 5-year plans. So the maximum discount you can get is for 1-year.

SiteGround’s renewals prices are super high

This makes SiteGround one of the most pricey shared hosting providers. Many people get shocked when receiving their first $240 bill for hosting renewal, and this is exacerbated by the fact that they don’t have a free domain name.

I often call it the “Apple of the hosting world”. Other hosts are far more premium than SiteGround, but none provide traditional hosting services like shared hosting. Others like Liquid Web and Kinsta are specialized hosts.

SiteGround Coupons vs Other Web Hosts

Here’s how the SiteGround coupon codes compare with other web host discounts.

SiteGround Coupon vs KnownHost Coupon Code

SiteGround is a lot more expensive than KnownHost, and the extra cost isn’t worth it. KnownHost’s starting price is $8.95/m, whereas that of SiteGround is $14.99/m. Here’s the complete KnownHost coupon code list for all their deals.

Compared to KnownHost, SiteGround has better backup retention, but that’s the only difference. KnownHost uses a LiteSpeed web server with inbuilt server-side caching and Edge Side Includes (ESI). In addition, KnownHost also has free malware scanning and security, compared to SiteGround, which charges you an extra fee for the SG Scanner. Dollar for dollar, KnownHost is far better than SiteGround. For more details, check out my KnownHost vs SiteGround comparison.

SiteGround vs HostArmada

HostArmada is far cheaper than SiteGround, starting at just $2.99/m and a renewal price of $9.95/m. It also has separate discounts for VPS plans and reseller hosting. SiteGround on the other hand has fixed coupons that don’t change. There’s also no VPS plan.

Features-wise, HostArmada offers malware scanning and fixing for free, whereas SiteGround makes you pay for an additional add-on. HostArmada also offers cPanel, compared to a custom interface with SiteGround. Here’s the complete SitGround vs HostArmada comparison to learn more.

SiteGround Elementor Discount

Elementor is a page builder, and they’ve teamed up to offer a SiteGround discount for the Pro version. Log into SiteGround and click the “Perks” tab on the right-hand side to get the discount. Scroll down to find the deal as shown here:

SiteGround Elementor Discount
SiteGround Discount Code for Elementor

As you can see, you get an excellent 20% off if you’re a SiteGround customer. The Pro version of Elementor offers the following perks:

  1. Pro widgets
  2. Pro themes
  3. Ability to build your own themes and popups
  4. Pro support and updates

I avoid page builders and stick to something that can be white-labeled and is open-source – something the Pro version of Elementor is not. But it’s still an easy way to build pages with an excellent drag ‘n drop interface, which could be helpful to some people!

SiteGround Student Discount

SiteGround offers a special discount for students in the form of the StartUp plan. Instead of the usual price, students can avail special pricing for the first year, starting at just $1.99/mo.

You need to sign up with your university e-mail ID to qualify for the discount. After verification, you can then be eligible for the student discount using the above link. The plan consists of all the features of the StartUp package.

Unfortunately, this only applies to students living in North America, so you’re out of luck if you live in other parts of the world.

No SiteGround Free Domain

SiteGround does NOT offer a free domain name with their shared hosting plans. This makes SiteGround discounts slightly different from Hostgator, Bluehost, and most other well-known web hosts, and it’s relatively expensive when you start paying the full hosting price.

But offering the barest minimum prices has never been part of SiteGround’s discount strategy. They make up for the higher costs with their stability and features.

What Payment Methods Does SiteGround Accept?

You can pay for SiteGround hosting with regular credit cards – MasterCard, VISA, American Express, etc.

The SiteGround coupons in 2024 are automatically applied.

Why Is There No PayPal Option?

Though SiteGround supports PayPal, there’s no option for it when you sign up. You’ll need to contact the sales team to enable it, and live chat works best. This is how I managed to switch my payment method to PayPal instead of credit cards.

What is SiteGround’s Refund Policy?

Here is the money-back policy for SiteGround plans:

  1. Shared Hosting: 30-days
  2. WordPress Hosting: 30-days
  3. WooCommerce Hosting: 30-days
  4. Cloud Hosting: 15-days
  5. Dedicated Hosting: No refund policy
  6. Domain Names: None

If you think that 30-days is too low for a refund policy, you would be right, especially when you compare it to other providers like Dreamhost, with a money-back guarantee of 97 days. Even Hostgator has a 45-days cancellation window.

But SiteGround is primarily known for not cutting corners on its web hosting and they have some of the lowest cancellation rates in the industry. They’re not shy about limiting their losses on failed sales, and the extra revenue helps them maintain their fantastic customer service and stable hosting. Two things that are a hallmark of SiteGround services.

How to Request a Money Back

To initiate a refund, you need to find the option in the control panel. The SiteGround user area has two sections – one for domain names and one for hosting services, and the one you’re looking for is the latter.

The SiteGround refund policy does not cover domain names or any additional services like privacy add-ons and paid customer support requests.

SiteGround Discounts for Special Events

SiteGround promos and discounts are the most standardized of all the hosting providers. The SiteGround deals start on year one and max out from there. However, on special events, it drops its prices for a short time.

Labor Day SiteGround Discount Code

Labor week in the US is one of those, and lucky customers get a 70% discount for ALL their plans! The “GrowBig” package benefits the most with a whopping 72% discount.

SiteGround Coupon Code on Labor Day

Don’t miss these rare occasions to get even bigger SiteGround discounts than usual!

Black Friday SiteGround Discount 2024 Deals

This is the single biggest SiteGround sale of the year. Whereas on Labor day SiteGround gives 70% off, Black Friday sees a massive 75% off of all shared hosting products! Here’s the e-mail all affiliates receive during this time:

SiteGround Coupon Code on Black Friday Sale

That, along with the following.

Cyber Monday SiteGround Discount

Cyber Monday is the 3rd day after Black Friday. And SiteGround gives its most significant discounts during this season. Here’s the deal for Cyber Monday:

Cyber Monday SiteGround Coupons

You can get a complete 75% off with a SiteGround discount on these special occasions if you’re lucky!

Does SiteGround Offer Free SSL Certificates?

Yes. You can enable SSL certificates via cPanel, using the free Let’s Encrypt plugin. Here’s a tutorial on how to do just that.

Why is SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting So Expensive?

SiteGround is unique in its cloud-hosted offerings. If you look at the pricing comparisons of cloud hosting, you’ll see that they’re the most expensive of the bunch – (though you can reduce the initial price with a SiteGround promo code).

While other hosting providers use the term “Cloud Hosting” as a catch-all phrase that’s hardly more expensive than their regular shared hosting plans, SiteGround takes it to the next level.

There are also no discounts for this. The SiteGround discount list includes discounted prices only for shared, VPS (GoGeek), and WordPress hosting. With all the others, you need to pay the full price.

SiteGround Cloud is Different

The unique ability of cloud hosting customers to customize their configurations with SiteGround makes it suitable for businesses of any size. This, along with the auto-scaling ability, ensures that no two SiteGround cloud hosting installations are alike. When companies run marketing campaigns, their traffic fluctuates wildly and catches them off guard.

SiteGround’s cloud hosting is more like a dedicated server

But with SiteGround auto-scaling, the system checks the load every few seconds and automatically assigns resources as necessary. To do this, navigate to the SiteGround user area and manage your resources from there. With the proper cut-offs and checks and balances, SiteGround cloud hosting is a one-stop solution for businesses of any size. And that’s why these plans are more expensive than other cloud hosting solutions on the market.

The SiteGround cloud also gives you dedicated server resources like RAM and CPs. For this reason, it’s much more like a VPS.

The bottom line is that SiteGround’s offerings are well thought out and exclusively targeted toward developers. Their deals and services are customized to target particular use case scenarios with minimal overlap, and this should make choosing the right product far easier!

Final Thoughts on SiteGround

Unfortunately, despite the fantastic features and infrastructure, SiteGround is too expensive. I have personal experience with this since I hosted with them for seven years on their GoGeek plan. Their renewal prices are so high that for the GoGeek plan, it makes more sense to buy a standalone VPS!

But if you’re willing to stomach the extra cost, SiteGround offers terrific features with excellent customer service. I’ve used their live chat system many times, and have always come away with the impression that they know what they’re doing. On the rare occasions that an issue required a deeper explanation, their higher-tier technical staff took care of it via the ticketing system.

So go for it if you have money to burn. Otherwise, seek out one of the alternatives!

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