Cloud Hosting Price Comparisons

Updated: 19th April 2018

Cloud hosting plans come from the very cheap to the very expensive. From Bluehost’s low cost offering, to SiteGround’s professional high end service. Unfortunately, there’s no standardization in how the industry defines “cloud hosting”. Some just rebrand their VPS plans instead!

It’s easy to get confused between regular web hosting and cloud hosting. So here’s a beginner’s article on the differences between the two. In the table below, all the plans have been standardized for 1 year subscriptions. While these are affiliate links, and I get a commission for each sale made through them, it has no impact on the way they are displayed. We treat all links equally, with no popups, tracking, or hiding of coupons.

Here are the price comparisons for the various cloud hosting plans from the largest hosting providers, standardized for 1 year.

Service Provider Basic Advanced Premium Super Premium
Bluehost Cloud Hosting $6.95/month
Hostgator Cloud Hosting $7.95/month
SiteGround Cloud Hosting $80/month $120/month $160/month $240/month
India Plans
Hostgator India Cloud Hosting ₹405/month
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Nowhere is the lack of standardization in cloud hosting more apparent than when looking at the price differences between Hostgator’s and Bluehost’s cheap plans, and Siteground expensive cloud services. Even if you look at the CPU cores and the RAM, it doesn’t by itself justify the high prices. However, everyone agrees that SiteGround’s cloud hosting is blazing fast, and their customer service is absolutely fantastic.

Another difference is that SiteGround’s plans include WHM/cPanel, while others may only include cPanel. SiteGround also takes pains to manage your servers, so they take care of the infrastructure and software. Others might not do all this. So there’s a lot to consider when trying to compare cloud hosting plans. Happy comparisons!

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