Reseller Hosting Coupon Codes List

Here’s the complete list of reseller hosting coupon codes:

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Reseller Coupon Code
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Hosting Provider Discount (%)
Hostgator Up to 58% off (Silver Plan)
A2 Hosting Flat 51% off
NameHero Hosting (Recommended) Flat 50% off
GoDaddy Flat 50% off
GreenGeeks 43% off
Liquid Web Reseller Liquid Web Up to 20% off
ResellerClub Reseller ResellerClub 40%
BuyShared Reseller BuyShared 0%
SiteGround Reseller: Click to Activate SiteGround (not recommended) 67% off

Reseller hosting providers typically give lower discounts than for shared hosting. Read more to find out why.

Table of Contents:

NameHero: The Best Reseller Hosting Coupon

The best reseller hosting coupon is NameHero. Because even though others have higher discounts, NameHero provides you with automated recovery and backups, free malware scanning, a LiteSpeed web server, and more.

NameHero’s reseller package comes with automated backups and malware scanning

Also, NameHero’s infrastructure is cloud-based, meaning that they can add resources like CPU and RAM on-demand, without worrying too much about overselling. Other web hosts oversell their reseller packages to such an extent that their entire system slows down unacceptably. With dedicated machines, making resource allocation changes isn’t easy. But with NameHero’s cloud setup, they just need a couple of reboots, and it’s done!

That’s why I recommend the NameHero reseller coupon even though the 50% discount isn’t the highest. If you’re looking for a long-term reseller host that takes care of you, then NameHero is the best one.

Why Web Hosts Abandoned Resellers

For a while now, hosting providers have been giving resellers the cold shoulder. Some, like Hostgator, have taken them off their front page. Here’s a complete list of reseller hosting coup. Others like Bluehost have outsourced their reseller business to companies like ResellerClub as shown here:

Bluehost Abandons its Resellers
Bluehost Dumps its Resellers onto Someone Else

Resellers also receive less attention, features, and customer support compared to ordinary web hosting customers. But why?

1. Lower Profit Margins

Resellers purchase web hosting in bulk. As a result, the typical reseller account is a lot more expensive in terms of storage, bandwidth, and CPU.

Resellers cost more to maintain than ordinary web hosting customers.

Many web hosts operate on pretty tight margins because the industry is so competitive. So when resellers lower their ROI, they’re understandably concerned. The reason why hosting providers give resellers these discounts is that the resellers need to make a profit too! If web hosts simply provided bandwidth and storage space at the same price that they give to everyone else, how would resellers make a profit?

So at a fundamental level, web hosts and resellers are at cross purposes. Resellers make a profit out of selling a web host’s resources, that the hosting company would rather sell directly to customers.

2. Resellers are a Strain on Customer Service

Customer support is the single most expensive component of web hosting. So when an account issues an inordinate number of support requests, it’s less profitable for the web host. A single reseller account has a huge number of underlying customers. And this generates a proportional number of tickets.

This would be bad enough by itself. But combined with the fact that resellers are less profitable in general, this is a double whammy to web hosts. A low ROI resource that generates more than its fair share of support cases – up to four times as much according to one web host I spoke to.

Given all this, is it any wonder that resellers have gotten the shaft, and that web hosts are not too keen to either promote them or treat them with the same urgency that they show their regular customers?

3. cPanel Licensing – The Nail in the Coffin

In mid-2019, cPanel announced a change in its cPanel pricing that made it so that web hosts would be charged on a per-account basis instead of a single license for the entire VPS or dedicated server.

For many resellers, cPanel hosting is now unaffordable.

In one stroke, this sounded the death knell for reseller packages. Since a single reseller uses so many cPanel licenses, a web host would now have to pay for each of them! As it was, resellers were less profitable for the reasons mentioned above, but the cPanel licensing change coming on top of that, broke the business model entirely.

You could almost say that it was no longer worth the time and effort to maintain resellers, and web hosts slowly started to phase out their plans to focus on more profitable services. Some web hosts like SiteGround abandoned cPanel entirely because it was proving to be too expensive. Unfortunately, SiteGround doesn’t have a special reseller program – they just repackage their GoGeek plan.

The Exception: NameHero Hosting

One web host that still extends its full support to resellers is NameHero. Unlike others, they take care of their resellers. Find out what makes NameHero reseller hosting so special.

cPanel/WHMCS Reseller Hosting

If you’re serious about reselling, you should only consider hosting that offers cPanel and WHMCS. This will allow you to create packages, automate billing, manage accounts, set up the onboarding process, and a lot more. In addition, cPanel is an industry-standard that your customers will be familiar with.

Unfortunately, cPanel is still the standard hosting interface that your customers expect.

If you want to give them a comfortable experience, then you need to have cPanel.

Unfortunately, WHMCS and cPanel are not free. This was made even worse by cPanel’s decision in 2019 to charge their customers on a “per account” basis instead of the “per server” structure that they had for so long. This shocking change dramatically increased the price of all types of hosting. But resellers were hit particularly hard.

Indeed, it directly lowered the discounts that reseller hosts were able to offer their customers. One example is BuyShared, which is famous for its low prices. They had to drastically reduce their discounted plans both for resellers and shared hosting. Here’s a screenshot of the e-mail they sent:

BuyShared Reseller Discounts were lowered because of the cPanel price increase
E-mail from BuyShared Regarding Price Increases

Other web hosts like SiteGround simply gave up and decided to replace the hosting dashboard with their own solution instead. This is one of the main reasons I don’t recommend the SiteGround reseller program anymore. Apart from their somewhat misleading discounts for the first year, your customers will lose the benefit of cPanel, meaning more confusion and support requests that you’ll be able to handle.

Others have eaten the cost and maintained their reseller hosting coupons at the same level as before. Maybe they hope to slurp up some of the customers migrating from reseller hosts like SiteGround. But for how long can they hold out, I wonder? NameHero began introducing alternative dashboard interfaces like Interworx. Others might follow soon, who knows?

Reseller Hosting vs VPS – Which is Better?

You might be tempted to just rent a VPS and repackage it for your clients instead of purchasing reseller hosting. That’s a bad idea. Managing your own VPS server isn’t easy, and having to maintain it for dozens of clients at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

In short, the customer support + technical complications of running dozens of clients on a VPS will overwhelm you. If you want to do justice to your clients, you’ll need to hire auxiliary staff to share the workload, at which point your margins have already been shot and you might as well have just purchased ordinary reseller hosting.

So unless you want to become a web host in your own right, don’t try and use VPS hosting to grow your business.

Comparison of Reseller Hosting Discounts

Here’s how the various reseller hosts stack up against each other in terms of features and discounts.

NameHero Reseller Coupon

As I mentioned above, NameHero is my recommendation for reseller hosting if you’re serious about decent performance and value for money.

This coupon gives you 50% off:

This is lower than their regular discounts of shared hosting for the reasons stated above. But there are good reasons why NameHero reseller hosting is so good. Simply put, they have more features than any other web host out there, and they take care of their clients. Ryan Gray, the CEO, is personally involved with support, and often takes to forums and Youtube to explain his company’s policies.

It also helps that their support teams are based in the US for that added bit of extra value. Customer service is the most important key to success in the reseller hosting business. NameHero also offers free WHMCS starting with the Gold plan. For long-term reseller hosting, NameHero simply outclasses everyone else.

Oh, and did I mention that they use LiteSpeed?

Hostgator Reseller Coupon

With a coupon of 58%, Hostgator (as usual) has the highest discounts of any other web host. Click below to avail of the offer:

The low price is particularly impressive given that they retain cPanel/WHMCS as an option for free with all their reseller plans. However, it should be noted that while their discounts are the highest, the absolute prices are not the lowest. Unlike their other EIG linked brother Bluehost, Hostgator still maintains its reseller program, even though they’ve taken it off the top of their navigation bar and relegated it to the footer.

However, Hostgator is known for squeezing their accounts, and many people have complained (anecdotally) of slowdowns on their reseller plans. Visit the Hostgator coupon code page to see all their discounts.

BlueHost Reseller Coupon

BlueHost is an example of a web host that simply found reseller hosting to be too low margin and too high-maintenance. As a result, they offloaded their reseller business to ResellerClub as shown here:

BlueHost Reseller Plan Migrated to ResellerClub
BlueHost abandons its resellers

Ironically enough, their motto “We’re focused on you” implies the exact opposite!

SiteGround Reseller Discount

SiteGround tends to stuff all its offerings into standardized solutions. For example, their VPS isn’t a real VPS at all. And their reseller program is nothing but a plug for their GoGeek plan as shown here:

SiteGround Reseller Hosting is Just the GoGeek Plan
SiteGround Reseller Hosting is Just the GoGeek Plan

This is so far away from what reseller hosting should be like, that it’s hilarious they’re even offering a reseller package in the first place. Not to mention that with the cPanel licensing changes, they’ve completely replaced cPanel and created their own dashboard interface instead. So the SiteGround “reseller” program is a complete sham.

So not only do you get a reseller plan that isn’t a reseller plan, you don’t even get cPanel/WHMCS! Because of this trick, it allows SiteGround to pretend that they have a huge discount on reseller hosting when in reality it’s just the discount for their ordinary shared hosting plan. Sneaky!

A2 Hosting Reseller Discount

I’m not sure if A2 Hosting ever really recovered from the fiasco in May of 2019 when their entire infrastructure was massively compromised by a virus and they had to revert their site to backups that were at times months old!

Even beyond that, the consensus seems to be that A2’s support is decent only for shared hosting accounts. As resellers, not so much. And once you factor in the higher costs of maintaining resellers, it’s not surprising. Nevertheless, if you can look past that, A2 Hosting provides LiteSpeed web hosting at a flat 51% discount:

I don’t have any personal experience with A2 Hosting reseller plans, so I can’t comment based on that – only on what I hear on the forums.

GoDaddy Reseller Coupon

GoDaddy has got to have the worst reputation of any web host, regardless of whether we’re talking about ordinary web hosting or reseller hosting. While I’ve never used their reseller services, I can confirm that their interface is horrible. Being one of the largest companies in the business means they lack a certain focus, and that shows in their products.

They have a flat 50% off coupon:

But I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Their customer service is notoriously bad. And if you’re a reseller, customer support is far more important than if you were on shared hosting. With the latter, you’re only dealing with a problem on one account. On a reseller hosting plan, you’re trying to solve the problems of dozens or even hundreds of people!

GreenGeeks Reseller Coupon

I haven’t heard too much about GreenGeeks one way or the other. There were some early complaints that they didn’t support free Let’s Encrypt certificates, but that was ages ago. They support free SSL certificates now.

GreenGeeks sells reseller hosting on a “per cPanel” basis – probably to account for the additional cPanel licensing costs. So its plans are segregated based on the number of accounts you want, starting from 10 and going up to 50. The pricing isn’t cheap by any means, considering that NameHero allows you to host 40 accounts on the basic plan itself at a lower price.

Here’s a coupon for 43% off on GreenGeeks reseller hosting:

The benefit of GreenGeeks is that they buy Renewable Energy Credits or RECs to offset their carbon emissions. There’s a valid debate to be had about whether or not “green hosting” is legit, but they get kudos for trying and separating themselves from the competition based on this. So if you’re worried about the environment and want to at least attempt to do something about it, you should go with GreenGeeks.

Liquid Web Reseller Discounts

Liquid Web is top-of-the-line premium hosting – both the regular shared as well as its reseller programs. Unless you’re planning to ramp up your business to hundreds of clients, I don’t think it makes business sense to choose Liquid Web as your reseller host. Their reseller packages start at $99, and the discount scales based on the amount of revenue you generate.

Liquid Web reseller hosting makes sense only if you have a large number of clients.

Surprisingly, Liquid Web isn’t averse to coupons even though they’re not a cheap hosting provider by any means. Most web hosts that identify themselves as “premium”, don’t like to associate themselves with coupons, but Liquid Web doesn’t have a problem. However, they don’t have coupon codes for reseller hosting – only the flat-tiered discount mentioned above. Here’s the complete Liquid Web coupon list.

One thing that catapults Liquid Web above the rest of the reseller hosting world is the level of its customer service. With the prices they charge, they can afford to provide a guarantee of a reply to a ticket or chat in under a minute. That’s incredibly useful for resellers who often might have a horde of angry customers chasing their backside. Remember that in reselling, you need to provide your own customer service to your clients. And so if something goes wrong, you want immediate access to the primary host. Liquid Web gives you the confidence to always have that ready.

ResellerClub Discounts

ResellerClub is probably one of the most famous companies in the reseller hosting business. However, they’re owned by EIG like a lot of large web hosts, and that’s something that turns a lot of people off. Another aspect to consider is that ResellerClub is most well known for domain reselling – at least that’s what their users recommend them for. When it comes to actual reseller hosting, they seem to receive much less praise.

ResellerClub doesn’t have coupons, but only flat discounts. Check out my table above for the link.

Why are BuyShared Reseller Plans so Cheap?

One reseller host that’s received a lot of attention recently is BuyShared because of its dirt-cheap pricing. You can see that their plans start at only $2.00/m – far lower than any of the others can match. So what gives? Why is BuyShared so cheap?

BuyShared reseller plans give you the “bare minimum” at a cheap price. No coupons, though.

First, BuyShared is run by the same guys who own the BuyVM host that sold cheap VPS machines. Their prices were ridiculously low there too. So this seems to be their brand statement – unbelievably cheap prices that no one can beat. They’ve brought that same approach to reseller hosting. Unsurprisingly with such low prices, they don’t offer any coupons or discounts. That would eat into their already razor-thin margins.

Second, they no longer offer cPanel hosting as already mentioned above. Their servers use DirectAdmin instead. Ever since the cPanel licensing changes, they’ve had no choice but to make the switch. On the flip side, it allows them to remove restrictions on the number of accounts on each reseller plan since the costs scale nicely with DirectAdmin.

Third, they presumably oversell their servers like mad. There’s no way they could otherwise maintain the kind of prices they have. With numbers this low, you can’t exactly expect stellar performance from their servers.

Finally, while I’ve heard no complaints about BuyShared’s customer service, this also has to do with low expectations. No one expects to get world-class customer service for a couple of bucks a month, and so there’s quite a low bar here for them to clear! I wouldn’t use BuyShared for a serious hosting business.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of reseller hosting coupons available. Just keep in mind that the reseller discounts you get are lower than those from ordinary hosting because of the lower margins. Also remember that when reselling, you need excellent customer service from the reseller. If something goes wrong, the servers are not under your control and you need to have quick access for them to fix things. So if you’re serious about reselling, don’t just look at who provides the highest discounts. Customer support needs to factor heavily into it.

I hope your new venture is fruitful for you and turns into a long-term, sustainable revenue stream. If you do it right, there’s no reason that won’t happen. Good luck!

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