Bluehost Coupon 2021 List

Here is the complete Bluehost coupon 2021 list:

BlueHost Basic Hosting =>
Bluehost WordPress Hosting =>
Bluehost WooCommerce =>
Bluehost VPS =>
Bluehost Dedicated =>

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The prices shown on the Bluehost page are all for 36-month renewals. This is because hosting for 3 years brings you the most savings. If you choose a shorter billing cycle, the prices increase.

Best Bluehost Coupon 2021 Deal

Need to make a decision fast? Click below for the maximum discount today. This price is for a 3 year subscription.

Sometimes when you visit the Bluehost site, you don’t see the $2.95/m deal. Instead, you’ll see the one for $3.95/m. There’s a trick to making the $2.95/m deal appear. The idea is to potter around the Bluehost site a bit to force the new deal to show! Unlike the Hostgator coupon 2021 list, there are no Bluehost coupons you can enter during checkout. The deals above are the only ones available. And you get a free domain too!

Here are some common questions people have about Bluehost.

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How to Apply a Bluehost Discount Coupon

There’s a special $2.95/month plan for 3 years and above. However, it doesn’t always show immediately.

Bluehost Coupon 2019 - $2.95 Deal

Remember that this Bluehost special offer is for 3 years or 36 months only! It’s not surprising that the greatest savings come when you commit to a longer time period. However, I feel that these can be misleading because other providers like SiteGround display prices for one year renewals.

Click on the plan you want, and you’ll be asked to enter a new domain name, or that of an existing one. After you wait a while, a link will appear on the bottom allowing you to skip this step entirely.

Free domain with all Bluehost offers

Keep in mind that all Bluehost coupons in 2021 include a free domain as well for the first year. It’s not a separate coupon code. So it’s a good time to make use of that offer.

The next screen is where the full cost of what you’re paying for is revealed. When you scroll down, you’ll see that the drop down box is automatically set to a 36 month period along with the discounted price you’ll be paying.

The real Bluehost deals are revealed here

If you want a lower subscription period, then make the selection, but remember, the discounts will drop.

Bluehost Coupon 2021: Any Upcoming Changes?

Actually, there may be huge changes in the Bluehost coupon codes for 2021. For one, there’s a chance that the price of regular shared hosting will be increasing from $3.95/m to $4.95/m.

This might be an EIG wide policy, since there are signs that even the Hostgator coupons will incorporate some price increases (Edit: it has). This is probably in response to the profit margins of these web hosting companies going down over the past few years. In any case, expect the cost of basic hosting to go up in the coming years.

Bluehost has very standardized discounts. Once in a while on unique events, it actives the special offer for $2.95/Mo. And once a year we get the super low offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Cheapest Bluehost Promo Code: $2.95/Mo

Bluehost has a very cheap plan for $2.95/Mo. But you need to sign up for at least 36-months. With this, you get the following:

Basic: Bluehost’s Cheapest Plan
Number of Websites1
SSL CertificateFree
One DomainFree
Parked Domains5
Sub Domains25

Sometimes however, the promo code doesn’t give the lowest price deal. Here’s how to maximize your chances of seeing the $2.95/Mo deal.

FactCheck: Bluehost 90% Off Coupon

There are a lot of people searching for a 90% off coupon code from Bluehost. I don’t know how this idea got started, but it’s a hoax. There is no Bluehost 90% off coupon.

The maximum discount you’re going to get is 67%, and it’s for the “Basic” shared hosting plan.

Sites which offer you higher discounts, just want you to click on their links, and they use misleading information in the headings, so they can get credit for any eventual sale you make – even if it’s not with the discount that you clicked for.

Maximum Bluehost Coupon 2021 Savings?

There was a time when Bluehost would allow you to purchase hosting for a whopping 60 months, or 5 years at a time. The benefit of this was that it allowed you to lock in your discounts for an eternity! However, Bluehost has since changed their policy. You can now only host for 36-months or 3-years.

Nonetheless, this is still longer than other hosts like SiteGround allow. Buy purchasing for 3 years, you can rest assured that you won’t be paying the full price for at least that long. This adds up to a tidy sum at the end.

The longer you host for, the greater the savings. Here’s a screenshot:

The Bluehost coupon for 36-months gives you the maximum discount
The Bluehost coupon for 36-months gives you the maximum discount

In addition, the Bluehost “Plus” and “Choice Plus” plans have the same price.

Are There Bluehost Renewal Coupons?

No. There are no Bluehost renewal price discounts.

The discounts you see on this page, are applicable only to the first billing cycle – you choose how long that is. It ranges from one month, to 60 months (5 years). The discount will apply each month for as long as the cycle lasts. After that, you pay the full price for each hosting plan.

Retain Discounts by Switching your Hosting

Hostgator’s web hosting is very similar to Bluehost. This Hostgator coupon code list gets you started for as little as $2.64/m. They also have a free website transfer that you can use!

High renewal prices are one of the top reasons why people switch their hosts. To be fair, these high discounts are meant to draw customers in. Switching hosting providers isn’t easy, and they’re counting on their customers staying. But it might be time for you to switch anyway.

I remember the first time my I had to pay full price for my hosting plan. I’d signed up for SiteGround with a massive discount, but once my cycle was up, I was stuck with a huge bill.

Maximizing your First Bluehost Discount

You get the maximum dollar value of the discount if you choose the longest billing cycle. Of course, it means that you pay more for it up front, but you save the most in the long term.

If you want to renew your Bluehost hosting with a discount, you’ll need to sign up for a brand new account, and transfer all your files and databases manually to the new account. This can be quite a pain, but if you sign up for 5-years, you only need to do it infrequently. So to get the Bluehost discount in 2021, you make two compromises:

  1. You need to sign up for a long time to make it worth your while
  2. You have to manually transfer all your files, settings, and programs. Depending on your technical skill level, this might be quite daunting!

Where Do I Enter Bluehost Discount Codes?

Unlike other providers like Hostgator, the Bluehost coupon 2021 deals are implicit for various offers. There’s simply no space to enter them anywhere. The discounts are applied automatically once you click the links above.

One notable benefit is the inclusion of a free domain with the Bluehost special offer. Other providers like SiteGround, and A2 Hosting charge extra for domain registration along with hosting. So the Bluehost specials have an edge in that regard. It’s something to remember if you’re doing a Bluehost vs GoDaddy comparison.

Bluehost Coupon 2021: Monthly Options?

Yes, Bluehost has monthly hosting options as well. When you sign up, you can choose to be billed monthly, without any commitments. Keep in mind however, that you lose all discounts! The Bluehost month to month prices are the most expensive, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you just want to try out the service for one month.

Instead, get a plan for 3 or 5 years using one of the options from the Bluehost deals list.

Bluehost Coupon Deals for Special Events

On special occasions, Bluehost reduces the price even below their usual $2.95/month.

Bluehost Black Friday Deal

Here’s the affiliate e-mail I received for this Black Friday’s deal. It’s the lowest price of the year at $2.65/m. Here’s a link to Bluehost’s Black Friday deals.

Bluehost Discount Coupon on Black Friday Notice

Cyber Monday Bluehost Deals

The discount for Cyber Monday is the same for Black Friday as shown here:

Bluehost Discount Coupon for Cyber Monday

As you can see, the price drops to $2.65/month and 60% off the second account.

Does Bluehost Offer a Free Domain?

Yes, you get a free domain with all Bluehost offers. If you can get the $2.95/m deal from Bluehost with a free domain, it’s one of the best prices you’ll see anywhere on the market.

A lot of hosting providers have low prices, but they make you pay for a domain. There are plenty of great Hostgator coupon codes that also recently include a free domain. This lowers the effective price of hosting for the first billing cycle, and should factor into your calculations if you’re searching for the best hosting deal.

Bluehost Plans Overview

Here’s a summary of the various Bluehost plans.

Bluehost Web Hosting (Shared)

This is the most common Bluehost package. It comes in four plans:

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice Plus
  • Pro

Shared hosting means your website lives on a server with lots of other accounts? How many? No one can be sure. Sometimes dozens, and a few unscrupulous hosts even stack hundreds of sites one upon the other, in an effort to drive down costs. Bluehost has been accused of doing this in the past as well.

Upgrading your Bluehost Plan

If you purchase higher tier Bluehost plans, the server density decreases, and you get more resources for your site. This means faster page speed loads, and a more responsive site. You can also upgrade to the Bluehost “Pro” plan which has extremely low density servers.

When I started hosting for the first time way back in 2008, I quickly outgrew my regular shared hosting package and had to upgrade my Bluehost plan to the “Pro” package. The difference was immediately noticeable, and the upgrade happened immediately without any fuss.

All Bluehost limitations can be checked in the administration panel as you can see here:

Statistics On the Right Hand Side

So you have limits placed on disk usage, MySQL database usage, and email accounts. The screenshot above shows one of the higher tier plans, so lower level packages will have much more stringent restrictions. The Bluehost coupon 2021 code that you use to obtain discounts doesn’t affect the plan capacity in any way.

The shared hosting plans all come with a free domain name for annual plans and above, making Bluehost one of the most cost-effective web hosting services around – especially if you snag their $2.95/Mo offer. Unlike Hostgator for example, the basic plans allows you to park domains, so this is a good, cheap plan if you want to trade in web properties.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting (Standard)

For a long time, Bluehost offered only professionally managed WordPress hosting. This was far more expensive than their regular web hosting. In fact, it was more expensive than most other WordPress plans offered by other web hosts. You can see why in the link.

However, starting sometime in 2018, Bluehost realized that they needed to cater to the lower end of the WordPress market and compete with other hosting providers. So they rolled out their “standard” WordPress hosting packages. These packages are pretty much the same as normal web hosting, with the following differences:

  1. Automatic WordPress installation
  2. Automatic WordPress plugin and theme updates
  3. Change of default login credentials
  4. WordPress staging environment

The last feature is really useful when you want to test out changes on your site before making them live. You can set up a test or “staging” environment, to see how your site responds to the new settings. If everything goes well, you can “push” the changes to the live site. It’s similar to SiteGround staging.

But other than the above features, the Bluehost WordPress plan is the same as regular web hosting in every respect.

Bluehost “WP Pro” Managed WordPress Hosting

In addition to the regular WordPress hosting above, Bluehost also offers a “WP Pro” package with professional managed WordPress hosting. This differs from the above in the following ways:

  1. Lower density servers
  2. Premium and Pro Jetpack services included
  3. Bluehost SEO package included with some plans
  4. Free daily backups
  5. PayPal integration, and a lot more

In fact, the “WP Pro” plan was the only WordPress plan that Bluehost offered for a long time. Then to compete with other web hosting providers, they introduced the regular WordPress hosting package, which is nothing but souped up shared hosting.

Bluehost’s managed WordPress plan is a lot more expensive. But in compensation, it can handle far higher amounts of traffic, and comes with a whole bunch of tools to make managing WordPress a cinch. It comes in three tiers:

  • Build
  • Grow
  • Scale

Anyone who’s run a successful website knows that beyond a point, shared hosting just won’t cut it. Your server won’t be able to handle the load, you’ll lose out on customers, and eventually Google will penalize you in the SERPS.

With Bluehost managed WordPress hosting, you can put those concerns to rest forever. Your site will be able to handle the most demanding incoming traffic scenarios – you basically get what you pay for.

WP Pro hosting also comes with several features that you would normally have to pay for anyway. Like a CDN and Dynamic caching. Even though my personal opinion is that Cloudflare is the best CDN, I can’t deny the value of a dedicated CDN service.

Bluehost Server Caching

Not only that, you also get dynamic server side caching. This means you don’t need to rely on 3rd party plugins like W3 Total Cache, W3 Super Cacher and WP Rocket Cache to save static copies of your pages and serve them to visitors. Instead, it all happens automatically in the background. This further insulates your site from traffic spikes, and vastly improves the response and page load times.

Here’s complete list of web hosts that offer caching on shared hosting plans.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature about the Bluehost managed WordPress plan is the inclusion of the premium and professional Jetpack service with the “Grow” and “Scale” plans respectively. It’s excellent value for money when you consider that the “Professional” Jetpack service itself is $30/m! To have that included in the price of a managed WordPress solution is pretty amazing.

So if your site runs solely on WordPress and you find that you’re getting more visitors than you can handle, I suggest you take a close look at the Bluehost managed WordPress hosting packages. You’re going to have to upgrade sooner or later anyway, so why not start early and get ahead of the curve?

Bluehost VPS Hosting

If you need more power than what even the “pro” shared hosting plan can give you, then Bluehost VPS will fit the bill. This is a “Virtual Private Server”, which means that you get dedicated resources that are not shared with anyone else.

While you don’t get an entire server all to yourself, you get a slice of it. Unlike with regular web hosting, no one else has access to your RAM, your CPU and your hard disk space. It’s all yours. Bluehost VPS comes in three different plans:

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Ultimate

Here are the features compared side by side:

Bluehost VPS Features
VPS StandardVPS EnhancedVPS Ultimate
CPU Cores222
Disk Space30 GB60 GB120 GB
Bandwidth1 TB2 TB3 TB

In addition, all these VPS plans come with Bluehost’s SSD drive technology. This means faster read/write speeds, especially on dynamic applications like WordPress.

cPanel and WHM with Bluehost VPS

Since a VPS server is like a separate machine, you get full root access with WHM and cPanel. WHM is the standardized server side management software, where you can configure all aspects of your VPS, including users, accounts, security, DNS clusters, and more.

cPanel is of course the familiar end-user server interface that you have with all shared hosting plans. Bluehost has its own modified cPanel experience with the advanced functionality hidden away at the bottom like this:

Advanced Options in Bluehost
cPanel Advanced Options in Bluehost VPS

So even though it’s a “managed” solution, you still get root access to the VPS plan.

What’s more, you can expand the resources available to your VPS once you’ve purchased it. This means your server can grow or shrink according to your needs on the fly, and you don’t need to change your plan to do it.

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting

Bluehost has specialized hosting for eCommerce websites, called “Bluehost eCommerce”. It’s essentially WordPress hosting with a bunch of additional things that make it ideal for eCommerce. There’s a special Bluehost coupon offer for WooCommerce in the table above.

However, if you really want specialized eCommerce hosting, then you should go with Liquid Web’s WooCommerce package. Liquid Web is more expensive, but it’s the real deal. Bluehost’s package is good, yes. But it’s nothing compared to the sheer optimization and speed of Liquid Web’s WooCommerce setup.

Specialized Bluehost WooCommerce Features

Most WordPress websites have heavy dynamic caching. This means that they take copies of pages that don’t change and show them to users. The end result is that the server doesn’t need to generate pages from scratch for each user. This results in faster speeds, less server load, and a good experience for everyone involved.

However, eCommerce sites have a unique problem when each customer’s page looks different. Perhaps you have “related products” on the page, or there’s a shopping cart with the customer’s items. For these reasons, WooCommerce websites are very demanding on the server.

Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting is meant to address these concerns with WooCommerce specific optimizations such as:

  • Domain privacy
  • Marketing credit for search engine advertisements
  • CodeGuard backup and SEO tools
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Pre-installed WooCommerce store designs

In addition, the WooCommerce plans have a higher disk capacity along with the trademark Bluehost SSD drives that everyone likes.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting: Outdated

Bluehost has been deprecating its cloud hosting for a while. This goes for products like “Cloud Sites” as well. But if you search for “Bluehost cloud” on Google, the old URL still shows up like this:

Bluehost Cloud Hosting doesn't exist anymore
Bluehost Cloud Hosting

However, it just ends up redirecting to the regular Bluehost shared hosting page. So while there are several articles on the Bluehost site about the differences between shared and cloud hosting, it’s now a moot point.

Bluehost Cloud vs Shared

So why did Bluehost get rid of cloud hosting? The reason is that cloud hosting is more and more coming to be associated with VPS hosting instead of shared hosting.

But the two are not the same. Here’s a beginner’s explanation of the differences between cloud and shared hosting.

Bluehost Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Bluehost vs other web hosting providers:


  • SSD drives
  • One of the lowest prices if you can snag the $2.95/m deal
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Allows parked domains on Basic plan


  • Lack of varied coupons for different needs. Standardized prices
  • No included backups
  • No choice of global data centers
  • No transparent CPU limits for shared hosting

Bluehost Limits on Bandwidth, Disk and CPU

At one time, Bluehost used to show the CPU usage of its hosting plans. However, that report no longer exists. But they will still suspend your account if you use too many cycles. Unfortunately, they’re not very clear about what “too much” means.

I’ve written a more detailed post on Bluehost limitations where you can see how to check the bandwidth, disk usage, and other resources like MySQL databases, and email accounts.

Bluehost CodeGuard: Is it Worth it?

This is an add-on with the regular Bluehost coupons, and you can purchase it during checkout along with options like domain privacy. CodeGuard is a service that’s meant to back up your site and restore it in case something goes wrong.

But in my opinion, the Bluehost CodeGuard Basic plan is not worth it. You only get 1 GB for 5 sites, and there’s no on-demand backup. If this is something you need however, here’s a list of free alternatives to CodeGuard.

Should You Enable Bluehost Domain Privacy?

During checkout, Bluehost coupons include a bunch of add-ons that you may not want such as domain privacy which prevents your name from showing up on the public WHOIS registrar. The Bluehost promo code list above doesn’t include one for domain privacy. If you disable this option, you’ll get a scary popup warning you that your contact details are not private. This is true. On the other hand, most website owner’s contact details are available on WHOIS. It might even give your site more credibility.

If you look up the WHOIS information for all major sites, the web owner contact information is public. That’s because it looks good to have some transparency about who you are instead of hiding behind a veil of secrecy. You don’t have to provide your primary email address, but you can use the one for your business. Basically, the same information you likely already have on your website!

Other addons like SiteLock and so-called “SEO packages” are also offered. I don’t know about SiteLock, but I suggest you stay away from any service like this charging you for SEO. You can probably do it yourself, and do it better.

Does Bluehost Use cPanel for Administration?

For advanced functions, yes.

Last year, Bluehost revamped their entire control panel. The philosophy behind the design was to move the most common functions to the very top, and hide the lesser used links at the end, so as to not confuse those who are new to the hosting experience.

As a result, the entire process is “Noob friendly”. That’s not a bad thing! On the contrary, it allows people to get started right away with hosting their website. There’s a new “Advanced” section when you log in that allows access to cPanel:

cPanel on Bluehost

From here, you can access all the cPanel functionality that you used to. Also, the new cPanel interface has a “search” button for all the regular cPanel functions.

Bluehost pricing is influenced by the fact that they are one of the few hosting sites explicitly recommended by WordPress. So even though you can get good discounts on their WordPress hosting, it’s still a lot more expensive.

Does BlueHost Allow SSH Access?

Compared to how it was before, BlueHost now allows all users to access SSH functionality without having to specifically send a message to customer service. They probably realized that users won’t be happy if they need to jump through hoops to access this service. Finally, you can directly start generating key pairs straight out of the box.

So this is a great time to snag one of the Bluehost discounts, since SSH access is no longer a problem!

Bluehost Provides Free SSL

Luckily for us, Bluehost started offering free SSL via Let’s Encrypt in June 2018. So there’s no need for Bluehost coupon codes for SSL anymore.

With the new focus on SSL certificates and HTTPS by Google, having a security certificate is more important than ever. Bluehost uses AutoSSL to install and renew free Let’s Encrypt certificates. Normally, these expire every 90 days, but Bluehost does this automatically for you.

Different Tiers of Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost pricing plans follow a progression from basic, to advanced as shown here:

Bluehost Web vs WordPress Hosting Discount Comparison

Update: This comparison is between managed WordPress plans and regular web hosting. The standard Bluehost WordPress plans are exactly the same as the web hosting packages.

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting prices are significantly more expensive compared to their regular and cloud hosting prices. Here’s a chart showing side by side comparisons of 1 year hosting plans:

Bluehost Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

These prices have been calculated after applying the highest Bluehost discount.

What’s interesting, is that their “WordPress + WooCommerce” plan is a lot cheaper than their standard WordPress plans! These come with WooCommerce installed, as well as an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP. So if you want to use WordPress as a backend for a regular store, then you might as well purchase the WooCommerce package instead of traditional WordPress if it’s too expensive for you.

Bluehost VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Deals Comparison Graph

Here’s a chart showing the VPS deals vs the dedicated hosting deals:

Bluehost VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Discount Graph

You can see that the top tier of VPS hosting costs the same as the lowest tier of dedicated hosting without the Bluehost coupon price! So if you’re thinking of purchasing the 3rd level VPS from Bluehost, you might as well choose to buy the dedicated server instead.


To summarize, with the right Bluehost coupon in 2021, you can get some of the cheapest shared hosting on the market. The real benefit is that Bluehost also offers a free domain along with hosting – and with the low price of $2.95/Mo, that’s a great deal.

The only one that truly competes with Bluehost in terms of savings is Hostgator – also an EIG company. They’ve been in the business for a long time and are doing well. So they must be doing something right!

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