Bluehost Deals 2018 List

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This Bluehost deals 2018 list was last verified on the 24th of May 2018. Note: These prices have all been standardized for 1 year renewals.

Service Type Basic Plan Advanced Plan Premium Plan Super Premium
Shared Hosting $7.95/month
Cloud Hosting $10.95/month $15.95/month $20.95/month
WordPress Hosting $29.99/month
WooCommerce + WordPress $14.95/month
(Very weird)
VPS Hosting $23.99/month
Dedicated Hosting $99.99/month

That is why they look higher than what you see on other sites. The Bluehost promotion deals on the frontpage are for 36 month renewals! Therefore, all the prices on this site have been standardized to 1 year so that you can accurately compare costs across hosting providers.

Bluehost doesn’t offer coupons as such. The above table contains all the discounts at the moment, and they include a free domain as well!

12-Month vs 36-Month Bluehost Deals in 2018

As I mention in my Bluehost review, they periodically releases special “$2.95/month” deals. However, remember that these discounts only apply to a minimum 36-month hosting period. When you choose 12-months, you see that the discount vanishes:

The best Bluehost deals are for 36 months minimum subscription

Note how their plus and prime plans seem to have the same cost. However, all of these Bluehost deals are only valid for the first subscription period. Their renewal prices are always at maximum!

Here’s the truth: There is no Bluehost renewal price discount!

So keep that in mind if you’re tempted only by the fact that there’s a sale going on. Unlike other providers like Hostgator, there is no Bluehost coupon code for the various offers. There’s simply no space to enter them anywhere.

If you want to see how their pricing compares with other hosting providers, choose from:

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One notable benefit which is part of all the Bluehost marketing offers, is their inclusion of a free domain with their plans. Other providers like SiteGround, and Hostgator charge extra for a domain registration along with hosting. Amongst the other providers compared on this site, only GoDaddy offers a free domain. So the Bluehost specials have an edge in that regard. It’s something to remember if you’re doing a Bluehost vs GoDaddy comparison.

Bluehost Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting Deals Comparison

Bluehost WordPress hosting prices are significantly more expensive compared to their regular and cloud hosting prices. Here’s a chart showing side by side comparisons of 1 year hosting plans:

Bluehost Web Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

What’s interesting, is that their “WordPress + WooCommerce” plan is a lot cheaper than their standard WordPress plans! These come with WooCommerce installed, as well as an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP. So if you want to use WordPress as a backend for a regular store, then you might as well purchase the WooCommerce package instead of traditional WordPress if it’s too expensive for you.

Bluehost VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Deals Comparison Graph

Here’s a chart showing the VPS deals vs the dedicated hosting deals from Bluehost:

Bluehost VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Discount Graph

You can see that the top tier of VPS hosting costs the same as the lowest tier of dedicated hosting without the discount! So if you’re thinking of purchasing the 3rd level VPS from Bluehost, you might as well choose to buy the dedicated server instead.

How to Avail of the Bluehost Deals and Offers

As mentioned above, there isn’t any explicit Bluehost coupon code. Just clicking on the links above will take you straight to their discount page, as you can see here:

Bluehost coupon code applied automatically

Remember that these prices are for 3 year or 36 month subscriptions only! It’s not surprising that the greatest savings come when you commit to a longer time period. However, I feel that these can be misleading because other providers like SiteGround display prices for one year renewals. So all Bluehost offers here are shown with 1 year subscriptions.

So click on the plan you want, and you’ll be asked to enter a new domain name, or that of an existing one. After you wait a while, a link will appear on the bottom allowing you to skip this step entirely.

Free domain with all Bluehost offers

Keep in mind that all deals include a free domain as well for the first year. It’s not a separate Bluehost coupon. So it’s a good time to make use of that offer!

The next screen is where the full cost of what you’re paying for is revealed. When you scroll down, you’ll see that the drop down box is automatically set to a 36 month period along with the discounted price you’ll be paying.

The real Bluehost deals are revealed here

If you want a lower subscription period, then make the selection, but remember! The discounts will drop. All prices on this site use the “1 year” subscription period.

Should you Enable Domain Privacy?

Also, Bluehost would have included a bunch of add-ons that you may not want such as domain privacy which prevents your name from showing up on the public WHOIS registrar. If you disable this option, you’ll get a scary popup warning you that your contact details are not private. This is true. On the other hand, most website owner’s contact details are available on WHOIS. It might even give your site more credibility.

If you look up the WHOIS information for all major sites, the web owner contact information is public. That’s because it looks good to have some transparency about who you are instead of hiding behind a veil of secrecy. You don’t have to provide your primary email address, but you can use the one for your business. Basically, the same information you likely already have on your website!

Other addons like SiteLock and so-called “SEO packages” are also offered. I don’t know about SiteLock, but I suggest you stay away from anyone service like this charging you for SEO. You can probably do it yourself, and do it better.

New Bluehost Control Panel

Last year, they revamped their entire control panel. The philosophy behind the design was to move the most common functions to the very front of the screen, and hide the lesser used links at the end, so as to not confuse those who are new the hosting experience.

As a result, the entire process is “Noob friendly”. That’s not a bad thing! On the contrary, it allows people to get started right away with hosting their website. There’s a new “Advanced” section when you log in that allows access to cPanel:

cPanel with all Bluehost Deals

From here, you can access all the cPanel functionality that you were used to! Also, the new cPanel interface has a “search” button which you can use for all the regular cPanel functions as usual.

Bluehost pricing is influenced by the fact that they are one of the few hosting sites that are explicitly recommended by WordPress. So even though you can get good discounts on their WordPress hosting, it’s still a lot more expensive.

BlueHost SSH Functionality

Compared to how it was before, BlueHost now allows all users to access SSH functionality without having to specifically send a message to customer service. They probably realized that users won’t be happy if they need to jump through hoops to access this service. Finally, you can directly start generating key pairs straight out of the box.

So this is a great time to snag one of the Bluehost deals, since SSH access is no longer a problem!

Security Certificates Included

With the new focus on SSL certificates and HTTPS by Google, having an SSL certificate is more important than ever. Luckily, Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate under the “Security” section, so you’re up and running without a hitch.