SiteGround StartUp Review – What You Get (And DON’T)

The SiteGround StartUp plan is one of the best entry-level packages of all the hosting providers. In terms of CPU power, it beats out the others by far. See below for more details. With SSD drives, free SSL, and premium support, I've often called SiteGround the "Apple" of the web hosting world. To … [Read more...]

How to Point a Domain Name to a Server’s IP Address

When you buy a VPS server, you can access it with an IP address. This tutorial will show you how to access the server with a domain name instead. Setup: Domain Points to Something Else Say you have a DigitalOcean VPS, and an IP address to access it. For example, I've just set up Apache on a … [Read more...]

Top 3 Web Hosts with the Best Hosting Support

Good hosting support is hard to come by. All providers promise you the moon and the sky, talking about their "Award Winning Support", and how they have representatives working around the clock just to help you. At the same time, these providers will have hosting plans at such low prices, that make … [Read more...]

Two Ways to Access SiteGround Webmail with Screenshots

SiteGround hosting comes with built-in e-mail access with all its plans. Each has its own quota and limitations. Here a comparison of allotted mailbox resources with each plan: Here's a link with the complete list of plans along with the appropriate SiteGround coupon for maximum discounts on … [Read more...]

Why There’s No SiteGround VPS Hosting: Only GoGeek

My Rating: 4.5/5 If you look at my VPS hosting price comparisons, you'll see that the SiteGround VPS is presented as the GoGeek plan. In this SiteGround VPS review, I'll explain why the GoGeek plan is SiteGround's replacement for a traditional VPS. But first, here's the best deal you can … [Read more...]

SiteGround vs InMotion 2018: It’s Like Apple vs Android

SiteGround and InMotion are the two most famous hosting providers outside the big EIG and GoDaddy conglomerates. While both of these web hosts provide the same services, the feel is very different. One is basically the Apple of the hosting world, and the other is like Android. I'll show you why in … [Read more...]

Web Hosting Overselling – Only ONE Provider is Transparent

When it comes to web hosting overselling, there's just one provider who's transparent - SiteGround. InMotion is a close second. They're the only host that clearly specifies the number of CPU seconds and script executions allowed for their shared hosting accounts. It's why I recommend them for web … [Read more...]

How to Use the SiteGround WordPress Migrator

Yesterday on July 19th, 2018, SiteGround released a new tool that allows you to easily transfer a WordPress site from any other hosting provider to SiteGround. While this was possible previously, it required downloading a copy of your site and databases onto your PC, and then uploading that … [Read more...]

Don’t Host Your Website in India: Choose Singapore Instead!

Selecting a web host with servers near your customers is important. Which is why if you're an Indian business, choosing to host your website in India seems like a great idea. I even wrote an article earlier talking about which web hosts have datacenters in India. However, I also mentioned that … [Read more...]

How to Test WordPress Changes with SiteGround Staging

The SiteGround GoGeek package has an amazing feature called "staging" which allows you to test changes on your site before publishing them. I've been using staging for years, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Unfortunately, it's not available with the "StartUp" and "GrowBig" plans - only … [Read more...]