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Here’s the complete Hostgator coupon code list.

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Shared Hosting: 71% - 78% off (12-months ONLY)
Shared Hosting: 60% off >1-year plans
Shared Hosting: 30% - 60% off
WordPress Hosting: 39% - 57% off
Cloud Hosting: 27% - 45% off
VPS Hosting: 50% - 75% off
Dedicated Hosting: 28% - 50%
Shared Hosting: 40% - 60% off
WordPress Hosting: 39% - 57% off
Cloud Hosting: 27% - 45% off
VPS Hosting: 50% - 73% off
Dedicated Hosting: 28% - 50%
Cloud Hosting: 27% - 44.57% off
WordPress Hosting: 39% - 57% off
Cloud Hosting: 27% - 45% off
VPS Hosting: 50% - 73% off
Shared Hosting: 34% - 61% off
Dedicated Hosting: 26% - 50% off
Shared Hosting: 1c for first month of Hatchling and Baby plan
Shared Hosting: 1c for first month of Hatchling and Baby plan
Shared Hostingg: 34% - 60% off

Many of these discounts are not available on the Hostgator pricing charts. Finding the right coupon code for Hostgator isn’t easy. So let’s break it down a bit.

Free SSL is Now Part of the Hostgator Price!

Despite low prices, Hostgator had previously suffered from a lack of free SSL. Even its sister EIG companies like Bluehost had started to offer free Let’s Encrypt certificates. But on June 28th 2018, Hostgator finally capitulated and now offers free SSL with all its shared hosting plans. That’s fantastic!

Which Hostgator Discount Code to Use?

These promo codes overlap a lot. It’s confusing! For example, you have many choices for a Hostgator VPS coupon. Same for the Hostgator dedicated server coupon. The discount code value will differ based on the hosting type, as well as the plan tier. The billing cycle will also impact the Hostgator pricing and discount. So I’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled the best Hostgator code list to use for each service in a pricing chart. You’re welcome!

Note: These are all yearly web hosting prices. All prices on this site are standardized to a “per year” basis. This is to make comparison across hosting providers easier.

Basic Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
Advanced Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
Premium Plan
(Yearly Renwal)
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator Shared Hosting
Discount 71%off
With Coupon code: HOSTINGBUNDLE
Discount 72%off
With Coupon code: HOSTINGBUNDLE
Discount 78%off
With Coupon code: HOSTINGBUNDLE
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator WordPress Hosting
Discount 39%off
With 39% - 57% off coupon code: WPTWEAKSHOSTING
Discount 45%off
With 39% - 57% off coupon code: WPTWEAKSHOSTING
Discount 78%off
With 39% - 57% off coupon code: WPTWEAKSHOSTING
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator Cloud Hosting
Discount 27%off
With 27% - 45% off Coupon code: SNAPPY
Discount 29%off
With 27% - 45% off Coupon code: SNAPPY

Discount 40%off With 27% - 45% off Coupon code: SNAPPY
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator VPS
Discount 44%off
With coupon code: SNAPPY
Discount 54%off
With coupon code: SNAPPY
Discount 56%off
With coupon code: SNAPPY
Hostgator Logo
Hostgator Dedicated Servers
Discount 26%off
With 26% - 50% off coupon code: SNAPPYD2
Discount 28%off
With 26% - 50% off coupon code: SNAPPYD2
Discount 31%off
With 26% - 50% off coupon code: SNAPPYD2

Though these are “per year” costs, keep in mind that you can get bigger discounts by signing up for longer periods. For example, you can get the 75% off Hostgator coupon code for higher tier plans and for longer time periods. Basically the more you commit as an upfront payment, the higher the discount. The same Hostgator discount coupon might give you only 50% off for a shorter billing cycle!

The Hostgator hosting plans fall broadly into two categories – shared hosting, and VPS/Dedicated. Here’s a graph showing how Shared, WordPress, and Cloud Hosting compare to each other after applying the appropriate Hostgator coupon codes.

Hostgator Shared vs WordPress vs Cloud Hosting Discount Graph

And here’s how their VPS and dedicated plans look when stacked against each other in the graph:

Hostgator VPS vs Dedicated Hosting Discount Coupon Price Comparison Graph

You can compare Hostgator’s prices to that of its competitors in the pricing charts below:

  1. Cheapest web hosting prices per year – Hostgator vs others
  2. Comparison of Hostgator WordPress hosting prices
  3. Hostgator VPS plans – compare prices
  4. Compare Hostgator Cloud Hosting Prices

What About a Hostgator Renewal Coupon?

Ah, the dream! The truth is, there are no Hostgator renewal coupons. The discount you get for the first billing cycle – from 1 month to 36 months – is one time only. Then next time you renew, you will pay the full Hostgator price of the plan as shown in the chart above. So the Hostgator hosting coupon is valid for one payment only.

Theoretically, this means that you get the biggest savings by purchasing a plan for the maximum duration of 36-months. Unfortunately this has two problems:

  1. You may not be willing to commit for that long
  2. You don’t have that much up front cash!

Remember that signing up for a long period locks you in for that period. You can of course get a refund within their 45-day money back guarantee. But after that, you’ll have to rely on the goodness of their hearts to give you a pro-rated refund on early termination. There’s no mention of a refund in their “Terms & Conditions”, but you can ask for it over live chat – and hope you get it!

The second problem for a longer billing cycle is that it requires a large up-front investment. You might be taking on an uncertain project and you’re not sure if it’ll pay off for example. In such a situation, signing up for more than 1 year at a time probably isn’t wise.

If you want to test out Hostgator, I suggest you sign up for a month using their PENNY coupon code. It allows you to pay just 1c for the first month of hosting. Just choose a billing cycle of 1-month and you get the hosting pretty much for free. If you decide you like it, you can quit, create a new account and sign up again. Remember the rule about no renewal coupons!

How to Use a Hostgator Coupon Code

To get the discount provided by the coupon, first select the Hostgator plan you want from the appropriate page:

Click the Buy Now Button on Hostgator

In the next page select the plan you want. Scroll all the way down till you see the section “Enter a Coupon Code”.

Enter a Hostgator Coupon Code

Enter the code you want and click the “Validate” button. If you see a green tick mark, you know that it’s a valid code. Sometimes during the checkout process, you’ll find a Hostgator coupon code already filled in. Just delete it and replace it with the one you want.

Now when you scroll up, you’ll see the discounts applied to the Hostgator plan as shown here:

Each Hostgator Coupon Code gives Different Discounts

This is a great example of how different Hostgator discounts are applied depending on the plan duration. In the screenshot above, 12 months gives us 40% off. 36 months gives us 60% off! For some Hostgator coupons, the amount varies depending on the plan tier. Consult the chart at the beginning to know the discount range for each type of hosting plan. Don’t forget to uncheck any add-ons products that might have been added automatically to your cart!

And that’s all you need to know about Hostgator coupon codes in 2018. I hope these charts and graphs have helped you make a more informed decision about your hosting choices.

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