New SHARED3665 Hostgator Coupon

For 2021, Hostgator is trying out a new coupon – SHARED3665. Instead of the standard 60% discount on all hosting plans, it offers 65% for the Baby and Business plans as shown below:

SHARED3665 Hostgator Coupon
SHARED3665 Hostgator Coupon

You can access this new coupon by clicking below:

Here’s the complete Hostgator coupon code list for every Hostgator plan and duration.

Opinion: SHARED3665 Will Persist Into 2021

According to the notification e-mail I received from Hostgator, the new coupon is being tested on an ongoing basis. However, I’m predicting that they will continue this experiment throughout 2021. I’ve already written about Hostgator’s savings plans for 2021, and this is one of them.

Normally, when Hostgator has a limited test, they always let the affiliates know when it’s coming to an end. But this e-mail had no end date. So I can only assume that they plan to keep it permanently. Moreover, Hostgator has a tendency to never retire its earlier coupons. So even if they end this experiment, the SHARED3665 coupon will still work, even though it won’t be applied by default on the front page.

Does This Mean the SHARED3660 Coupon is Obsolete?

Not at all. The new coupon gives the enhanced discounts only on the Baby and Business plans. The Hostgator Hatchling vs Baby is a huge upgrade however, so it might be a good idea to make the switch anyway!

In any case, there are much better coupons to use by default instead of SHARED3660. Some of these are:

  1. SAVINGSBUNDLE (12-month hosting only)
  2. TWEAKSOFFERS (62% off on ALL plans)
  3. READYHOSTING (All purpose general code)

But for the Baby and Business plans specifically, the SHARED3665 coupon will beat out the above ones if you wish to host for 3 years. If you opt for a shorter billing cycle, the discounts go down.

With these changes, you save the following on Baby and Business plans:


1-year: $60
2-years: $68.4
3-years: $77.4


1-year: $116.4
2-years: $128.4
3-years: $140.4

These are pretty hefty savings for the Baby and Business plans. So make use of them!

Why is Hostgator Introducing a New Coupon?

Predictably, the Hatchling plan is Hostgator’s most popular package. However, it’s also the least profitable for them. To make up for the margins, they have to host more customers on a single server, which in turn can lead to performance issues for high-traffic sites, additional customer service requests and more.

For this reason, Hostgator would love to shift some of its customers to the Baby and Business plans that have more resources and lower density servers. So everyone is happy when things are less congested. It’s for this reason that they’ve introduced SHARED3665 as the default instead of SHARED3660. Keep in mind that the discounts for the Hatchling plan have remained unchanged with either coupon code.

Will Hostgator Extend the Discount to Hatchling?

For the reasons stated above, I don’t think this is ever going to happen. In fact, just last year, Hostgator was thinking of reducing the discount of the Hatchling plan to 50%. It never materialized, but it shows the impossibility of Hostgator increasing the Hatchling discount to 65%.

Remember: 3-Years Gives the Highest Discount

It’s important to remember that all the max discounts only apply when you choose to host for the full 36-months. Any lower than that, and the deals become less attractive. There is the special SAVINGSBUNDLE discount of course, that gives you a special discount for 12-months. But without that, you end up paying quite a bit more compared to longer billing cycles.

SHARED3665 is the Default Coupon – For Now

So for now, it looks as if Hostgator has replaced SHARED3660 with SHARED3665 as the “go-to” coupon that’s applied by default. I feel that it’ll remain with us permanently. Hopefully, it encourages people to try some of the higher-tier plans!

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