GoDaddy Promo Code 2023 List

NOTE: I no longer recommend GoDaddy because it’s now expensive and doesn’t offer free SSL. I’ve switched my recommendation to HostGator, because there are a large number of HostGator coupons and cheap discounts for both 12-month and 36-month hosting. Here’s the full GoDaddy vs HostGator comparison to learn more.

Here’s the complete GoDaddy promo code list in 2024 and the discounts for each plan:

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50% off GoDaddy Hosting plans
$1/month hosting
$1/month Managed WordPress hosting
Added 31st May 2018
35% off on everything
30% off on everything
$0.99 .COM Domains. One per customer
Unlimited .COM domains $9.99 each
Up to 50% off Microsoft Office 365

Along with Hostgator, GoDaddy is one of the few other companies that offer outright coupon codes like this for web hosting.

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The GoDaddy Promo Code 2024 Strategy

Often they will automatically apply a GoDaddy code to your order. To make sure that you’re getting the best discount possible, follow these steps for the maximum savings.

Step 1: Reach the Checkout Area

You might not see your savings immediately. So click through the order process until you’re at the final checkout area that displays all your items in the cart on the right hand side. From there, scroll down until you see the words: “Have a promo code?” as shown here:

Option to Enter Promo Code

Step 2: Enter and Validate the Promo Code

Next, enter the promo code you want in the pop up box. Then click “Apply”. If the code you entered is valid, the text box will turn green like this:

Enter the GoDaddy Promo Code

Step 3: Confirm your Savings

When you successfully apply a GoDaddy coupon code to an order, you get a green notification on the top left hand side:

GoDaddy Promo Code Accepted

And that’s it! You’ve successfully applied a GoDaddy promo code!

What’s the Best GoDaddy Promo Code?

GoDaddy’s promo codes can be a bit confusing. Here’s a pricing chart showing exactly how much you can save for each tier of web hosting before and after the discounts.

Note: These are yearly billing cycles. All the prices and GoDaddy coupon codes on this site have been standardized to “per year” rates. This is so that you can easily compare prices across providers without. So the numbers you see here may not match what you see on the homepages of GoDaddy. But they are nonetheless, the real prices.

Basic Advanced Premium
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy Shared Hosting
Special $1/month Hosting
89% off
33% off
24% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy WordPress Hosting
Special $1/month WordPress Hosting
90% off
20% off
5% off
16% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy Business Hosting
27% off
30% off
36% off
40% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy VPS Hosting
37% off
33% off
33% off
33% off
GoDaddy Logo
GoDaddy Dedicated Servers
47% off
40% off
44% off
54% off

You just need to click on these links to apply a GoDaddy coupon code. As you can see, the price progression is like this: Shared (normal) web hosting -> Business Web Hosting -> WordPress hosting -> VPS Hosting -> Dedicated servers.

Get the Biggest Discount!

Need to make a decision fast? Click below for the maximum discount today:

Here’s how the first three regular hosting plan prices compare with each other in this graph.:

GoDaddy Promo Code Comparisons Shared vs WordPress vs Business Hosting

And here’s how the VPS hosting and dedicated server plans compare before and after the GoDaddy promo codes:

GoDaddy VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Service Promo Code Comparison

You can also compare GoDaddy’s hosting plans with other providers using pricing charts below:

  1. Compare cheapest web hosting per year with GoDaddy prices
  2. Comparison of GoDaddy WordPress hosting prices
  3. GoDaddy VPS plans โ€“ compare prices
  4. Compare GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Prices

How does GoDaddy’s $1 Web Hosting Work?

The first things that stand out are the remarkable GoDaddy $1 web hosting and $1 WordPress hosting plans. Without a doubt, these are the cheapest web hosting deals you will find anywhere on the Internet. Even the Hostgator coupon code for 1c hosting doesn’t compare because it’s only for the first month, and you have to renew at a normal price as soon as that month is over. With GoDaddy, the 1 dollar plan allows you a maximum billing period of 12-months as you can see here:

GoDaddy 1 Dollar Web Hosting plan for 12 months

Any longer than this, and the plan renews as the regular price. Amazingly, the $1 hosting plans also include a free domain! It really is a dream deal.

Or is it? You can read my detailed review of $1 web hosting from GoDaddy. What do you get? What do you NOT get?

Managed or Self-Managed GoDaddy VPS and Dedicated Servers?

You might be wondering what level of management you’re paying for when you order a VPS or dedicated server package from GoDaddy. Right now, both VPS hosting and dedicated server offerings are “semi-managed”. If you want the GoDaddy team to fully manage your server, that costs an additional $120/month. Alternatively, you can remove the existing management package and choose to make your VPS or dedicated server entirely unmanaged. If you do this, you can knock $10/month off the renewal price.

GoDaddy Server Caching

With the managed WordPress plans, GoDaddy offers server-side multi-tiered caching as an additional feature. Normally this would be pretty cool, but I haven’t heard great reviews about this. In fact, customers have often claimed that it slows down their site. That’s not a good thing to hear!

If you need proper server level caching, here’s a list of hosts that allow it on their shared hosting plans.

Is there No GoDaddy Cloud Hosting Package?

GoDaddy used to have cloud hosting services, but they apparently weren’t very successful. So they shut down their cloud servers on the 31st of July 2017 and they stopped supporting the service a month before that. They sold it to BC Partners, and that was the end of GoDaddy’s cloud options.

Right now if you want to move on from shared or WordPress hosting but don’t want a full fledged VPS server, you’ll need to take one of GoDaddy’s business hosting plans instead. View the pricing chart and graphs above for the price comparisons and the promo codes you can use to get the maximum discount.

What about a GoDaddy Coupon for Hosting Renewals?

Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. There is no GoDaddy renewal promo code. Once the first billing cycle is done, you’ll pay full price from then onwards. The lack of a GoDaddy discount code for renewals makes the  one dollar hosting plans a bit unappetizing.

Technically, this means that you save the most money by purchasing hosting for as long as possible with your original discount. So if you’re buying $1 hosting, you should opt for the full 12-months to receive maximum benefit.

Of course, it’s not that simple since the overall upfront amount you pay is much higher. So it’s a balancing act between immediate savings and future discounted billings. In the absence of a GoDaddy renewal coupon, choose carefully! You can probably save greater amounts if you opt for the regular shared hosting plan, but for a 3 year period instead of $1 a year for 12-months.

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