Standardized Yearly Web Hosting Prices Comparison

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Shopping for the best yearly web hosting prices can be a pain. While all the hosting companies display their prices, it’s difficult to get an accurate comparison due to the way different providers structure their information.

On this site, I’ve standardized all the prices manually and made them “per year”. This makes it easy to make an apples to apples comparison between the different hosting services.

This site offers the following:

  1. Web hosting prices comparison “per year”
  2. WordPress hosting “per year” prices comparison
  3. Yearly VPS hosting comparisons
  4. Yearly Cloud Hosting comparisons

In addition, you can use the top menu bar to get the list of deals for each individual hosting company. I hope you find it useful! Here are some of the ways in which this site standardizes web hosting information to achieve standardized web hosting price comparisons.

Translating all Plans to Yearly Web Hosting Prices

Almost all hosting sites display discounts to users for the first billing cycle. So some offer a 30% or 50% discount. However, they don’t always show the discount when you purchase their services for per year. Hostgator for example, has the annoying habit of showing discounted prices on their home page for a full 5 year purchase!

Look at the following pricing set from Hostgator for example. Here you can see the drastic discounts applied to a 3 year billing cycle.

Hostgator's Actual Yearly Web Hosting Prices

That’s the difference between 34% off and 60% off! And guess which one they show on their website? That’s right – the 3 year plan. It’s only when you’re deep in the checkout process do you realize what the actual yearly web hosting prices are.


This being the case, you might be fooled into thinking that you’re getting a discount for 1 year and realize the difference only when you actually pay. WP-Tweaks takes all this into consideration and I only display the “per year” prices after going through the checkout process myself and seeing what the end user pays.

So when you see the table of comparisons on this site, you know that you’re always seeing comparable prices across hosting providers.

Constant Price Updates

At the top of every pricing comparison chart, you will see the date on which the page was updated. All these prices are stored in a central location and shared with all the tables across the site. So when you view the individual prices for yearly VPS hosting for example, the same price will also show on the provider specific page. This way, you’re sure to always receive the latest prices, and know that what you’re looking at is up to date.