How to Permanently Disable the Lenovo Caps Lock Indicator

One of the most annoying features of Lenovo laptops is the on-screen Caps Lock and Num Lock indicator that looks like this:

Lenovo Caps Lock Indicator
Lenovo Caps Lock Indicator

It distracts from our writing and needs to go!

The Lenovo Caps Lock Indicator is Supposed to be a “Feature”

Unfortunately, none of the official suggestions work, like toggling the Windows setting, disabling it via Task Manager, or even uninstalling Lenovo Hotkeys, since that has its own problems. Even talking to customer service doesn’t work since they consider it a “feature” of Lenovo laptops. But here’s a solution to get rid of that annoying display once and for all!

1: Open the “Services” Dialogue in Windows

Press your Windows key and search for “Services”. This will show the Services app as seen here:

Windows Services
Windows Services

You’ll get a list of all the Windows services.

2: Find the “Lenovo Fn and function keys service”

Scroll down to “L” until you find the “Lenovo Fn and function keys service”. Right-click this and select “Properties” as shown here:

Lenovo Fn and function keys service
Lenovo Fn and function keys service

From here, we’ll banish the Lenovo on-screen caps lock indicator for life.

3: Stop and Disable the Lenovo On-Screen Caps Lock Indicator

In the resulting dialogue box, in the drop-down box labeled “Startup type”, change the option to “Disabled”, and in the “Service status” section below that, click “Stop” as shown here:

Stop the Lenovo On-Screen Caps and Num Lock Indicator
Stop the Lenovo On-Screen Caps and Num Lock Indicator

You’ll get a short progress bar as the system shuts it down. Then, for good measure, click “Apply” and you’re done. Not only have you gotten rid of the on-screen caps lock display, but it won’t even start again when you reboot your computer.

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