Why Pay for a CDN if Cloudflare is Free?

I've often called Cloudflare the best CDN, even though it's free. And honestly, it's not easy to refute. Cloudflare works so well and with so little setup, that they dominate the CDN space like no other. So why would even bother paying money for a CDN like KeyCDN or BunnyCDN when Cloudflare is … [Read more...]

Is SiteGround Too Expensive? Is it Worth it?

SiteGround is definitely more expensive compared to the other big names in hosting. It might not seem that way when you look at the prices on their shared hosting page, but that's because they have deep discounts. But once the first billing cycle is over, you pay the full price of the hosting which … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Hostgator Doesn’t Use SSD Drives

If you've been shopping around for web hosting, you'll see a curious anomaly. Out of all the major web hosts, only Hostgator hasn't switched to SSD drives for basic hosting. All the other biggies - including- SiteGround and Bluehost - made the switch to SSD a while back. So what gives? Strange as … [Read more...]

Hostgator vs SiteGround: 4 Important Differences

Hostgator and SiteGround are two behemoths in the industry. And according to Google's search trends, the difference in the popularity of the two web hosts has been slowly disappearing as shown in this Hostgator vs SiteGround comparison chart: Hostgator vs SiteGround trends So, while Hostgator … [Read more...]

SiteGround Caching Tiers: What do you Get?

SiteGround is one of the few web hosts to implement server-based caching, as opposed to caching via plugins. However, the level of caching depends on your plan. Here I'll explain the SiteGround caching levels levels, and which plans are supported. This is a list of all SiteGround coupons so you can … [Read more...]

No Need for 3rd Party Backup Solutions with SiteGround!

In March 2019, SiteGround upgraded its hosting plans to included advanced backup and restore functionality for all of its plans instead of just a few of them. I'd already mentioned in my post on CodeGuard backup solutions, that you mostly didn't need it with SiteGround. Even the basic hosting plan … [Read more...]

Hostgator Global or Indian Branch for India Web Hosting?

Hostgator has multiple branches all over the world. But even though they share the same brand name, these are separate companies altogether. Not just subsidiaries, but entirely different corporations. I'm not sure about the contracts they have with each other, but I suspect that each branch … [Read more...]

Every CDN Ignores Your Cache Retention Preferences

After years of working with different CDN providers, I've reached a disturbing conclusion. All CDNs ignore your cache retention preferences. They flush your data long before you want them to. And I have the data to prove it. This drags down your cache hit ratio and slows down your site. Ideally, … [Read more...]

Hostgator Web Hosting in Egypt – Is it a Good Idea?

If you're looking for web hosting in Egypt, should you go with an International brand like Hostgator, or find a local hosting service? In this article, I'll look at several factors to help you decide. Such as reliability, availability of data centers, CDNs, and pricing. Egyptian businesses are … [Read more...]

Morocco Web Hosting – What Are Your Options?

If you live in Morocco and are looking for web hosting, you have around 4 to 5 options. It's hard to find a web host with servers in Morocco, so I'll look at two of those as well. What's Special About Morocco Web Hosting? Generally, when we talk about hosting in Morocco, we're referring to two … [Read more...]