Liquid Web Coupon Code 2021 List and Review

Here is the Liquid Web coupon code list for 2021.

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Liquid Web Coupon Codes
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Discount (%)
VPS Hosting $15/m
VPS Hosting: 75% off
All Products: 50% off 3 months entire store
WordPress Hosting: 50% off 2 months
All Nexcess Products: 10% off LIFETIME!
Cloud Sites: 38% off for 4 months
Cloud Sites: 66% off for 3 months
Cloud Sites: 66% off for 3 months
Cloud Sites: 34% off CloudSites for 6 months
Dedicated Servers: 33% off for 3 months
Windows Servers:35% off
Dedicated Servers: 38% off for 4 months
HIPAA Hosting: 35% off for 3 months

Summary of Liquid Web Coupons

Total Offers11
Total Codes12
Best Discount Code75% off
Total Saving Deals12
Best Discount Deal$15.00/m

My Rating for Liquid Web Coupons: 5/5 ★★★★★

Table of Contents:

Best Liquid Web Coupon Code in 2021

The best Liquid web coupon in 2021 is for their VPS plan. At just $15.00/m for the first billing cycle, it’s better than the other ones that apply only for the few initial months. Click below for the maximum discount. This is the cheapest product Liquid Web has to offer.

Discount: 31%
Duration: First Billing Cycle

How to Apply a Liquid Web Coupon Code

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to Apply a Liquid Web Coupon Code

  1. Add the Liquid Web Product to the Card

    To apply a Liquid Web coupon code, you first need to add the product into your cart. Like this.

  2. Insert the Coupon

    You’ll now see a new label asking you if you have a coupon to add. Click the label and you can then enter the name of coupon you want to use.
    Add the Liquid Web Coupon

  3. Read the Coupon Description Carefully

    Once you’ve added the coupon, make sure you read what it does in the blue box on the left. Many Liquid Web discounts only apply for a few months, and you should ensure that you’re applying the one you want. If not, you can remove the coupon and try again.

Unlike other web hosts, Liquid Web doesn’t usually have discounts for the first billing cycle. Instead, these discounts are available for the first few months only. This includes their VPS plan which provides the full discount of $15.00/m for the duration of your first invoice cycle.

Sometimes you can opt to get a higher discount for fewer months instead of a lower discount for several months. It all depends on your needs. You can probably see that Liquid Web is more expensive than most of the regular competition. This premium branding reflects in the kinds of coupons and discounts it offers.

Liquid Web Coupon Codes: The Good

Here are the pros of using Liquid Web Coupons.

Very High Discounts

Liquid Web provides extremely high discounts with its coupons. For example, the VPS plan’s discount sits at 75%, which is higher than any other web host. The same goes for their cloud plans. This is particularly surprising because Liquid Web bills itself as a premium service provider, so these discounts are off the charts.

Choice of Long-Term or Short-Term Discount

Liquid Web lets you choose whether you want your coupon savings up-front, or spread out over a year. For example, take their Managed WordPress service. You can choose to either get huge discounts for 6-months and pay the full price afterward, or spread it out. Here’s a screenshot:

Liquid Web Coupons Let You Choose
Liquid Web Coupons Let You Choose

This gives you a lot of flexibility in how you want to handle your cash outflow.

Separate Coupons for Standalone and Add-Ons

Liquid Web coupons allow you to choose whether you want to purchase just the hosting or a complete package. For example, with the VPS plans, you can choose to include a bundle with the Web Protection Package that hardens your server and scans it for vulnerabilities. Or you can attach an e-mail plan to your hosting. Whichever you choose, you’ll get special pricing. This is in contrast to other web hosts like SiteGround, for example, who don’t offer discounts on add-ons.

Liquid web Coupons Include Windows Servers

A lot of web hosts offer only Linux servers. This is because Windows servers cost more, and you need to have a separate team to maintain them, which increases operating costs. But you can apply the Liquid Web coupons to their Windows VPS plans as well. So you have options no matter which OS you choose.

Liquid Web Coupon Codes: The Bad

Here are the cons of Liquid Web Coupon Codes.

Limited Duration Discounts

Despite offering huge discounts, Liquid Web severely restricts the duration. This is in contrast to web hosts like Hostgator, which allow you to keep the discounts for up to three years. Liquid Web on the other hand only extends it for 6 months. Sometimes even less. The reason is that they don’t bill themselves as a low-cost web host. In fact, they gave up shared hosting sales for this very reason. Their entire business is high-end in terms of hardware and customer service. So that’s why their discounts are limited.

No Shared Hosting Coupons

A long time ago, Liquid Web decided to exit the shared hosting business. The reason is the margins are extremely low and web hosts are forced to compromise performance in terms of server density. In addition, it generates a huge number of customer care requests, and since each customer is paying a pittance, it quickly becomes unprofitable. Not to mention it damages the brand name.

Low-cost web hosting is a specialized business. Companies like Hostgator walk a fine line between server density and performance, and it requires a different mindset. Liquid Web doesn’t offer shared hosting coupons since their business model is different.

No Unmanaged Liquid Web Coupons

There are no Liquid Web coupons for unmanaged servers. All their products are fully managed, which means you don’t have to install your own OS, and the Liquid Web team takes care of updates and other server maintenance. While this is convenient, it means you don’t have to configure things like backups and DDoS protection. Without these services, you’ll either have to do it yourself or hire an outside service which increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Nonetheless, the lack of unmanaged Liquid Web coupons is definitely a disadvantage.

Liquid Web Coupons vs Others

Here’s how Liquid Web coupons compare with the discounts offered by other web hosts.

Liquid Web Coupons vs SiteGround Discounts

The biggest difference between Liquid Web discount and the savings by SiteGround is that Liquid Web allows you to insert the codes at the shopping cart, whereas SiteGround has fixed discounts on their main web page. In fact, SiteGround doesn’t have coupons in the first place. Another big difference is that SiteGround discounts endure for the entirety of the hosting period instead of just the first few months like Liquid Web.

However, SiteGround’s renewal prices are extremely high in comparison to the discounts offered. It’s one of the reasons why I no longer recommend SiteGround.

Feature Comparison: Liquid Web Coupon Codes vs SiteGround Discounts

FeatureLiquid Web CouponsSiteGround Discounts
Basic Cloud Pricing$15.00/m $100/m
Year Round Discount?NoYes
Money Back Guarantee30-days30-days
Backups Included for Free?NoYes
Feature Comparison: Liquid Web Coupons vs SiteGround Discounts

Here are the pros and cons of each:

Liquid Web Coupons: Pros

  • Separate coupons for each product
  • Cheaper VPS hosting

Liquid Web Coupons: Cons

  • Lots of options meaning it’s easy to go wrong
  • Coupons are only valid for the first few months
  • Backups are an add-on

SiteGround Discounts: Pros

  • Standardized discounts – no confusion
  • Year round discounts
  • Backups included for free

SiteGround Discounts: Cons

  • Standard discounts – no coupons
  • SiteGround cloud plans are expensive
  • No coupons for cloud hosting

SiteGround has much more expensive cloud hosting plans, and they don’t have coupons for their cloud offerings as well. On the other hand, you can apply Liquid Web coupons to every product including VPS and dedicated servers.

Liquid Web vs SiteGround Coupon Ratings

Liquid Web Coupons Rating: 3/5 ★★★☆☆
SiteGround Discount Rating: 2/5 ★★☆☆☆

Reasoning: SiteGround bills itself as ordinary web hosting with its shared hosting plans. However, the prices really zoom up after your billing period. Liquid Web on the other hand, is very clear about the fact that they’re not trying to cater to the lower-end market. Also, Liquid Web has a lot more coupons than SiteGround.

Liquid Web Coupons vs Hostgator Coupons

The biggest difference between Liquid Web and Hostgator coupons is that Hostgator has many more coupons and the structure of the discounts is completely different. Whereas Liquid Web only allows discounts for the first few months of hosting, Hostgator lets you keep them for the entirety of the billing cycle. Another difference is that Liquid Web is much more expensive than Hostgator. This means they target completely different markets.

FeatureLiquid Web CouponsHostgator Coupons
Basic Pricing$15.00/m $2.64/m
Number of CouponsFewMany
Year Round Discount?NoYes
Money Back Guarantee30-days45-days
Free Domain?NoYes
Feature Comparison: Liquid Web Coupons vs Hostgator Coupons

Liquid Web and Hostgator discounts are difficult to compare because they barely even share a common portfolio of web hosting services. Liquid Web has specialized eCommerce, private clouds and server clusters, whereas Hostgator is much more targeted towards ordinary businesses. The cheapest service that Liquid Web offers is their basic VPS.

Here are the pros and cons of both.

Liquid Web Coupons: The Good

  • Lifetime discount available
  • Flexible long or short term coupons

Liquid Web Coupons: The Bad

  • No free domain
  • Deals are expensive
  • Limited coupon selection
  • No special sales events

Hostgator Discounts: The Good

  • Very cheap coupons
  • Free domain
  • Huge selection of coupons
  • Regular flash sales

Hostgator Discounts: The Bad

  • No lifetime discount with any coupon
  • All coupons have a fixed billing cycle

Liquid Web vs Hostgator Coupon Ratings

Liquid Web Coupons Rating: 3/5 ★★★☆☆
Hostgator Discount Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

Reasoning: Hostgator specializes in coupons, so it’s not surprising that they score more than Liquid Web in this matter. They’re a discount web host with reasonable quality, whereas Liquid Web is explicitly high-end. Liquid Web doesn’t bother throwing in a free domain, since their customer won’t base their decision on that, whereas Hostgator’s customer base needs this for easy web hosting.

Liquid Web Special Features

10x Downtime Compensation?

Liquid Web promises a whopping 100% uptime guarantee! Not 99%. Not 99.99%, but a full 100%.

What’s more, they credit you with 10x the amount of downtime. This means that any time your server is down, Liquid Web will give you the cost of the hosting multiplied by 10 for that time period. Other web hosts have far less stringent guarantees. And this is the essential promise of Liquid Web. Yes, they’re expensive. But they’re reliable for mission-critical performance.

“Heroic Support”?

Liquid Web features what they call “Heroic Support”. It consists of the following:

  1. 30 minutes response time for tickets
  2. 100% network uptime guarantee
  3. 100% power supply uptime to the rack
  4. 30 minutes to replace faulty server components

Of course, you can also contact them via live chat if necessary (my personal preference).

Free Incoming Bandwidth

Since 2013, Liquid web has free incoming bandwidth for all its plans! This includes 5 TB of outgoing bandwidth. If you’re on a plan that bills you on a “pay as you go” basis, this represents massive cost savings for large enterprises.

About Liquid Web

Liquid Web was founded in 1998, at a time when most of today’s well-known hosts like Bluehost and SiteGround were nowhere to be seen. It was founded by Matthew Hill, who sold it to the investment firm Madison Dearborn Partners in May 2015.

This means that Liquid Web isn’t owned by EIG or any other web hosting conglomerate. It’s what allows them to maintain their independence and offer unique products and services.

Phone Numbers:

International – 1.517.322.0434

Physical Address:

Liquid Web Inc.
2703 Ena Dr.
Lansing, MI 48917, US

Where are the Liquid Web Shared Hosting Plans?

In August 2016, Liquid Web decided to drop all its shared hosting plans to focus on more premium offerings. All shared hosting accounts were migrated to Deluxe Hosting instead.

Right now, the best analog they have to traditional web hosting is Cloud Sites and perhaps VPS hosting.

Liquid Web Cloud Sites – What is it?

The closest thing to shared hosting offered by Liquid Web is Cloud Sites. But the pricing is nothing alike. I would say that Cloud Sites is about 5 times more expensive than the top-tier shared hosting plan from a provider like SiteGround.

There are many things that make Cloud Sites special, like:

  • Unlimited web sites with a single dashboard
  • No need to know cPanel or server management
  • 1 TB of bandwidth
  • 50 GB SSD

Basically, it’s for people who manage a lot of websites at the same time and need one place to keep them all. This is the case if you have several clients and also need to give each of them their own account for management.

Here’s my complete Cloud Sites review that offers an in-depth explanation of its features.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS Services

Liquid Web brings its trademark quality to its cloud VPS plans. They offer four tiers of management:

  1. Self managed
  2. Core managed
  3. Fully managed
  4. Enterprise

Liquid Web owns its own data centers, unlike so many other providers. Plus they utilize top-of-the-line hardware and provide outstanding customer support. That’s what makes them stand out. Their “Enterprise” level of support takes this to another level where they help you architect solutions from the ground up.

Here’s a complete review of Liquid Web Cloud VPS plans.

Why is Liquid Web So Expensive?

Simple – support. Knowledgeable support reps with the promised response times are expensive, and there’s no way around it. It’s why they ditched their shared hosting plans since they found it too difficult to keep up the support to service low-cost hosting.

In addition, their managed plans provide you with full web app support and monitoring, and their hardware is not oversold. All this combines to make their hosting plans more expensive than the competition.

Also, they own their own data centers, instead of collocating or renting them out. They own not just the hardware, but the locations themselves. This adds up to a lot of overhead costs, since running a data center isn’t cheap. Remember that they provide a 100% uptime guarantee!

Do they Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Liquid Web has a 30-day money-back guarantee. But it doesn’t apply to their Virtual and dedicated servers. So that includes only the managed hosting packages.

Does Liquid Web Offer Free Backups?

Liquid Web automatic backups are only available for managed WordPress portals. There are daily backups that are stored for 30 days at a time. You can also create manual backups to download to your local storage.

If you have a VPS or dedicated server, you need to configure the backups yourself via WHM or cPanel.

What Can I Use to Make Payments?

Liquid Web accepts the following forms of payment:

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit cards
  3. Debit cards with a “Visa” or “MasterCard” logo
  4. Pre-paid credit cards with “Visa”, “American Express”, or “Mastercard” logo
  5. Wire Transfers
  6. Checks

Where are Liquid Web’s Datacenters Located?

  1. US Central – Lansing, Michigan
  2. US West – Phoenix, Arizona
  3. EU Central – Amsterdam, Netherlands

On the main page of their website, they claim to have 5 global data centers, but I was only able to find the above three. Here’s a map showing the locations of all of them:

Liquid Web Coupon and Datacenters
Liquid Web Datacenters

Does Liquid Web Offer Managed WordPress?

On September 4th, 2019, Liquid Web spun off its managed WordPress business to Nexcess. Nexcess is a long-time managed WordPress provider, specializing in individual applications like Magento and WooCommerce. They have 8 data centers spread across the UK and the EU (but none in Asia). So together with Liquid Web’s existing data centers, that makes it 11 in total.

Combined with Liquid Web’s exit from the shared hosting market, it’s clear that their focus is now on enterprises, and not individual customers. Their entire range of services (and the prices) reflects this. Even their WooCommerce hosting described below has been handed over to Nexcess.

Do I Get a Free Domain with Liquid Web Hosting?

No. Unlike other providers like Bluehost, DreamHost, etc, Liquid Web doesn’t offer the standard type of freebies like a domain name. This fits in with their “premium” branding.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Liquid Web offers unique managed WooCommerce solutions. Unlike regular WooCommerce stores that run on a standard WordPress installation, Liquid Web has optimized the backend to create a custom table, which speeds up queries by as much as 95%!

In addition, they’ve teamed up with to provide data insights and statistics on your WooCommerce activity. The best part is that these analytics don’t run on your server – meaning that there’s no slowdown in performance. is normally pretty expensive, and so this additional service is a huge value add.

What’s more, their partnership with Jilt allows you to reach out to users who have abandoned their carts and entice them back with special offers to encourage them to finish their purchases. This kind of value-added WooCommerce functionality is unique to Liquid Web.

There’s a lot to talk about. Here’s a complete review of Liquid Web’s managed WooCommerce hosting plan.

In short, Liquid Web is the hosting provider you “grow into” when you’re ready to hang out with the big boys and leave shared hosting behind forever. Once you get used to the benefits, speed, scalability, and headache of premium hosting, you’ll never look back!

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