3 Reasons Why Hostgator Doesn’t Use SSD Drives

If you’ve been shopping around for web hosting, you’ll see a curious anomaly. Out of all the major web hosts, only Hostgator hasn’t switched to SSD drives for basic hosting. All the other biggies – including- SiteGround and Bluehost – made the switch to SSD a while back. So what gives?

Strange as it may see, Hostgator actually has good reasons for keeping their shared hosting plans on traditional HDD drives. Here they are:

Reason 1: No Hostgator SSD = Cheaper Hosting Plans

Hostgator has the cheapest standard web hosting plans of all the major providers. This Hostgator coupon code list shows its impressive breadth of coupons and discounts. Here’s a cost comparison of the big three:

Shared Hosting Pricing
Web Host
Basic Price
Hostgator $2.64/m
SiteGround $3.99/m
Bluehost $2.95/m

You can see that Hostgator easily beats out the other two. The exception might be Bluehost when they have their rare $2.95/m promo with a free domain name. But that only for special occasions and you need to sign up for at least three years. Hostgator’s 12-month shared hosting pricing is unbeatable.

Reason 2: “Unlimited” Storage Space

Because of the fact that HDD storage is so cheap, Hostgator is able to provide “Unmetered” storage for all its shared hosting plans. Here’s a screenshot of their basic features chart:

Hostgator Unlimited Disk Storage
Unlimited Disk Storage on Hostgator Thanks to HDD Drives

By contrast, the other hosting providers all have limits on their storage space for basic hosting. Here’s a table showing the limits for SiteGround and Bluehost:

Basic Shared Hosting Storage
Web Host
Storage Space
Hostgator Unlimited
SiteGround 10 GB
Bluehost 50 GB

So this is the second reason why Hostgator doesn’t use SSD disks for shared hosting. It allows customers to keep pretty much whatever they want on Hostgator’s servers without worrying about going over the limit.

Note: Like all other web hosts, Hostgator keeps track of unusual disk space usage on its accounts. Most of the time, you shouldn’t get into trouble. But their terms of service make it pretty clear that they will kick you off the server if you’re using a massively disproportionate amount of resources.

Reason 3: They Already Use SSD for the MySQL Databases

The biggest benefit of SSD drives is for speeding up the database. Especially a CMS like WordPress that relies so heavily on MySQL to generate each and every page. The good news however, is that Hostgator already uses SSD for the MySQL database as shown here on their server features page:

Hostgator Uses SSD Drives for MySQL Storage
Hostgator Uses SSD Drives for MySQL Storage

So the difficult part is already taken care of. Hostgator uses HDD drives only for its other storage – meaning files. And that part is a lot less affected by the choice of technology.

Hostgator Cloud Uses SSD Drives

While the above shows that Hostgator uses HDDs for file storage on its regular shared hosting plans, their cloud architecture makes use of SSD drives all the way as shown here:

Hostgator Cloud Uses SSD
Hostgator Cloud Uses SSD

Here’s a complete review of Hostgator cloud hosting and how it compares to regular shared hosting.

Hostgator WordPress Plans Use Cloud Architecture

As a consequence of the above, their WordPress plans also use SSD hosting. In fact, I would call Hostgator WordPress package one of the most feature rich in the industry. So if you go down this path, you have SSD drives not just for the MySQL database, but for all other storage as well. Plus, you get the following:

  1. Dynamic server caching
  2. Malware protection
  3. CDN
  4. Extra resources

It’s well worth it in my opinion.

How Much Do SSD Drives Actually Help?

In theory, SSD drives are hugely beneficial to speed. In practice however, given the fact that most database query sets are cached, the benefits might be less than expected. Still, SSD drives do bring some benefit, and its good to know that Hostgator already has this covered with MySQL SSDs. For the rest, you’re not going to be affected much if your files and folders are accessed over ordinary HDD drives.

For the reduced price and extra storage, it’s well worth it if that’s what you’re looking for!

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