It’s NOT Worth Hiring an SEO Expert

"SEO experts" are a rip-off. Especially for small businesses, you can easily throw away a good chunk of your profits. Hiring an SEO expert is not worth it because you can get the same services from a good content writer, a web designer, and SEO tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog. Don't waste … [Read more...]

How to Upload your Website to HostGator (AVOID This)

The following tutorial will show you how to quickly upload your website to HostGator using the cPanel file manager. This works for uploading WordPress sites to HostGator as well. HostGator Website Upload: Preparations Before you can upload your website to HostGator, make sure you have the … [Read more...]

HostGator Provisioning: No Choice but to Wait!

It's frustrating to sign up for a new HostGator account only to see this message: "Your hosting package is currently being provisioned and cannot be managed" The system displays this message on the dashboard of your HostGator account after you've purchased a new plan, as shown in this … [Read more...]

DigitalOcean Acquires Cloudways: A Perfect Match!

Today DigitalOcean announced that it is acquiring Cloudways. This is massive news in the web hosting world because Cloudways is one of the largest managed cloud hosting providers of SaaS services. According to DigitalOcean's investor announcement, the acquisition is projected to increase "high … [Read more...]

Cloudflare cPanel will Stop Working on Nov 1st 2022

The Cloudflare cPanel plugin so many of us use to connect our domains to Cloudflare will officially stop working on the 1st of November, 2022. Here's a screenshot of the e-mail that Cloudflare sent out to all its hosting and reseller partners: Cloudflare cPanel Plugin End-of-Life … [Read more...]

Top 9 Canadian Web Hosts

Here are the best web Canadian web hosting providers. This includes both Canadian web hosts and those with servers in Canada. Disclaimer: I get a commission when you buy through my site. Every click gives me a hit of dopamine, so help a brother out :) HostPapa … [Read more...]

4 Most Secure Web Hosting Providers

Here are the top 4 most secure web hosting providers. Most web hosts don't include free security. Disclaimer: I get a commission when you buy through my site, and your clicks let me buy solid gold thrones :) A2 Hosting 9.9 A2 Hosting is the most secure web hosting … [Read more...]

KnownHost Backups: The 2nd Best in the Industry

Most web hosts don't provide backups and restorations for free, and they either make you upgrade or purchase a separate add-on. But KnownHost backups are both free and comprehensive. You can access two days of daily backups and a weekly backup on shared hosting. And if you purchase a KnownHost VPS, … [Read more...]

SiteGround Data Center Locations

SiteGround has data centers all around the world. Since they switched to the Google Cloud Compute network, they've rapidly expanded their list of data centers and CDNs. The most recent is the location in Madrid, which they added in June 2022, and doubles as a CDN. This brings the total number of … [Read more...]

Hostgator Security: It’s Not Enough

Even though it provides basic security for its servers, Hostgator doesn't protect individual accounts from hacking attempts and malware. You must either purchase the SiteLock add-on or subscribe to a 3rd party security solution. These add to your hosting costs, cutting into the deep discounts … [Read more...]