Hostgator India Coupon Code 2023 List

Note: For India-based Hosting, I now recommend HostArmada. HostGator India makes you pay extra for backups and security, and their servers in India are very expensive. HostArmada not only has free backups and security with a Mumbai data center, it also uses NGINX and LiteSpeed web servers. Check out the full HostGator India vs HostArmada comparison to learn more.

Here’s the global Hostgator promo code page for the global US branch. These are specifically for India.

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Note: This Hostgator India coupon code 2024 list is specific to India. The international version has different promo codes. Normally, Hostgator India offers a maximum of 60% on their plans. But sometimes, on special occasions, they bump it up to 65%.

Summary of Hostgator India Coupons

Total Hostgator India Coupon Codes7
Total Codes7
Best Discount Code60% off
Total Savings Deals7
Best Discount Dealโ‚น79/m


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Table of Contents:

How to Apply a Hostgator India Coupon Code in 2024

Here’s how to use the Hostgator India promo code on your shopping cart.

1. Choose Your Hosting Product

To use the coupon, first select the product and the plan you want. Once you do that, you’ll get a popup notification asking you whether or not you already have a domain name as shown here:

Do you already have a Hostgator India domain name?
Choose if You Already Have a Domain

If you click “Yes”, you’ll be asked to enter your domain name on the next insert. If not, you’ll be asked to specify which domain name you want:

2. Choose your Add ons

Enter the domain name you want or already have

You’ll also see a bunch of optional add-ons like CodeGuard, which allows you to backup all your files and databases automatically. There’s a separate Hostgator India coupon code for each of these products – you’ll find them in the table above. Choose the ones you want (or none), and proceed to the checkout page.

Here’s where you can choose how long you want to subscribe.

Choose your Hostgator India web hosting subscription duration
Choose for How Long you Want to Host

Remember that the discounts you see on the Hostgator India homepage are not for 1 year. They’re typically for 36 months, and sometimes even 5 years!

On the left-hand side of the page, towards the bottom, you’ll see the area to enter the coupon code for your Hostgator India subscription plan:

Use the Hostgator India Coupon Code here

3. Verify the Discount Code

You might need to click “Remove” first to delete any existing coupon code. Remember – not all coupons are the same! One Hostgator India coupon code may give a better discount than another for the same product. Some only apply to certain durations. Read the descriptions in the first table above carefully before you make your choice. When you apply the new coupon code, the description of the code will appear on the bottom in green, so you can see what the discount is exactly.

In the screenshot above, I’ve chosen a coupon that allows you to pay just โ‚น99/m for the first year of hosting. A pretty good deal!

Once you’ve applied your discount code, you can see the savings on the right-hand side under the subheading “Coupon Discount,” as shown here:

Applying the Hostgator India Coupon Discount
Verify the Hostgator India Discount Code

And you’re done! Remember that you’ll be paying the entire amount of your web hosting plan in one go. You won’t be billed each month separately. It’s one of the reasons why the 3-yr and 5-yr discounts are misleading. A lot of people don’t want to commit to such a long time out of the box.


The best alternative to HostGator India. Hurry – get 70% off!

Popular Hostgator India Coupons in 2024

Here’s an explanation of the different Hostgator India coupons.


The SUNSHINE coupon code is Hostgator India’s most popular discount. It gives you a hefty 50% off shared web hosting. However, it also applies to all other products on the site, including VPS, WordPress, and Cloud products. Whenever you can’t find a specific coupon that fits your needs, always try “SUNSHINE”. Chances are, it will get you what you want.

This coupon code has also been around for a long time. It doesn’t expire and always has the best discounts.


This Hostgator India promo code applies only to cloud-based products. Contrary to its name, the ONLINE30 coupon gives you a discount of 40% – not 30%. The previous “SUNSHINE” coupon subsumes it. This has been around for a long time, so it’s always valid.

Flash Sale Coupons

Now and then, Hostgator India has short flash sales that last only for a couple of days. During this time, their regular web hosting discount increases from 50% to 55%. The coupon codes used during the flash sale vary depending on the event, and they expire once the sale ends. So you should seize your chance whenever you can!

Hostgator India Coupons: The Good

Here are the pros of Hostgator India coupons:

5 Year Discounts with Hostgator India

The biggest advantage of using a Hostgator India coupon is that you can lock in the savings for 5 years. You can read more about how this works in the section below. No other web host allows you to keep receiving discounts for this long. The maximum billing cycle for other hosts is 3-years. Some, like SiteGround, don’t even allow you to retain the discounts for a year! And others like Liquid Web coupons end the savings after just a few months. Five years of savings translate into 60 months of discounts. That’s huge.

Hostgator India Coupons for Free Google Workspace

One of the Hostgator India coupons allows you to include a free Google Workspace add-on. For a small business, this can be a massive source of savings. With a Google Workspace, you can link your business domain and e-mail ID to Google’s infrastructure and use Gmail like you would with an ordinary e-mail address. It’s a far superior alternative to whatever your web server provides for you.

Other web hosts don’t have coupons for Google Workspace.

Hostgator India Coupons for Windows Hosting

Hardly any web host offers Windows shared hosting. Usually, you’re required to run your own Windows VPS or dedicated server if you want to use applications like ASP.NET and the MSSQL database. But the Hostgator India coupons have special discounts for Windows shared hosting, which makes it unique in the web hosting space. You end up saving massive sums of money by not having to purchase a more expensive server.

No Cost EMI Options with Hostgator India

With no-cost EMI options, Hostgator India lets you spread out the cost of your hosting over 3, 6, or 9 months.

Typically, the cost of web hosting is loaded upfront. This means that you pay a lump sum in advance that covers the entirety of the billing cycle. This will get expensive, even with high discounts if you choose a long billing cycle. For example, hosting for 5 years means you multiply your monthly cost by 60 and pay everything at once. This is a huge deterrent for small businesses that might not have enough cash on hand for the initial investment.

By choosing the no-cost EMI option, you restrict your cash flow to a reasonable amount for the desired time frame. And the best part is that up to one year, there’s no interest charged! This effectively works as an additional discount for the interest amount you would have paid. It’s a fantastic deal. For 12 or 24 months of EMI, additional interest will accrue.

Here are the conditions to receive a no-cost EMI offer:

  1. The total purchase price must be above โ‚น5,500
  2. Credit card purchases only (except for SBI)
  3. Only available for Indian residents

Hostgator India is the only web hosting company to offer this kind of pricing option.

Hostgator India Coupons: The Bad

Here are the disadvantages of Hostgator India coupons.

Higher Hostgator India Prices for India Hosting

Surprisingly, the Hostgator India coupons for US-based servers are cheaper than those used for India-based servers. While it’s true that web hosting in India is not as streamlined, it’s still surprising considering the difference in currency. It’s cheaper to use Hostgator India for US-based hosting than it is with American companies!

Other web hosts like Hostarmada give you the same pricing regardless of where you choose to host.

Fewer Hostgator India Coupons Compared to Mother Brand

Hostgator is known for its wide range of coupons, so it’s surprising to see that Hostgator India has just a handful of coupons for most of its products. There’s just one main coupon – SUNSHINE – which you can use for just about any Hostgator India product and which gives you a better discount than the other coupons. So there’s not much point in hunting around to find the best deal.

In contrast, the global Hostgator brand has several special coupons that give you better discounts than the default ones on the shopping cart.

Hostgator India Discounts are Typically Lower

The maximum discount you’re going to get is 55% – and that’s during a special sale. Otherwise, you have to be happy with the standard 50% discount rate for the first billing cycle. During special flash sales, the discount goes up by 5%. It’s not much and is certainly not on par with the discounts offered by the global Hostgator brand. For example, the discount during the Hostgator flash sales shoots up to a whopping 70%. And there are special global Hostgator coupons where you can get discounts up to 78% for certain products and periods.

Hostgator India coupons simply can’t compare to these.


The best alternative to HostGator India. Hurry – get 70% off!

Hostgator India Coupon Code 2024 Strategy

Under normal circumstances, Hostgator India has the standard 50% off coupon code as shown here:

However, the discount goes up to 55% for special events like festivals.

Hostgator India uses coupon codes extensively to promote its products. Each of these promos has a shelf life, so it’s important to get the timing right. Other hosting providers like Bluehost or SiteGround display their discounts openly on the front page. With Hostgator India, you need to hunt to find the one that works for you. As you can see, there are multiple coupon codes, and some are outright better than others.

Some discount codes have better offers but require a longer subscription period. So if you’re short on cash, you might be better off using a coupon with a lower discount, which allows you to renew at an earlier date and which costs you less money.

The company also frequently engages in “Flash Sales”. These are very temporary 2-3 day offers with a special Hostgator India coupon code, and you need to act fast to take advantage of them. Occasionally I’ve seen discount coupons for 80% or more!

What about Renewal Coupons?

One thing to note is that all these special deals only apply to the very first year or billing cycle. You’ll be billed for the full amount when it’s up for renewal. So don’t get carried away with a low price if you can’t afford the full billing value.

These deals are built around servicing as many different needs as possible. There are Hostgator India discount coupons for everyone, and this site lists them all. You just need to find the deal that works for you.

Web hosting companies give you discounts for a short time. After that, they charge you the full renewal price. Hostgator India is no different. All the Hostgator coupons are temporary. While this is a standard industry practice, Hostgator India is a big exception in one regard – they allow you to keep your discount for a massive 5-year period. This makes it the most economical option for hosting.

HostGator India Coupons vs Other Indian Web Hosts

Here’s how HostGator India discounts stack up to other hosting providers with servers in India.

HostGator India Discounts vs HostArmada Coupons

HostGator India’s Indian servers are only slightly cheaper than HostArmada. But it has EMI payment options and a longer term discount, so you save a considerable amount in the long-run. On the other hand, HostArmada has free backups and security while those are paid add-ons with HostGator India. So if backups and security are important to you, then HostArmada is cheaper than HostGator India. Here’s the complete HostArmada promo code list to get the best deal.

For a full explanation of the differences between the two, check out my HostGator India vs HostArmada comparison.

Choose the Right Hostgator India Coupon Code

If you’re confused about which 2024 coupon is the best for each hosting plan, don’t worry. I’ve done the hard work for you! Just consult the table below, copy the code to your clipboard, click the link, and get your discount.

You can see how the discounts of the various Hostgator India plans look when placed side by side for each type of hosting in this chart:

Hostgator India Discount Pricing Chart
Hostgator India Discount Pricing

Happy shopping!


The best alternative to HostGator India. Hurry – get 70% off!

Final Thoughts on HostGator India Coupons

HostGator India isn’t a lot cheaper than the competition, especially if you choose Indian servers instead of US ones. However, when you consider the EMI payment options, and the ability to get a discount for five years instead of the regular three years that other web hosts offer, the savings are significant. The downside is that you pay a lot more for backup and security add-ons that other web hosts like HostArmada and HostingRaja give you for free.

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