Hostgator India Coupon Code 2021 List

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Here’s the complete Hostgator coupon list. These are specifically for India.

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Hostgator India Coupon Code
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Max Discount (%)Coupon Details
55% Shared Hosting:: ₹99/m
(2 years MINIMUM!)
50% Shared Hosting: 50% off
WordPress Hosting: 50% off
Dedicated Server: 30% off
50% WordPress Hosting: 50% off
40% Cloud Hosting: 40% off
30% Cloud Hosting: 30% off
50% Shared Hosting: 50% off
Cloud Hosting: 30% off
Dedicated server: 30% off
50% Buy 8 Months. Get 4 Months Free! Need to subscribe for at least 1 year

Note: These coupons are only for Hostgator India. Here is the complete Hostgator coupon code list for their global hosting services. Normally, Hostgator India offers a maximum of 50% on their plans. But sometimes on special occasions, they bump it up to 55%.

Best Hostgator India Coupon Code in 2021

Need to make a decision fast? Click below for the maximum discount today:

Coupon Discount: 55%
Duration: 2 years minimum

Table of Contents:

Apply a Hostgator India Coupon

To use the coupon, first click the link above. It will take you to the Hostgator India website where you can select the product and the plan you want. Once you do that, you’ll get a popup notification asking you whether or not you already have a domain name as shown here:

Do you already have a Hostgator India domain name?
Choose if You Already Have a Domain

If you click “Yes”, you’ll be asked to enter your domain name on the next insert. If not, you’ll be asked to specify which domain name you want:

Choose your Add ons

Enter the domain name you want or already have

You’ll also see a bunch of optional add-ons like CodeGuard, which allows you to backup all your files and databases automatically. There’s a separate Hostgator India coupon code for each of these products – you’ll find them in the table above. Choose the ones you want (or none), and proceed to the checkout page.

Here’s where you can choose for how long you want to subscribe.

Choose your Hostgator India web hosting subscription duration
Choose for How Long you Want to Host

Remember that the discounts you see on the Hostgator India homepage are not for 1 year. They’re typically for 36 months, and sometimes even 5 years!

On the left hand side of the page towards the bottom, you’ll see the area to enter the coupon code for your Hostgator India subscription plan:

Use the Hostgator India Coupon Code here

Verify the Discount Code

You might need to click “Remove” first to delete any existing coupon code. Remember – not all coupons are the same! It’s possible that one Hostgator India coupon code will give a better discount than another for the same product. Some only apply to certain durations. Read the descriptions in the first table above carefully before you make your choice. When you apply the new coupon code, the description of the code will appear on the bottom in green, so you can see what the discount is exactly.

In the screenshot above, I’ve chose a coupon that allows you to pay just ₹99/m for the first year of hosting. A pretty good deal!

Once you’ve applied your discount code, you can see the savings on the right-hand side under the subheading “Coupon Discount” as shown here:

Applying the Hostgator India Coupon Discount
Verify the Hostgator India Discount Code

And you’re done! Remember that you’ll be paying the entire amount of your web hosting plan in one go. You won’t be billed separately each month. It’s one of the reasons why the 3-yr and 5-yr discounts are misleading. A lot of people don’t want to commit to such a long time period out of the box.

Hostgator India Coupon Code 2021 Strategy

Under normal circumstances, Hostgator India has the standard 50% off coupon code as shown here:

However, for special events like festivals, the discount goes up to 55%.

Hostgator India uses coupon codes extensively to promote its products. Each of these promos has a shelf life, so it’s important to get the timing right. Other hosting providers like Bluehost or SiteGround display their discounts openly on the front page. With Hostgator India, you need to hunt in order to find the one that works for you. As you can see, there are multiple coupon codes, and some are outright better than others.

Some discount codes have better offers, but require a longer subscription period. So if you’re short on cash, you might be better off using a coupon with a lower discount, but which allows you to renew at an earlier date, and which costs you less money.

The company also frequently engages in “Flash Sales”. These are very temporary 2-3 day offers with a special Hostgator India coupon code and you need to act fast to take advantage of them. Occasionally I’ve seen discount coupons for 80% or more!

What about Renewal Coupons?

One thing to note is that all these special deals only apply to the very first year or billing cycle. When it’s up for renewal, you’ll be billed for the full amount. So don’t get carried away with a low price if you can’t afford the full billing value.

These deals are built around servicing as many different needs as possible. There are Hostgator India discount coupons for everyone, and this site lists them all. You just need to find the deal that works for you.

Choose the Right Hostgator India Coupon Code

If you’re confused about which 2021 coupon is the best for each hosting plan, don’t worry. I’ve done the hard work for you! Just consult the table below, copy the code to your clipboard, click the link, and get your discount.

You can see how the discounts of the various Hostgator India plans look when placed side by side for each type of hosting in this chart:

Hostgator India Discount Pricing Chart
Hostgator India Discount Pricing

Happy shopping!

Free SSL with Hostgator India

After the global Hostgator brand started offering free SSL, Hostgator India quickly followed suit. Previously, you had to pay to purchase even basic SSL coverage. Now Hostgator India offers Let’s Encrypt certificates with automatic renewals for free.

This is a huge deal in a world where Google considers HTTPS to be essential to the security of a site. Search engines now penalize non-SSL sites in the SERPS, and web browsers can show a warning when visiting a non-secure page.

So the addition of free SSL is a massive improvement in service that puts Hostgator India on a par with its global competitors. You no longer need special Hostgator India coupons to get SSL!

Instead of India, Consider Singapore

I know you want a hosting company close to your customers, but I personally feel that hosting in India is a bad idea. The infrastructure just isn’t good enough, and data centers face regular outages. Singapore on the other hand, is almost as close:

Map Singapore to India Distance-min
Singapore Isn’t Far from India

Hosts like HostArmada have a solid presence in Singapore, and I recommend them over Indian hosting companies as of now. Read more about why I think you should choose Singapore instead.

Here’s the best HostArmada coupon to get you started.

About Hostgator India

Hostgator India is definitely “top of mind” when it comes to Indian hosting companies. The other provider – Bluehost India – just isn’t as active, or relevant. You won’t even find any Bluehost India coupons! So if you’re really looking for India hosting, Hostgator India is your best option.

You can get started for just a few rupees per month. They also have tie-ups with local payment companies like paytm. So while one doesn’t exist at the moment, keep your fingers crossed for a paytm Hostgator India coupon code paytm offer – there might be one soon!

Their hosting panel features the updated cPanel interface, which is more “material” like in design – taking a cue from Google’s aesthetics. It places a greater emphasis on the search bar, and allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

In addition, the Hostgator India coupon code 2021 strategy allows it to offer a lot more discounts that are much more varied compared to its competitors in the country.

Customer Service of Hostgator India

In the past, Hostgator had a somewhat shady reputation with many customer service complaints and slow website loading. However, recent reviews seem to indicate that they’ve significantly tightened up. Customer service is now more prompt, and they’ve dedicated time to revamping the entire customer experience.

There are a bunch of benefits to choosing web hosting in India. One element that you might appreciate, is support in your local language in case something goes wrong. And sooner or later, something will go wrong – it’s just the nature of the business. In those situations, you’d like to have a familiar interaction on the other end of the line without any fumbling around with language.

And for those of you who are shy on the telephone line, they have customer service on chat that I’ve personally used several times. While the peak hours have queue times that last for quite long, that’s to be expected. The window gives you a ping when the customer rep is ready. Moreover, the entire chat transcript is then sent to your e-mail ID, which is great for digging up past conversations for reference. Personally I prefer the text chat to the phone line. It’s easier to state your case, send screenshots, error messages etc. Plus it beats having to hold a phone against your ear in the sweaty summers!

In short, Hostgator India is a pretty solid service these days that caters to customers of all types and of all requirements. They have budget and premium hosting, and their products range from WordPress, to Dedicated Hosting, to SSL certificates.

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