HostArmada Coupon: Get 75% Off!

Here’s a complete list of HostArmada coupon codes. The first promo code is always the best one:

HostArmada Coupons
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Maximum Discount (%) Description
Doesn't Expire
FREE Domain +
Shared Hosting:
75% off
Doesn't Expire
VPS: 20% off
Expired Jan 1st
Shared Hosting: 70% off
Expires Jan 5th
Shared Hosting: 75% off
Doesn't Expire
Reseller Hosting: 70% off the first month
Expired Dec. 2nd 2021
FREE Domain +
Shared Hosting:
80% off
Expired Nov. 14th 2021
FREE Domain +
Shared Hosting:
75% off
70% FREE Domain +
Shared Hosting:
70% off
FREE Domain +
Shared Hosting:
FREE Domain +
Shared Hosting:
70% off

As you can see, the promo code WPT75 gives you the highest discount, and the others will only give you 70%. Not just that, they lose validity after a specific time. The first one will remain valid forever and results from a unique partnership between HostArmada and WP-Tweaks. So you get a special offer that’s not available anywhere else. Particularly for India-based customers, this HostArmada coupon is a great deal!

This HostArmada promo code gives you 75% on all HostArmada shared hosting plans:

When you apply this coupon, the cost of HostArmada shared hosting drops from $9.95 to $2.99:

WP-Tweaks offers this special discount exclusively, thanks to a partnership with HostArmada.

Summary of HostArmada Coupons

Total Offers9
Total Codes8
Best Discount Code75% off
Total Saving Deals8
Best Discount Deal$2.48/m

Table of Contents

Default HostArmada Coupon is Only 70%

What makes this particular coupon code special is that by default, the standard discount offered on HostArmada is just 70%, as shown here:

Default HostArmada Coupon
Default HostArmada Promo Code

The default coupon is applied automatically, and if you don’t know any better, you’ll get the expected discount like everyone else.

How to Apply the 75% off HostArmada Promo Code

You don’t get a chance to enter a new coupon until you’ve almost finished checking out. Move past the domain name and the optional services selection. At the final stage, you’ll get the chance to remove the default HostArmada promo code.

Remove the Default HostArmada Promocode
Remove the Default HostArmada Promocode

Once you remove it, you’ll be able to paste in the new coupon: WPT75, as shown here:

Enter the New Coupon Code from WP-Tweaks
Enter the New Coupon Code from WP-Tweaks

When you press “Enter” or click “Validate”, HostArmada will apply your new discount.

New HostArmada Discount of 75%
New HostArmada Discount of 75%

And that’s it! Don’t waste this chance. Who knows how long this price will last? Click now below to avail of this fantastic offer:

To read more about what makes them unique, check out my HostArmada review for a complete list of features and how they can turbocharge your site’s loading speed.

Seasonal HostArmada Promo Code

HostArmada has coupons that offer a higher discount during different seasons; this is the best time to buy hosting from them! For example, as I’m writing this, a special summer sale raises the highest discount to 85%. This is even higher than the one offered by WP-Tweaks. Whenever there’s a new sale, it’ll show in the updated table above.

Halloween Sales Coupon

HostArmada regularly has Halloween sales. This particular coupon gives you 75% off, as shown here:

HostArmada Halloween Coupon
HostArmada Halloween Coupon

Remember that you can get the same 75% off using the unique WP-Tweaks HostArmada coupon code!

HostArmada Birthday Promo Give 80% Off!

From the 15th to the 24th of November, HostArmada holds its yearly Birthday Promo. This special promotion follows the Halloween sale and often increases an 80% discount for shared hosting through another coupon. This discount is the highest you’ll ever get for HostArmada, so make sure you grab it while you still can!

It also gives you a 25% discount for VPS hosting. Usually, the VPS discount is just 20% for new customers.

HostArmada Black Friday Coupons

Immediately following the Halloween sale, HostArmada announces its Black Friday coupons. You can get the latest HostArmada promos on the web hosting Black Friday deals page when updated.

HostArmada Renewal Coupons

There is no HostArmada renewal hosting coupon, and HostArmada gives you a massive discount for your first billing cycle like all web hosts. You should make the most of it and choose the longest possible plan your budget allows.

However, the longer you host with HostArmada, the lower your per-month costs. See this screenshot for an example of monthly prices decreases in proportion to the billing cycle length:

HostArmada Renewal Coupon
HostArmada Renewal Coupon

Depending on your billing cycle, the same HostArmada coupon will give you different long-term benefits. So choose wisely. You only get one chance at the maximum discount!

HostArmada Coupon vs Other Web Hosts

Here’s how the HostArmada promo compares with others:

Discounted PriceRenewal Price
HostArmada Pricing vs Other Web Hosting Companies

HostArmada’s prices are a little on the higher side. But it’s easy to miss because of the high discount.

HostArmada Coupon vs Hostgator Coupon Code

Even with a higher percentage discount, HostArmada’s starting price is $2.99/m, which is higher than Hostgator’s at $2.57/m. But when you consider the renewal price, Hostgator is far cheaper. Here’s the Hostgator promo code page with all their deals.

HostArmada is more expensive than Hostgator, but has more features.

This isn’t surprising, considering that HostArmada has many more features than Hostgator. HostArmada has free backups on all plans, as well as in-built security. It uses NGINX as the base server, which allows them to enable static file caching. With Hostgator, you must purchase separate add-ons like CodeGuard and SiteLock to get backups and security. So if you get all the recommended features, you pay more with Hostgator than with HostArmada. But 12-month hosting is much more expensive on HostArmada compared to Hostgator. With HostArmada, you get the highest discount only when you sign up for 3-years. However, you can get the lowest price with Hostgator with just a 1-year subscription.

Hostgator vs. HostArmada feature comparison:

Discount Pricing$2.99/m$2.57/m
Renewal Pricing$9.95/m$7.99/m
BackupsIncludedSeparate add-on
Free malware scanningYesSeparate add-on
SSD drivesYesOnly for the MySQL database
Free DomainYesYes
HostArmada vs. Hostgator Feature Comparison

As you can see, HostArmada has a lot more going for it than Hostgator. No wonder the price is higher.

HostArmada Coupon vs KnownHost Coupon Code

HostArmada is cheaper than KnownHost. Whereas the lowest KnownHost package starts at $3.47/m, HostArmada begins at $2.99/m. However, KnownHost has many more features. Here’s the KnownHost coupon code page with all the latest deals.

Unlike HostArmada, KnownHost uses the LiteSpeed webserver – a paid product. HostArmada, on the other hand, runs NGINX, which is free and open source. Because of this, KnownHost offers default server-side caching on all its plans. Even though HostArmada runs NGINX, it supports server caching only on the highest “Speed Reaper” plan starting at $5.39/m, which also uses LiteSpeed. So if you’re looking for the fastest hosting, KnownHost is better.

HostArmada vs. KnownHost Feature Comparison:

Discount Pricing$2.99/m$3.47/m
Renewal Pricing$9.95/m$8.95/m
Server-side cachingSpeed Reaper plan onlyYes, on all plans
Free malware scanningYesYes
SSD drivesYesYes
Free DomainYesNo
HostArmada vs. KnownHost Feature Comparison

KnownHost matches HostArmada, feature for feature. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer a free domain like HostArmada.

HostArmada Coupon vs Bluehost Discount

The HostArmada coupon is more expensive than the Bluehost discount. The discounted prices are almost the same – Bluehost starts at $2.95/m, whereas HostArmada starts at $2.99/m. But this is because of the special HostArmada 75% coupon from WP-Tweaks. Once your subscription renews, HostArmada ends up costing more. Here’s the complete Bluehost discount 2024 page to see more.

Bluehost discounts are better, but they don’t make up for better HostArmada features.

But not by much. HostArmada has many more features than Bluehost, but its renewal price is barely higher. The only thing Bluehost has is that it claims to isolate accounts that use excessive resources. Other than that, HostArmada beats Bluehost in all features, including backups and security. With Bluehost, you must purchase CodeGuard for backups and SiteLock for security. So the final cost is a lot more than that of HostArmada. In addition, HostArmada uses NGINX instead of Apache, which means it has static file caching, improving your server’s response time when bots access your site.

HostArmada vs. Bluehost Feature Comparison:

Discount Pricing$2.99/m$2.95/m
Renewal Pricing$9.95/m$9.99/m
BackupsIncludedNeed to purchase CodeGuard
Free malware scanningYesNeed to purchase SiteLock
SSD drivesYesYes
Free DomainYesYes
HostArmada vs. Bluehost Feature Comparison

As with Hostgator, HostArmada has more features and costs almost the same.

HostArmada Coupon vs InMotion Coupon

InMotion is a much stronger competitor to HostArmada than either Hostgator or Bluehost. It has higher starting discounts at $2.49/m, and a lower renewal price at $8.99/m. And it has great features as well. Here’s the complete InMotion coupon page for more deals.

The InMotion coupon has a lower price than HostArmada, and almost the same features

InMotion’s distinguishing feature is the UltraStack architecture, consisting of an NGINX reverse proxy setup. HostArmada also uses NGINX as a primary server, not one that sits in front of Apache. As a result, InMotion also has static caching, just like HostArmada. And like HostArmada, InMotion reserves advanced full-page caching for the higher-tier plans.

InMotion also has backups – unfortunately, you have to purchase a separate package for backups with InMotion, whereas they’re free on HostArmada. This negates many of the advantages of InMotion and makes me prefer HostArmada to them.

One additional feature of InMotion worth mentioning is NVMe drives. InMotion offers NVMe drives on the “Launch” plan, whereas HostArmada doesn’t offer NVMe drives. For more information, check out my article on NVMe web hosting.

HostArmada vs InMotion Feature Comparison:

Discount Pricing$2.99/m$2.49/m
Renewal Pricing$9.95/m$8.99/m
BackupsIncludedSeparate purchase
Free malware scanningYesIncluded
SSD drivesYesYes. Also NVMe Drives
Free DomainYesYes
HostArmada vs InMotion Feature Comparison

The only advantage that InMotion has over HostArmada is NVMe hosting and a slightly cheaper price point – but at the cost of free backups.

HostArmada Coupon vs NameHero Coupon

NameHero matches HostArmada features and goes even further. NameHero’s basic plan is cheaper starting at $3.58/m, compared to HostArmada’s $2.99/m. The difference is that HostArmada maintains its discounts for the higher-tier plans, whereas NameHero saves its best discounts for the lowest plan. Here’s the complete NameHero coupon page where you can get the best NameHero deals.

The basic NameHero coupon is cheaper than the HostArmada coupon.

Like HostArmada, NameHero also has free backups and malware scanning. However, unlike HostArmada, NameHero uses the LiteSpeed webserver on all their plans. HostArmada reserves the LiteSpeed server for their highest “Speed Reaper” plan, which gives the edge to NameHero, in my opinion. NameHero also offers NVMe drives on its higher-tier plans, unlike the SSDs that HostArmada uses. Thanks to the LiteSpeed server, NameHero has Enterprise integration with, an alternative to Cloudflare, and lets you take advantage of dynamic EDGE caching.

One disadvantage of NameHero compared to HostArmada, is that NameHero only gives you a free domain when you sign-up for two years on the higher-tier plan. HostArmada, on the other hand, has free domains regardless of which plan you choose as long as you host for twelve months or more.

HostArmada vs NameHero Feature Comparison:

Discount Pricing$2.99/m$3.58/m
Renewal Pricing$9.95/m$8.95/m
Free malware scanningYesYes
SSD drivesYesSSD + NVMe drives
Free DomainYesYes
HostArmada vs NameHero Feature Comparison

I prefer NameHero over HostArmada thanks to the better features and slightly lower price. Despite not getting a free domain for all plans, I think the extra benefits make up for it.

HostArmada Promo vs Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta is a lot more expensive than HostArmada but has many more features. Kinsta’s basic pricing starts at $29.17/m. Here’s the Kinsta pricing page, showing that the price rises quickly.

Kinsta pricing is far higher than the regular HostArmada coupon.

Kinsta offers complete managed WordPress hosting with speed guarantees in exchange for this premium price. Kinsta runs on the Google Cloud network, allowing them to host 35 data centers worldwide. HostArmada, on the other hand, has nine data centers. It’s impressive, but not as much as Kinsta. Kinsta also justifies its high costs thanks to its bundled Cloudflare Enterprise subscription on all its plans. This plan is more than enough to cover the expenses of Kinsta’s hosting!

Kinsta also uses NGINX as a reverse proxy, compared to HostArmada, which uses NGINX as a base server. However, HostArmada, has Memcached on its highest Speed Reaper plan, whereas Kinsta offers Redis – a similar memory caching system – for a pretty high fee. Kinsta also offers server-side caching and edge caching – a feature no other web host has.

But it illustrates how confident Kinsta is in the performance of its systems that it doesn’t feel the need to include it in its plans.

HostArmada vs Kinsta Feature Comparison:

Discount Pricing$2.99/m$29.17/m
Renewal Pricing$9.95/m$35.00/m
Free malware scanningYesYes
Free Cloudflare Enterprise?NoYes
All Applications Allowed?YesA variety of applications, but most notably WordPress
SSD drivesYesSSD + NVMe drives
Free DomainYesNo
ArchitectureNGINXApache + NGINX reverse-proxy
HostArmada vs. Kinsta Feature Comparison

Kinsta isn’t in the business of shared hosting. Unlike HostArmada, which has shared hosting, Kinsta’s resources are far more allocated without being an actual VPS server. And the prices reflect that, which is why Kinsta is on my list of expensive web hosting services worth it.

HostArmada vs HostGator India Coupons

HostGator India has three servers based in India, compared to just one for HostArmada, but the pricing difference between them isn’t that high. The difference is that with HostGator India, you can opt for an EMI payment plan, so you don’t have to pay a lump sum all at once. In addition, HostGator India lets you carry your discount for five years instead of HostArmada’s three years. Here are the HostGator India coupons for the best deals.

On the flip side, HostArmada has free backups and security, whereas you need to pay extra to get those features with HostGator India. Check out the HostArmada vs HostGator India article for a more thorough comparison.

HostArmada Coupons vs SiteGround Discounts

HostArmada and SiteGround both have higher discounts. However, SiteGround is far more expensive, with a basic renewal price starting at $14.99/m, compared to just $9.95/m for HostArmada. SiteGround also lacks a free security solution with malware scanning.

Both HostArmada and SiteGround have free backups, though SiteGround’s backups are slightly better. But the price differential is so high that it’s simply not worth it. Here’s a full HostArmada vs SiteGround comparison to learn more.

Best HostArmada Alternative: NameHero

By far, the best alternative to HostArmada is NameHero. NameHero has all the features of HostArmada in addition to using LiteSpeed. And, for the most part, lower prices. The only disadvantage is that NameHero doesn’t provide a free domain for the first year. But that’s such a temporary advantage that you shouldn’t base your hosting decision on that alone.

Free Domain with HostArmada

Remember that you also get a free domain when you sign up with HostArmada. Usually, it costs around $14/year to register or renew a domain name. So don’t forget to factor that into your pricing calculations when deciding which host to go for.

A HostArmada Coupon is Great for India Hosting

HostArmada is particularly good for India-based web hosting because this market is criminally underserved by international brands. Other brands like Hostgator India don’t inspire the same confidence. For example, I’ve had dealings with Hostgator India, and they don’t seem as professional as their global counterparts.

With HostArmada having a data center in India in Mumbai, I finally have a good recommendation for my Indian friends who want decent web hosting in India. HostArmada relies on a distributed infrastructure like Google Cloud Compute, so the datacenters are professionally managed and reliable, which is a big plus for India hosting. The 75% discount by the HostArmada coupon gives Indian customers an excellent deal, even considering the currency conversion.

Bottom Line

The 75% off HostArmada coupon offered by WP-Tweaks is higher than what you can get anywhere else. With its wide selection of data centers – especially in Mumbai, India – HostArmada is a surprisingly good web host with LiteSpeed. To my knowledge, HostArmada is the only India-based hosting service to offer LiteSpeed. That’s a fantastic value add for their advanced plan and the best choice for high-end performance.

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